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    Offically delisted from the NASDAQ http://finance.yahoo.com/news/avid-receives-anticipated-nasdaq-delist-131500324.html Avid® (AVID) announced that as expected, it received a notification letter from NASDAQ on February 21, 2014 indicating that the NASDAQ Listing Qualifications Hearings Panel had determined to delist the shares of the Company from The NASDAQ Stock Market and, accordingly, suspend trading in the Company's shares effective at the open of business on Tuesday, February 25, 2014.
  2. With the 633 out it guessing it should put the pricing of used 744t's down quite a bit.
  3. Pretty much all Windows laptops come with USB ports and a SD slot. Reaper might be a good soution for your recording needs. $60 donation for a full DAW. http://www.reaper.fm/
  4. Price is right. Might have to sign up for spam email to get it though. http://www.waves.com/lpn/black-friday/free-plugin-pre-signup
  5. $95 at Oktava USA http://www.oktavausa.com/ProductsPages/MK-012Capsules.html I have found the Oktava is actually on the short side for the shock mounts I have. YMMV
  6. For a lot less than the price of the Oktava high pass. Shure A15HP http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/68602-REG/Shure_A15HP_A15HP_Hi_Pass_Filter.html
  7. Better yet send out some Heliax for a couple jobs. They will love getting the 9913 back.
  8. This actually says a lot about the design
  9. If anyone is interested a web search on "long wire antenna theory" can be educational.
  10. If you do another one maybe you could test against a random cut of wire 1 to 3 meters long for an antenna. I think the results would be very interesting.
  11. The circular polarazation to linear polarity loss is going to cost you 3dB of the claimed gain. Take a good look at the return losses on the spec sheet. http://cdn2.hubspot.net/hub/316692/file-354622979-pdf/CP_Beam_Antenna_Specifications.pdf
  12. Thinking the only thing in the series 12 inches long was the ME 88 capsule but its been a long time since I have seen one.
  13. For remote switching you can often find Transco RF relays on Ebay for a good price. Pretty much bullet proof and cost a small fortune new.
  14. The major issue with UHF frequencies are high coax losses with a remote antennas. Not a problem when antennas are directly attached.
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