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    Im passionate about sound, and looking to learn more about location sound work.

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  1. markfarrowaudiopost

    Camera Hop Hell

    Editor cracks shits as he has to do more work. Haha. I'm actually going to un plug camera mic as well.. Last 2 jobs I've post mixed I've had to chase up tracks as the editor used the camera mic... When it comes to Fuck ups... Camera ops and editors are Kings
  2. markfarrowaudiopost

    Camera Hop Hell

    I would stick clear of G3, they are great for scratch, however they often end up being uses in post... And the editor doesent bother grabbing the audio files off the card... I do mainly post. Never fun having to mix stuff that's path has included a G3. SrB always sound fantastic
  3. markfarrowaudiopost

    Rode NTG2 horrible hiss?

    Battery flat? Have you got phantom power on?
  4. markfarrowaudiopost

    Boom to match my Dpa 4071 lavs

    I actually like my Ntg - 3, but it sucks in doors. Mkh 50 is probably more within my budget at the moment.. At I can grab another 4071.. Might get the more durable vetsion
  5. markfarrowaudiopost

    Boom to match my Dpa 4071 lavs

    Think I'll go Dpa, all the guys around me are Sanken and 8060.. Nice to be down a different path.. My 4071 lavs have a presence boost, great under clothes
  6. markfarrowaudiopost

    Boom to match my Dpa 4071 lavs

    Loving my 4071 lavs, currently running a NTG 3 which I do like the sound, however it's giving me a few issues.. Will an 8060 match well? How about a Dpa shotgun... What are other Dpa users using for a boom
  7. markfarrowaudiopost

    Michael Moore 13 tips on Docs, I like number 13.

    Totally.... People complain about shit audio, not shit pictures...and it's a bit hard ADRing a doco
  8. markfarrowaudiopost

    "Gone Girl" ADR

    Regarding ADR, overlaps are another reason, for lots of ADR. actors talking over each other ruining intelligibility Or the scripted lines not matching the next edit. FILMS that use lots of ad lib such as Wolf of Wall Street, usually require a fair bit of ADR, even if the location sound is A1. Director needs to address that during the shoot imo
  9. markfarrowaudiopost

    200 series servcing - worth it?

    is it best when upgrading to a 400 to purchase a TX or RX first ? or doesn't it really matter ?
  10. markfarrowaudiopost

    200 series servcing - worth it?

    You made the 200 series to good Larry, I still enjoy mine. I've got 195 that also works great. Lectro for ever. The best relationship a man can have.
  11. markfarrowaudiopost

    200 series servcing - worth it?

    If you get it serviced and want to sell it, send me a PM
  12. markfarrowaudiopost

    200 series servcing - worth it?

    John Barry in Melbourne australia do tune up and block moves, maybe email those guys as well for a qoute.
  13. markfarrowaudiopost

    Mixer of choice

    Has the build quality improved on presonus gear?
  14. markfarrowaudiopost

    New SD 633, K-Tek Bag. Testing

    Gaff tape the logo, All good
  15. markfarrowaudiopost

    Embarassing to watch.

    I usually use it, even shitty DSLR mic on cut away shots.