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    I'm a freelance ENG-style audio mixer in the Denver area. I work for the networks and for local production companies, but usually in small crew environments. Often it's just a camera person, myself and a producer. My gear package consists of a SD 442, a SD 302, a mix of Zaxcom and Lectro wireless systems, a sennheiser MKH60, two Schoeps MK41's, etc. I'm excited about getting the SD 664 so I can start recording iso tracks and have full timecode capability.
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  1. One could say I'm in the hinterlands, too, and usually work via casual text, phone or email agreements. But I have been asked a couple of times to sign a deal memo after the fact. I didn't see anything legally dangerous in the memos, so I signed them just to keep things moving and get paid ASAP from the job. Some of these gigs require a lot more paperwork than that! I really dislike having to open, print, sign, scan and email 6 or 7 docs just to get some little one day job!
  2. Well! from your post, I was not expecting this to be about UFO's, a subject I just can't warm up to. However, I like and will use your term "tuck into this film", and if it were a banquet feast. So thanks for that!
  3. So here it is 6 months after these posts, and I just did a Google search for CBS TREX (because I don't seem to have it bookmarked), and this thread is the second link listed. Interesting. I work for CBS occasionally, and have always dreaded having to use the TREX online program to submit my expenses, but at least it worked. Now, I can't even download it. The idea of deleting the current version of Java on my Macbook Pro and installing an older version seems like an act of insanity to me. What unintended consequences might follow? It's especially frustrating to have additional obstacles placed in front of me when I'm trying to get reimbursed for travel expenses. Ok, now I'm whining. Sorry. Jeff, I haven't met you yet, but you seem like a really nice guy.
  4. As a mixer who has gone directly from the SD442 to the SD664, I can say Jon is right, it's a smooth transition. I find the 664 very intuitive: the learning curve is more like a Kansas road than a Colorado byway. Thanks a lot for this effort, Ty. And Jon, you looked fine. I watched your 664 presentation at Gotham Sound before I bought it, and found it by far the best video on the web for the 664.
  5. That did it. $20 on the way. Thanks!
  6. Hi Jeff- The link at the end of your post takes me to a Paypal page that says "Your last transaction could not be completed". I rarely use Paypal (and I don't trust it); is there another way I can contribute? This forum is very valuable to me!
  7. I too, find the clips hard to use and generally unsatisfactory. Just this week I had one clipped to the belt of a heavy guy and it flew off--just launched itself--and ended up dangling by the mike cable. I like the idea of using a leather pouch like the one for the SMa. This could provide some protection for the transmitter in hostile environments. I seem to find myself in those regularly.
  8. Best 2012 purchase for me has to be the SD 664. It just arrived a few days ago, so I'm still getting up to speed with it. Seems perfect for me: very capable, but simpler and lighter than the SD 700 series. I have a SD 442 and a 302, but I never bought the 552, even though I wanted the additional capacity. I never liked the idea of having a recorder without a display: too many perimeters to set with only blinking LED's and voice prompts. The TV work I do hasn't usually called for iso track recording, but I hope to start pushing the concept. Even if I'm not using the full capabilities of the recorder, it's still a great mixer/back-up recorder for my work, with a great display. Excellent manual, too.
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