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  1. dust on capsule / electronics issue both require a trip to the factory.
  2. my X2 is still going strong from 2007...
  3. So sorry to hear this! Then the solution is ChipQuik!
  4. What's new? cheers -vin
  5. Hello Wyatt it is exactly because of these multiple connection points (one is signal and the others are all ground/chassis legs) that it is cutting off the legs is the best way. Even chip-quik would be complicated because of dual side solder points and also the distance between the solder point makes chip-quik not a real solution here... cheers, -vin
  6. wonderful... Apropos getting those SMA connectors off - imho the best way is to use a clipper and cut off the legs soldered to the board. and then desoldering those pieces of metal off the board one by one becomes very easy. cheers, -vin
  7. We have used 2 x 742 Tx with QRX200 and SuperCMITs for some years, from 2015... No issues. cheers -vin
  8. I have used standard star quad (belden canare gotham) for years with my SuperCMITs with no issues. no special reason for the star quad except that those were my cables for analog mics. cheers, -vin
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