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    I am a Sound Mixer that has worked in location audio since 2007. Beginning in 2012, I opened my own location audio business called Sound Art Film and service the San Francisco Bay Area. I am always open to meeting other like minded people with the same passion as mine: Audio.
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  1. There are rumors of the meetup overflowing to beers and what-not, so you may still be able to join us later Jim. Great Keenan! Looking forward to catching up with you and everyone else. So far we have about 10-15 people going! Best, Paul
  2. Happy new year everyone! Come start 2017 off right with a chance to chat it up with your fellow S.F. Bay Area Sound Mixer colleagues over a hot beverage and snack of your choice. The meetup will take place at: Sightglass Coffee in San Francisco on January 9th at 11:45am. Duration of the event should go 1-2 hours, but some other mixers have gone many hours before, so who knows! Please let me know if your planning on coming by RSVP'ing with me or by responding to this thread. Happy mixing and I am looking forward to seeing everyone there!
  3. I've had great success with Auralex ProMax walls and carpeting the floors where speaking is taking place.
  4. I'm onboard for the MRE with the external BNC option. looking forward to delivery!
  5. I really like my 8060 too! It has a forgiving off axis, great reach, lightweight/small, very low noise and has the "punch" of my 8050/50. It's not the best when it comes to directionality (for that I'd choose my CS3e) but it works wonders in an ENG situation where you need a decent amount of off axis attenuation but still need to be able to cue up unscripted dialog without loosing much dialog in the transitions. It's a mic that has character, like all the MKH series. Some like that, some don't :-)
  6. Reg, the setup wouldn't be my ideal setup for someone with a very hairy chest. You could turn the capsule to face outwards though in a pinch and along with mating down the hair with some lotion, it could very well work. Surprisingly, I haven't had issues with people outside and this setup with wind. If mounted on the chest, the layer/s of shirt block a bit of wind. Mounted between buttons offers less wind protection, but is still fine up until a pretty decent gust. Source Glad I can help bring that tape down accessory out of retirement Tejada! divp
  7. Thanks to Jim for setting it up and I`m looking forward to seeing everyone!
  8. Apply super secret silver lectro paste to thumbscrew. More than likely, that's the culprit (high resistance). :-)
  9. People. When opportunity knocks on the door, you should respond. This is your chance to get into the lime light and get long time work with the client. It all starts here. This is a low budget, high quality production. That translates to: although we don't have the money now, we are high quality and on our next projects you will ride the rocket ship to success with us! It's going to be shot on the RED camera. You know whatever that sensor picks up turns to gold right? 4k. All of you will look back and wonder where that hole in your resume was created. Don't let that be you. Get a taste of high quality now with just a little budget.
  10. There are some points that I will add for discussion: If a producer is asking you to cut your rates, then really he/she is asking you to invest in their production. They are asking you to invest your time, equipment and expertise. It is their job to try and convince you to invest into their production. Understandly, people can get upset or insulted when they are not treated as an investor, but as a commodity; a means to an end. Yes, this is a creative field of work, but it is still business. Give me a valid reason or set of reasons to invest in your production. Convince me why I should dedicate my resources towards your production. Most investors would be offended (and quite rude) if you asked them just to throw money at you, well, just because you asked for it. Aside from the question of whether you feel inclined to invest or not into someone's production, I feel another question arises: Do the producers not believe in their production enough to fully invest in their own film? Someone who is wholly confident in their production would be willing to invest everything they can into it. By asking the crew to shoulder a large portion of that risk, they are demonstrating a lack of confidence in their own production, which may be a red flag in of itself. You decide that... Not every Sound Mixer wants to be an investor. Some mixer's don't need to invest. Sometimes we need substantial reasons or motivations to invest. And yet, some people are open to freely investing, regardless of the end results. That is your choice, it is a "free market" after all. However, there is still proper etiquette that should be adhered to, from both sides of the table. There is a right way and wrong way to ask someone to invest in your production.
  11. ^^ +1 Canare L-2e5 gets my vote. I think next time I'm gonna try Eric's suggestion for the Redco TGS-1 cable. On another note, has anyone tried out the Redco large diameter ta5's? I have to modify the boots to fit the Canare l-2e5 cable as of now.
  12. Sound Art Film


    Be aware that stainless steel in direct contact with aluminum, in the presence of moisture, can lead to galvanic corrosion (depends on many factors like metal series, ratio of material, environment etc). I personally would of rewelded the joint and then welded on an additional aluminum bracket (assuming your cart is aluminum). My 2 cents.
  13. My cases I just ordered used, but like new for $8 a piece: http://www.amazon.com/Fortress-Universal-Samsung-Motorola-9269001/dp/B008U6RC6G I checked it out in person at radio shack and the beltclip can be removed too. I went for this case because it actually seems to protect the unit, instead of just placing a thin fabric sheath around it. Ill let you all know how they turn out and if the belt clip breaks right away.
  14. Sound Art Film


    I need one of those when I am experiencing ASNF (Acute Set Name Fatigue)...
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