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  1. Im in the IE. Bring the work. I get so annoyed when I hear of hollywood productions shooting out here without me!
  2. Good news. I love commercials. If I could ONLY do them, I probably wouldnt mind.
  3. I Have been using the 4017 for years. I love it.
  4. I send them to my website. YouTube clips on there. Done.
  5. Yes! I have been working on this movie, it's so much more than a movie about a board. You will love it. And I got to meet Sir Paul McCartney. (null)
  6. Have had mine for over a year. Perfect for what we do. (null)
  7. Ha. I always own the camera du jour (currently a 7D) w/lenses sticks/cards/you name it. I always ask, what are you shooting on? Then if try say 7D, I offer my whole camera package for a couple hundred a day. They can't resist a B camera. I have made so much money with this method it's crazy. Started with the Hvx 200, now the 7d, next up a black magic cinema camera or a Sony f3. I love the look on the camera dept. face when I stop by with their camera.
  8. I learned everything I know (which is not much) by myself in the trenches of indie work. I always took bigger jobs than my experience, and asked a lot of questions, but I never screwed up anyone's picture and I always busted my ass for the opportunity to just even make a movie. It was guys at the rental house that helped me in the beginning. Helping build packages, suggesting gear, without those guys I wouldn't have made anything happen. I Know there are some Whales out in the waters, doing the biggest shows in the world. I'm not there yet, but I'm willing to work up to it, and I'm not in any hurry to push out the giants whose shoulders we all stand on. Those big cats earned their place in the food chain. I wanna earn mine. I wish someone would take me under their wing and hip me to all the best info in the world but that's highest unlikely. I will learn on my own with time. you have to want it. If that means scrambling to make it on a show and get gear and ask questions to learn I support you,. I'm not mad you are trying to be a sound mixer, I know exactly what it feels like. (null)
  9. I think it's a must have for anyone doing our job. (null)
  10. YES! I will definitely be interested. will call tomorrow!
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