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    m a student of Beijing Film Academy,major in Sound.I have some experiences of location record and I want to communicate with people who are interested in sound all over the world,I think it is important to get to know others' work statues.m sincere and humble:)
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  1. Hi~I have 2 sets of UCR411 and um400a and want to buy 2 pairs of Lectrosonics shark fin.I wonder if ALP 620 can be used with PSC SMA antenna splitter.I have a friend ,he has 2 ALP 650 and one PSC SMA splitter and they work very well .ALP 620 is cheaper than 650 but I don`t know if it can ONLY work with SMA without extra power supply and amp cuz I heard that 620 has no amplifier and must work with ufm230 or ufm50 to make the signal amplified and then powered with other EXT power supply,is that true? Thank you very much~ ------------------
  2. thank you very much~ m going to read the topics carefully!
  3. You mean...it seems unprofessional without the shockless mout system like Rycote or AKAR or sth else?
  4. I find 2 more pics about this mic,this time it would be more details ~ thanks all the replies above~
  5. YES ,Dingrun is the biggest professional audio equipments service company in Beijing,I know the product manager so I can provide the phone number if needed.If it is possible to transport audio equipments from Beijing to Nanning,Dingrun can solve all your promblems. BTW,what do you mean "gear"? Is that mean accessories or just "audio equipments"?
  6. Could anyone tell me which model is this microphone?I find that many films are recorded by this mic in hollywood but still don`t know what is it...It seems that this mic is very common recording DIA indoor. thank you very much for anwsering my question~
  7. I encountered a problem while I was recording with my 552. It seems that if the power supply was cut suddenly or you start recording when the yellow indicator was still light(I mean you do a quick recording just after the last recording file was stored),and then the digital audio file might be damaged. I didn't find the problem until the file was imported to my PC.When connecting to PC,it says the file is damaged and can't reach,the error code is 0*8007570 and I found some word in the SOUNDINFO.txt "13Y11M29 13Y11M29-051.WAVPN " Does anybody know what "PN"means? BUT the audio f
  8. I have just sent a message and thank you very much:) P.S. It is 4:00AM in China,I have to go to bed...
  9. I see...Thanks for your patient reply:) When I asked my teacher about the use of lavs ,he once said there are other special ways and rigs to fix the lavs in hollywood film making except for "sticky triangles".But I didn't konw the ways or the rigs exactly.At least in China,we have continued to use the sticky triangle way for a long time and no more advanced methods in use.Of cause what m saying is aimed at film making where lavs should be concealed without trace.(not docmentary or programs so that lavs can be exposed in the camera) . I'm very glad to see your professionl advices and experien
  10. Roger that,i won't use bolt and the big size letters ~ Thanks for all the links you fond for me,i'll read them latter carefully:)
  11. Thank you for the recommendation:) Haha~in China everyone in the film crew calls this kind of tape "Power Tape",because it can almost stick and fix everything .Usually the assistant of a recordist or a photographer will tie the "Power Tape"on his waist in case. But...actually what do you call the tape?Dose the tape has a term in the US?
  12. Hello everyone,m new here.I want to communicate with people here about some experience during film making,mostly about sound. Sometimes we have to use wireless microphone during location sound recording,but how to fix a lavlier microphone(or button mic in the US?)on actor's body firmly with less noise?I find many ways to fold the BIG POWER TAPE(forgive my ignorance) and finally pick up the best one for me.I used to use 2 small pieces of triangle and put the microphone in the middle and then merge the 2 triangle together,but it is too thick and is easy to be found.so,what is your way to fix
  13. i agree with you ,i think that means the singnal pass through the "fader" `s AMP 1:1 without any additional noise from inferior AMP circuit,but what if i use the fader to lessen the singnal level?does the background noise caused by the inferior AMP(fader`s AMP circuit)lessen?
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