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  1. Thank you for sharing your experience. Am very curious to test them as soon as they are available in my country.
  2. My guess is that there will be a SL4. Would be nice if it‘d be possible to cascade it to have full control over 8 rx in the 833. Would be great if the bluetooth of the 833 could communicate with Audio Ltd. A10 Transmitters. I know the TXs built in Bluetooth in the transmitter of the a10 system is too weak to change settings while it is on the talent but it would be great to do a freqscan with the 833 at the beginning of the day, the frequencies getting coordinated automatically and the new freq beeing updated on the a10 txs. As tentacle sync showed us that jamming over bluetooth is technically possible too, maybe Sound Devices will manage to do so with the A10 System. My thoughts on how the system could evolve.
  3. Hi, had similar issues with radios not connecting to eachother eventough the RF bars show full reception. That occured since updating to 2.6.
  4. trey do you use it with the a10 too?
  5. Got a similar issue using the DADM from Audio Wireless with two Dipole from Lectrosonics and Audio Limited A10. It seems that the noise floor is higher when using the DADM. Got excellent support from Audio Wireless after sending in the unit. It will arrive back this week but they told me that the unit is fine. Next thing I will try is to use better cables. The new cables are better shielded RG316, the old ones were poorly manufactured RG174. They also told me that one cable had a short. Do you use devices to test you RF cables? haha....never stop improving the wireless system =)
  6. Hi Martin, Wanted to ask if the 6060 is prone to the issues that the B6 has. Especially concerning wind noise and robustness, how does it compete with the B6. They got easily damaged and are even sensitive to the slightes pop noises.
  7. Just got my new KTek bag and the Audio Wireless distro
  8. Hi, I just watched the Lectrosonics Range Test from Matt Price and was impressed by the range he got out of his system. I am using the LMB and SRC, frequencies are coordinated and a scan has been done, also the gain on the TX tickles the red LED as suggested by Lectro but my setup with LMB/SRC would have quite noticeable problems with getting the signal as of the distance shown at 0:30-0:40 in the video. Even in line of sight. That problem occurs with all my TX and RX (all LMBs and SRCs). And there is always slight amount of high frequency hiss pumping with the signal on both even with the NR set to FULL. Any hints how to get this range out of the Lectros. I would never get that far with it even when I am on a high position,
  9. I asked them and they also ship it with profiles for the shelf. However, nice DIY :-)
  10. Bebop offer profiles for shelfs if you want to have a mixer on your bag cart too. May be interesting for some of you.
  11. Any experiences and reviews on the src so far? How does it perform compared to the srb?
  12. Bebop has a very nice bagcart in its portfolio. It seems to be more stable in comparison to the orcart. Furthermore you can strap any kind of wheel/cart to it in order to have big wheels.
  13. A sound mixer from Munich produces some very good belts for any available transmitter. They are called Flexibelts and are made of an elastic strap with a cotton pouch. Very easy to use and especially the possibility to move the transmitter even when the flexibelt is already on the actor is a big plus. https://www.facebook.com/flexibeltsforfilm/
  14. It would be great to have the Smart Tune function within the user group. This would be helpful to automatically operate in the ideal frequency without having to think about frequency coordination. Smart Tune in user groups would fasten the setup procedure on set.
  15. Forgot to mention that for all Lectros I used the LR Receiver.
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