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  1. better to disperse the front edge of the waveform
  2. MCI acronym for munchy, crunchy and intermittent.
  3. Long ago and far way there were no internets to learn from. We had magazines, Recording Engineer/Producer, Mix, and Studio Sound. I was rooting around and found this Studio Sound article about LSI Recording in Nashville, the studio I spent years and a marriage working in. I've been trying to post it here but my files were too large. I mentioned this on Jan's Sounderday this morning and John B. found the issue online. A time capsule of sound recording 1984 with my 15 seconds of fame starting on p 38. https://www.americanradiohistory.com/Archive-Studio-Sound/80s/Studio-Sound-1984-09.pdf .
  4. API = Automated Processes Inc. The American Neve and well worthy of restoration. Steely Dan Cover / API console https://www.audiomediainternational.com/recording/qtips-classic-api-console-up-for-sale API Lunchbox modules
  5. "It is intermittent, but not all of the time"
  6. "Do you think the government gives a f**k about you?" Old film guys, if you don't want to know why did you ask ?
  7. The wash of white noise might be intended as it covers other, might be annoying sounds. Al
  8. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fantasy_Studios
  9. This was the professional version. The same transport could function in a different way with a different set of cards. This was a military machine transport, a friggin' light to tell you it was off ? Meters that flash red if something is wrong, in 1980 ? 5000 ft x 7.5 ips is 2 hours of record time, make it reverse and record back and repeat and 1 reel would last 48 hours.
  10. The Ampex ATR-124 Multitrack Analog Tape Recorder circa 1980 was a multitrack recorder on steroids. It was huge, it was hot, it ran on 220v. It had an obvious military use, why would you need a 24 track recorder that ran at 7.5 ips ? It has a light that tells you it is off. It sounded really good. The record producer used to say “it lies to you on playback and you just can’t get enough of it !"
  11. Wayne Moss retired from session work after playing on Dylans "Blonde on Blonde" to built a studio in his home and he named it Cinderella and made lots of hit records. When the studio wasn't booked they would get together and just write and play music. That project became Barefoot Jerry. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barefoot_Jerry
  12. We were talking about Swamp Music and decided Tony Joe White's Poke Salad Annie is ground zero
  13. "A studio is nothing but bricks and mortar" Jerry Wexler ( the record Wexlers ) Studios are spiritual places, they have a vibe, an aura that can fade overnight. When Waylon got busted for cocaine in a studio up the street and that studio owner producer came down the street to our studio for a place to work until his next room was put together. Starday King was the third studio in Nashville and recorded every one from Cowboy Copas to James Brown. It now sits abandoned at 3557 Dickerson Road. '
  14. The forerunner of Volkswagen's electric lineup, the I.D. R is all about balance. With 680 horsepower and a weight of just under 2425 lbs., it's not the most powerful Pikes Peak special, nor the lightest. But Volkswagen knew that the torque delivery of the electric motors and the mechanical grip provided by all-wheel drive and purpose-built Michelin tires would give a huge advantage. Aerodynamics played a major part, too, considering how thin the air becomes as a car climbs the 12.42-mile course. The solution is a flat-bottom streamlined chassis with a huge rear wing, shaped by data gathered from Porsche's LMP1 program. Pikes Peak. The 96th International Hillclimb since 1916. Now fully paved, it's still 156 corners and just one attempt, in a car that VW built from scratch in just 250 days. Luckily, Romain Dumas already knew his way around above the clouds.
  15. Mark Capps showing us how he puts a mix together. The studio is The Sound Shop in Nashville, which was bulldozed a few years ago to make room for condo's. The console is a Trident Vector. Good stuff starts around :50 and is over by 4:00. I know nothing about the project or Larry Cappetto.
  16. They were better together and they won a Grammy in 1976 for the Chester and Lester LP
  17. I asked GT that same question years ago. He was not a big fan of changing over, re: it was not going to happen. The reality is your ears will adapt with no issues. Al
  18. I thank the USN Photographers mate on the Enterprise for that shot that Glen Trew always enjoys. What come to mind when I see this picture from 2006 is to always keep a dynamic mic in the bag. 140 db airplanes don't need a shotgun mic. Al
  19. I'm on my 4th set and they are like having a quiet room you can go to to listen.
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