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  1. Please post a tab on your page to quickly access this Zoom account. Thank you Al
  2. What a great community this is. I would suggest if allowed by the shot is to place a soft surface under the talent and point the mic at it. It is a negative fill for audio and it really does help reduce the reflected sound, and it really does help. I did 2 movies where most of the dialog was in a school bus being towed on a 40ft trailer. One Production Designer loved the idea of covering the entire floor in a short industrial carpet, the other wasn't interested and left the linoleum. One movie was easy to mix and the other was not so easy and didn't come out as well. It is the reflections that make a room sound echoey and when you can reduce them it will all sound better. Al
  3. Does the MixPre 6v2 have an integral time code generator ? I have V1 and I use a Denecke box for TC, and it took a call to Sound Devices wonderful tech wizards to get me set and running.
  4. Question - what kind of latency are cameras inducing ? I remember an early f900 shoot where I was told I was out of sync and when we looked at it the sound was ahead of the video.
  5. If you are using wireless with the same latency there is no issue, no repairs needed.
  6. https://www.macrumors.com/2020/01/24/macintosh-36th-anniversary
  7. "At this point I'm tired and hate everything. Need to give this some time and put it out there." It is a journey not a destination and if I may paraphrase Martin Luther King ,"keep your eyes on the prize", which is a happy Jan living a balanced life in retirement. You are the only one really knows what you are looking for, but if you are value oriented look to the little towns that were once part of America's Industrial period and now are museums of 1800's buildings and victorian bungalows. A great excuse for blue highways road trip of discovery. There is a whole new chapter out there and you get to design it. Items to think about. Access to quality medical care Near a university with a Film School - you earned your scar tissue - time to share it Accept you have a need to be around intelligent people, this will not available in all zip codes See you on Sounderday tomorrow
  8. Ricky and the Resistors The Inductives Low Pass Filters Attack and Release Compansion Search and Overshoot Squashed by the Light Know Dynamics Lowell Resistance and the Air Gaps
  9. Basic DSLR's of which the X-T3 is definitely one, I feel an on camera audio track is sufficient to sync to.
  10. If I can attach a G3 to the camera somewhere I am happy. If you are in the OCD mode you can set camera system time to as close as you can to slate TC. I think it would be evil to record linear analog time code on what is essentially a still's camera, any bleed would be onto the audio track and there would be no benefit to it.
  11. The Studer scissors were my favorite, once I learned to trust them.
  12. That guy Rick really talks a lot, I think Dr Steve Gadd is worthy of an entire solo post of his work. BTW no one is talking about how many songs Wendel the drum machine played on, http://rogernichols.com/wendel
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