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  1. Uh, I'm using a TS2 slate with the TS3 guts... SW
  2. You'll need a BNC to 1/4" Tip/Sleeve cable. Output the TC from the 664 to the BNC split cable for Timecode I/O, put a BNC barrel adapter on the TC out portion, and connect your BNC to 1/4" Tip/Sleeve to the slate. Make sure your jam button is switched to "OFF" before plugging in the 1/4". You should see numbers moving. Switch jam button on slate to "ON" and unplug the 1/4" cable. Works for me... Steve Wytas www.audio911.com
  3. Holt crap... Bad memories!!! Dispose of ASAP!!! SW
  4. I have (2) Portabrace bags for my 664 recorders. I purchased a 664/CL6 bag for my second unit, although I don't need a CL6 yet (future expansion). The extended bag "velrcos" up nicely to make the 664 fit snug. I've only used Portabrace gear, so I have no comparison, but their quality is very good, and will replace any broken/defective parts for free... Steve Wytas www.audio911.com
  5. Thanks for the advice Senator!!! I like the idea of Block 19 because of the mix and match of the TX units and using the RM app will be simpler across multiple WL mics... Steve Wytas www.audio911.com
  6. I have a Block 19 Lectro SRb in my location bag, and want to add another SRb. Question is, do I get another Block 19, or go to a different Block? My IFBs are on Block 21, and I have some Block 26 Lectro 201s. I need some Pro's and Con's. Thanks!!! Steve Wytas www.audio911.com
  7. My 664's are outfitted with Sandisk SD and the Delkin CF cards. No problems with 6 iso tracks plus L/R... Steve Wytas www.audio911.com
  8. Just had a C300 on a job last week. They did record run in the camera for sit down interviews (no run and gun). I took TC out of the camera, set my 664 up to timecode "run-record" and worked perfectly... Steve Wytas www.audio911.com
  9. This came in from a customer last night 6/8/13: Know anybody w 788 and LECTROSONICs in Charlotte to rent to me for tommorow and next 2 days. It's an Audio emergency. . Call Aaron if you do!!!! 203 494 6757 Steve Wytas www.audio911.com
  10. I have one and tried to calibrate it with the software offered online. Never been able to get it exactly right... Steve Wytas www.audio911.com
  11. Are the Lectro antennas on the SRb and SMQVs 1/4 wave? Maybe a 1/2 wave antenna would be better for reception? Any thoughts? Steve Wytas www.audio911.com
  12. Thanks Larry! Love those Lectros!!! Steve Wytas www.audio911.com
  13. @Larry: I have legacy COS 11's and Countryman B6 mics that I'm using with 200 series transmitters. I'd like to make the mics "universal" for all Lectro transmitters including the new SMQVs that I am getting. Should I pull apart the TA5F and rewire, clip the connector off and rewire to a new TA5F, or send to the usual suspects and have them done by an experienced tech? I'm not good with resistors (except the ones in the camera department). Please advise... Steve Wytas www.audio911.com
  14. Super cool. I want... Steve Wytas www.audio911.com
  15. The sound department has more cases than the camera department now!!! SW
  16. The C300 will lose timecode on battery swaps, or shutting down the camera. I've been sticking Betso SBOX-1 units on the C300's jammed from the 664 as time of day. No problems. The TC Buddy Master Unit is "too big" for that small camera!!! Steve Wytas www.audio911.com
  17. Rut Roh... http://www.showbiz411.com/2013/05/22/robert-redford-silent-movie-surprise-hit-of-cannes Steve Wytas www.audio911.com
  18. Great spot to promote new gear or services to an EXTREMELY targeted audience... Steve Wytas www.audio911.com
  19. The Betso SBOX-1 will do double or half frame rates. Looks like it's 59.54fps. I've never used those frame rates, but this is from their website: BETSO SBOX-1 is a really small, compact, self powered solution for reading/generating/jamming of SMPTE time code of all common frame rates 23.976 – 30 drop frame and non drop frame formats including their double speed and half speed variants: Standard TC formats: 23.976, 24, 25, 29.97, 29.97DF, 30, 30DF Double speed TC formats: 47.952, 48, 50, 59.54, 59.54DF, 60, 60DF Half speed TC formats: 11.988, 12, 12.5, 14.985, 14.985DF, 15, 15DF Steve Wytas www.audio911.com
  20. Are any of you guys using Soshine 9V lithium batteries and chargers? http://www.ebay.com/itm/Soshine-600mAh-9V-Lithium-ion-Rechargeable-Battery-x2-Battery-Charger-/221002417819 Steve Wytas www.audio911.com
  21. Maybe we just put our foot down and start selling media cards to the clients, just like reels of 7" or DAT tapes. Make 10-15% per card. No waiting around for the DIT to transfer!!! Steve Wytas www.audio911.com
  22. I'm almost done with Shure's "Guide to Better Audio". Next chapter discusses "Omni-Dimentional" mics!!!! Far out.... Steve Wytas www.audio911.com
  23. I just used a Betso SBOX1 and a Timecode Buddy Master on (2) Canon C300 cameras on a 2 day shoot with (2) G3's as audio hops. These cameras had no 12V output. I used Eneloop 1900mw "AA" rechargeable batteries. Betso worked for 10 hours w/ no battery change. I had to change batteries on the Buddy after 8 hours (no WiFi activated). Both cameras stayed in timecode sync by feeding external timecode from the boxes. The problem is that cameras are getting smaller so the sync boxes have to be smaller. The Betso SBOX1 fit nicely on the back of the C300 LCD monitor with velcro, but the TC Buddy Master was hanging off of the strap on the camera handle grip (not very professional looking). I'm going to add another Betso SBOX1 for cameras, and use the TC Buddy Master in my bag for the WiFi iPod feed to script or to slate the behind the scenes/B roll 5D camera. I'll use the TC Buddy transmitter if I need to remotely run my 664 from a camera that wants to stop and start timecode from the camera, and has a 12v output. The Betso SBOX1 is solidly built, light, very small, and has a nice display. I have configured the settings on the Betso to power up and jam as soon as it sees timecode on the Lemo input connector. I only wish the Betso WC output could be switchable between WC and Video Blackburst sync... Steve Wytas www.audio911.com
  24. Just used the cocoon with my COS-11's. PERFECT!!!! Steve Wytas www.audio911.com
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