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  1. Put me in there too. Would like a picture too. You'd say it perform better than the regular softie?
  2. Hi Jez, You are right, Nanning isn't in Yunnan but in Guangxi! For the info, I posted a link a couple of replies before yours. Going there tomorrow, I'm thrilled. Marc
  3. Here's the detail for the rental place: Xizao Television Website: http://www.gxxzys.com/ Tel:13367802559 Thanks all!
  4. Hi Allen, everyone, The local fixer the production hired found a camera rental company that own and rent a 633, boom and wirelesses (brand not specified). I think it's around Guangzhou. I can ask for details if anyone is interested. Thanks you all for your inputs, much appreciated.
  5. Thanks for the links New Mexico, I am aware of the great power of Google, but I was hoping with my post to find something closer to Nanning. If you look at the map, it is quite a ride to rent gear from Beijing. I will check with the BJ rental place, but I find it very strange that there would be no gear available to rent in the region, and even more in Hong Kong.
  6. Hello everyone, I am looking for gear rental in China, some kind of back up in case mine does not make the trip or anything. Production asked for a plan B. I will be shooting in the region of Nanning, Yunnan, but can make a pick up in Guangzhou if needed. I would need a ENG bag with a recorder. I roll with the nomad and lectrosonics wireless, any gear close to this quality will do. Thanks for the tips.
  7. Yup, I use Powerex, regular ones. What are you using? I would like to give it a try Thanks Wyatt
  8. Merci Dominique, Thanks Jack, I already own SMQV but, being a Nomad owner, I want to make the switch to Zax wireless this summer for reasons you both must know. I also prefer life battery over seize. On Zaxcom's website, the LT is claimed to give up to 5 hours of running time, wich I found quite reasonable, being the fact that I get about 6-7 hours with my SMQV in real world situation (running most of the time at 100mW). Now things I must find out is: is the 5 hours run time of the LT is real and what range I can expect to get on 50mW with the QRX200 and LT2. I guess I will find out w
  9. Thank you Jack, this is great! It is actually the first time I see the clip of the TRXLA. Cheers
  10. Thanks Scott, it would be great!
  11. Hi everyone, A while ago I saw a couple of pictures of mixers/recorders all together for seize comparaison. I tought it was a nice thing to see and I would like to see the same for different types of TXs. I would especially like to see a picture of an SMQV and a TRXLA2 side by side, but for everyone's sake it would be nice to see other models ( Wisicom, Audio LTD, Sennheiser, Lectro new series... ) Any of you gentlemen is able to do that? Thanks, Marc
  12. This is Amazing work Pascal, I am speechless. Congrats. On the business side of things, have you tried to mold your aluminum frame in order to make plastic casting? Could be a much cheaper and faster way to reproduce the thing and a plastic frame would be also lighter... Take it or leave it, it's just an idea BTW, what kind of power distro is connected under the battery shoe? Cheers!
  13. Oh, and Peter, like Dominique asked, a picture of your sport tape rig would be much appreciated.
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