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  1. The famous "splice edit" in Strawberry Fields Forever" An interesting story regarding the famous edit of splicing the two takes of Strawberry Fields Forever:
  2. Nice service is their ethic, and being there when you need them.
  3. I bet it goes away if you set it to 24 fps. Whole numbers with whole numbers, fractions with fractions.
  4. I've spent part of the day exploring Jeff's new site with varying results revealing me to be the weak link. It is frustrating to be shot down, I got to the Article button and then it slipped away. To quote Jimmy Buffet "it was so simple it plum evaded me." While I was doing this I was on a Tony Joe White binge, preferring the B&W TV bit where he lip sycs because to me that version is the real deal, baked in my brain in 1969. He is primarily known as a songwriter and I find I love his versions warts and all. The feel just drips off of it. I may have posted some of these
  5. Pete, the last control room I helped build was in 1985. I believe 2 sheets of 702 will suffice to make a 704 equivalent. Fill the space, it is not rocket science it is acoustics. I am not pedantic, I am more pedestrian. Al
  6. I do love words but pedantic was not in my vocabulary, so I had to check it out. Owens Corning 703 or 704 - last number is thickeness in inches - great stuff that is user scratchy, seriously wear long shirts and gloves. Al
  7. Gordon Moore was the first recipient of the Farrell Katz Sally Award for distinguished service to the animal kingdom.
  8. Hi Henri, I have a 833 and totally agree with you especially "I’d love to have the ability to browse the menus, or to adjust the eq’s on the iPad screen." I personally think we are right at the beginning of the developement of the 800 series actions and it will only get better. Al
  9. The youtubes are good and it contains the entire album I have a 40 year old earworm back in action "Happy Trails to You, until we meet again" Period correct photo w/ Al Bob, Billy Bob and Beegie Bob, we were collectively known as the Bob family
  10. Dang, I got reinfected with this country disco ear worms, I'd been clear for 40 years. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Xn_h5X_3qE
  11. "I picked this issue for my daughters birthday 41 years ago." A mile marker for me. JB - Be very careful what you wish for. Please post a picture of you in your polyester dico suit. This LP features Sheldon Kurland as the the leader of the strings, Shelly is Peter Kurland's dad. Small world. The entire LP is on youtube
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