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  1. Why don't you demo a unit. You know what you are looking for.
  2. https://museumofmagneticsoundrecording.org/ManufacturersOtari.html
  3. How does a healthy young man get to the front of the line, when being over 65 was a priority, pray tell ? Asking for a friend.
  4. I bought NA for 2 channels of my 833 not knowing if I would ever use it on a production. The next job was 100% 1 boom so I also put the mic on a second channel, which other than keeping the levels matched I never listened to and printed it as an ISO. 2 days later when reviewing the tracks I checked it out and on a setting of -2 it blew me and the producer away. I played for another soundmixer who is more adept at audio post production and he was also impressed. He said he could beat it "if given enough time, but for just putting a check in a dialog box it is incredible". It is now p
  5. Woodland Studio B, 1982 - Commercial I took a 17 piece group to this room with an old Neve - I told the assistant what we had coming in and when he asked how I wanted the room setup - I asked him how long he had worked there’d he said 3 years - ‘then you know your room and what works, help me impress this producer and we will all gain a client”. The only thing I requested was all large cap german mics - all day tracking I kept looking at the producer trying not to grin at each other - Neve’s forever https://mixdownmag.com.au/features/rupert-neve-exploring-the-audio-archite
  6. https://www.rupertneve.com/rupert-neve-obituary/
  7. The famous "splice edit" in Strawberry Fields Forever" An interesting story regarding the famous edit of splicing the two takes of Strawberry Fields Forever:
  8. Nice service is their ethic, and being there when you need them.
  9. I bet it goes away if you set it to 24 fps. Whole numbers with whole numbers, fractions with fractions.
  10. I've spent part of the day exploring Jeff's new site with varying results revealing me to be the weak link. It is frustrating to be shot down, I got to the Article button and then it slipped away. To quote Jimmy Buffet "it was so simple it plum evaded me." While I was doing this I was on a Tony Joe White binge, preferring the B&W TV bit where he lip sycs because to me that version is the real deal, baked in my brain in 1969. He is primarily known as a songwriter and I find I love his versions warts and all. The feel just drips off of it. I may have posted some of these
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