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  1. Just wondering what SD said when you got serviced before? They mentioned anything about the issue and how they fixed?
  2. SD QC is not good, old days were fantastic, Sorry.
  3. What? One boom and 8 lavs at the same time handling alone? I am not sure who is crazy? The producer or you.
  4. I’ve beeing using CMIT5U over 11years, Still my first choice for in/out door shoot. These days I hardly use my indoor gefell m310 Hypercardioid for multicam shoot which is hard to get the reach, and am considering buy Sanken CS-M1 cause CMIT is quite lengthy needing more compact set up.
  5. Beautiful, do you see much difference in range and stability between Wisy and Lectro? I have Wisy, and am figuring out if I should get another Wisy54 or something else.
  6. How do you know that is not fact, the Australia case. You are not in Australia now. I just wanna check what’s going on around the world. I have gotten PCR tested over 50 times till now for work and Vaccinated crew also have to get tested too, cause of Vaxx doesn’t work. Over 41% got covid even with vaccination here in Korea. So, it doesn’t matter if you are vaccinated or not, just need PCR test for everyone.
  7. I don't know about anything Rumble, cause I am Korean. but need to know the fact. The fact is important whatever it comes from. I got another SOS news from Australia. https://youtu.be/3cI0Q5UgFFU
  8. Thank you. I am not talking about the media platform. I do not trust NY times, Fox news, Wired, and most US coporative media. I just need real fact on it. If you have seen any official docs on that, let me please know. Oh, at least I know Postal workers are exemption, right?
  9. I am Just wondering If other countries ask "vaccine pass or card" when contracting or before production starts. In Korea, some of the productions ask vaccine pass but not manies but need PCR test like 2 times a week. Another curiousity to Americans. Is it true? Vaccine exemptions with thses people? for example, Congress people 535 and their all aides. 12,000 All FDA & CDC workers. 6,000 All US Postal workers. 600,000 Chinese exchange students(a lot) All White House members and workers. 6,000 HHS 8,000 and so on. Is it true? Really curious. https://rumble.com/von1jb-41385863.html
  10. Wow, very expensive. What makes this controller so expensive. Even more expensive than Midas m32r. https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/M32RLive--midas-m32r-live-digital-mixer
  11. Not an alternative at all to MPR52. Sony UWP-D is much much better in terms of RF stability than G3/G4, but Sony's self noise is pretty or very distracting(not smooth modulating). In some cases even you would hear digitally stepping noise when voice ups and downs. You should not use on serious gigs, only for camera hops or IFB, YouTube gigs, something equivalent use. With SMA mod and external powered antenna, Sony has great range too. but that's it, and all.
  12. I did a test with Wisy MPR52 and two Tx on frequency diversity mode and true diversity mode with only one TX. In true div. mod, I get 15-20% better in range at the first signal drop point compared to 2 Tx freq. div. antenna mod(2ch). Comparing antenna dv. mod to true dv. mod.(both 1 ch), they are almost same in range but antenna dv mod makes very sudden audiable signal drop outs when switching antennas. And did another test right there with Sony Uwp d11 series which I believe antenna diversity. Sony is very very close to Wisy's true diversity on Mpr52, slight less under 5% in range.
  13. External TC feeding should be fine. I usually do not trust internal tc free run with one time jamming.
  14. ERA Reverb Remover Pro - Get a resoundingly tidier, professional sound without ADR | accusonus ERA DeReverb. Simple and quick. done. Just test quick on set with your laptop, you will see what a magic is.
  15. Buy one of these below. 2pcs 433 Mhz 433mhz Antenna 3dbi Sma Male Plug Connector Straight for Ham Radio|Communications Antennas| - AliExpress 1Pcs 710 782MHz SMA Male antenna 16CM|Connectors| - AliExpress in case you need right angle. 710 782MHz SMA Male Antenna Right Angle for Sony Bees Soft Antenna|Connectors| - AliExpress Buy and Cut down if you wish for your bandwidth. Done. Basically an antenna is very very cheap.
  16. Sorry, man. Your memory is pretty bad. Don’t wanna say anymore on this.
  17. I am not talking about hardware thing, but software price and its policy.
  18. Not true. Zaxcom only launched full Nomad 12 at the beginning. I bought that machine at that time because no other options on Nomad..then later added other 6/10....which is great for only few inputs needed people with reduced prices as it should. If Zax did, SoundDevices must have learnt from them. SD833.....888....Scorpio...?? What's the different?? Just remove in/outputs and add Dante or No Dante.
  19. SD can not properly creat metadata on Mixpre Series since the launch. And people asked a lot about wrong metadata(TC End) but, they introduced other plugins. Because that doesn’t make money?
  20. A permanent discount before a new product launch or too old machines, that is every company does as ritual. I am not saying the hardware price but software and their business model since additional plugin launch.
  21. Without soundmixers like us, their business doesn't work at all. That says everything. Instead of promoting their products with pricy tag, why not some discount sales or special events for us in this hard time. I never heard they discounted their products If I am right. Thank you SD, I bought kina many machines from you from the beginning of my career. Thank you for the good machines.
  22. Too expensive though. What does SoundDevices do for field sound workers for this horrible time??
  23. Kwak! 2 feet away from each antenna and above human heights in normal situation as Shure says. Don’t raise much power on antenna in a small room like that in the picture. You will get fried by overload. Don’t get too close to talents(transmitters) on that powered antenna.
  24. Yes, I absolutely can do that. But l like preamp quality in Maxx, so I just keep as a backup. These days I hardly use Maxx for high track count demands and uncomfortableness from CF medium and transcoding process. 10ii is much simpler.
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