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    Sound acquisition for picture since 1992. TV shows, commercials, documentaries, a couple of movies. Also worked as a sound editor/designer for a few years.

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  1. Finally solved! Talent can't drop the belt pack (backpack??) transmitter into the toilet...won't fit!
  2. I normally would agree with you, however due to my preexisting condition (chronic procrastinitus) I did not follow up with DPA regarding the lemony situation. Early adoption means early admission pricing, = extra sting! ...this was...*mind clouds up* 3 years back?? Haha, live and hopefully learn...or learn from others!
  3. I recall having a similar issue a few firmware versions back...maybe 3-4 years ago? I would have to toggle between mic and line for signal to "pass". It did not happen often and has not done this again in a long time.
  4. My first and last 4061 slim lasted exactly one half day of shooting, gingerly placed and removed from one talent. Cable failed close to capsule....won't be buying DPA again.
  5. Really?? http://www.neutrik.com/en/xlr/crystalcon/nc3fxx-b-crystal Give your sound some sparkle...I'll hold out for the gold plated, zirconia encrusted version.
  6. The first freelance gig that required a gear purchase was to record stereo nat sound for a documentary...it was low budget but high quality was paramount (seems nothing has changed!) Fostex M22RP: Rented- The editor(and former sound guy) recommended that I utilize a Fostex M22RP (a mid-side printed ribbon mic), so I rented that. It was big and heavy and really needed a stand to prevent handling noise. I had to slap together a wind noise solution for exteriors, ...I think I draped a Rycote Windjammer over it. FP32A: Borrowed-from a production company that I was formerly a staffer of. 32A was great because it had M-S decode in the monitor matrix. Sony MZ-R55 Mini-disc recorder circa 1998: Bought- Nobody else that I knew of had tried using Mini-disc for production recording(pre-internet forums!). I thought that Mini-disc was the ideal solution for low budget recording. DAT was too expensive for me and too finicky. I bought a Sony MZ-R55 stereo Mini-disc recorder (Sony was still at it's peak of engineering prowess, and it shows in this unit because it does so many things right... and still functions 17 years later). That Mini-disc recorder was a perfect budget solution for 2 tracks of digital recording. The caveat was that it needed to go through A-D conversion to get files out of the Mini-Disc and onto a CD to hand off to the editor, but it worked.
  7. sonyslave

    Lectro Nano

    Holding out for the DAT version -just around the corner.
  8. Did the camera stop recording audio in the middle of a take? If yes a playback analysis of the moment audio recording ceases may offer answers.
  9. Alexa Mini @ 25fps for Euro doco shoot. Not sure what firmware was on cam. Mini needed 2 volts to see TC Note the "LTC IN" is displayed despite "LTC in signal missing" also being displayed.
  10. ​After a drop that damaged the pot I removed it completely and jumped the pot terminals on the board so full signal is always being passed. I never used the pot in my applications anyway, I like the ERX2 better without the pot, it is too weak and susceptible to damage imo. The action on the pot always felt cheap as well. I don't use ERX for ifb or handing off to scripty so no pot needed, the menu based controls work fine.
  11. 416 going through an FP33 recorded to a Minidisc recorder was a compact rig ideal for lowbudget movies. Lectrosonics 185 worked well for the time period. A small DAT recorder would be sonically better but much more expensive!
  12. Amazon sells "AmazonBasics" branded high capacity nimh AAs spec'd at 2400mah. Battery nerds review tested and believe these are 2500 mah XX Eneloops in an Amazon wrapper. At $19.49 for 8 including prime shipping I think they are the best bang for the buck now. The cells are labeled as "made in Japan".
  13. You've probably already changed out your boards, but for anyone else... Lots of high res snapshots at each step can't hurt, and can prevent reassembly headaches. The case screws are kind of soft, using a correctly size phillips will prevent chewing up the screw heads. In general using the proper tools for any complex job is a good step towards preventing frustration.
  14. Well, you could mod the sled into a battery eliminator, feed a 9V source to the sled by drilling a hole through the battery door for a power cable to pass through. However, not sure if it is safe to add resistance on one of your BDS leads to drop it to 9V if the BDS is uses Li-ion batts. May upset the cells and cause a shut down or worse, fire.
  15. Earliest cos 11 mics had a big boost on the top end on their freq response. Shortly after that they were revised to reduce their over boosted sharpness. Perhaps that is what you are hearing.
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