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    My name is Filippo i'm a sound engineer from Italy, i'm 29 years old
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  1. What do you think about using ms mics today? A rerecording mixer said to me they normally prefer mono sources (as in ortf or ab setup) then ms. he told that with ms sometimes they have problems of phase and position in 5.1 mix. so ms is ok for stereo products, but not for surround. What do you think about that?
  2. audionoleggio in milan rents nomad. http://www.audionoleggio.it/category/registratori
  3. Very interesting Jürg, thanks!
  4. i'm testing a 2nd hand sonosax and i'd like to heard some sonosax user feedback. the pres are really warm and nice but i can heard a bit of analog noise due to the gain stage(don't know how to say in english in italian is "soffio" something like "breath"). i've have done a test using an mkh 50. to reach a good level, setting the gain to low, i must turn the knob around 3 o'clock. and analysing the recorded signal the response is: - noise level : -90db (without mike in but with knob at 3 o'clock) - peak level: around -14 db - rms level: around -30db what i'm asking is if this enough s/n ratio . btw the machine is very nice and light. another little issue is that the hpf is set to 135hz 6db slope that is a bit too high in my opinion, and that knobs are gain and not faders and can't go to 0. With 6 rechargeble batteries it last 5 hours, 2 of them recording continuously 4 tracks with 1 phantom on. i upload part of the file here so you can listen (you can here a bit the noise of sx r4 itself because mkh 50 was near it, in real world it won't be a problem) Filippo AX0538S4-02.A1.wav
  5. http://www.ebay.it/itm/BATTERIA-RICARICABILE-NEW-ENERGY-9V-Li-Ion-800mAh-LITIO-/231064927982 i've used these batteries with lectro ucr411, very happy with them, they can easily last one day of work
  6. It should be for television so it would enough a mono file. it's part of a sort of reality they are trying to sell to television. they are filming an actor's school for 30 days and this "unusual situation" is just a little piece they perform for 2 hours. sry for my bad english, i can't explain very well
  7. thanks all for reply. the news is there is not serious audio post production in budget so i think is better avoid ms configuration, it could not be decoded. so i will boom on the front e spot 2 oktavas in the main places (it's not a real stage but a room) . they know the result will not be satisfactory and it's just a part of a 30 days shooting, anyway i'll try to do my best
  8. Hi all, friday i should record the audio for a sort of theatre piece, there' will be 17 people on stage, 2 cameras shooting and no microphone could be seen. Very low budget project. I think i'll go with some spot mikes. the gear i have is : SD744, 1 mixer mackie (no direct out!) , 1 mkh 50, 2 octava mk012 with all 3 capsules, 2 samson c01. To have more tracks i could bring a motu 896hd and my mac running PT. With the mac based situation i could have 5 mikes spotted around but with a very difference in sound. I 'm also thinking about making an MS configuration, for example putting mkh50 and a samson (8figure) in front of the stage (no public btw, the room is 30 meters) and spotting around the 2 oktavas. Any tips? Thanks, Filippo
  9. Thanks for answers, i've downloaded the demo version, i'll check it
  10. Hi all, this is my first post here. i'm Filippo i'm a location sound mixer from Italy. Today i've done a job in a photographer's studio. It had very high and reverberant ceiling, and same were the sides. But the setting of the story was a fortune teller's tend, the most unecoich room! I've put all the fabric i could all around and than used both boom and radio. But after that i could still hear the reverberation from the radiomic. I was using a sanken cos 11 and an mkh50. Should have been a better solution use a less sensitive capsule? or a more directional mic like a shotgun (phase cancellation??)? And now the most critical point, there are some plugins used in post that could help in this situation? I can think about a gate but i wuold still have reverberation in the middle of the speech. Sorry for my bad english, Filippo
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