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  1. Job is in Christoval, TX south of San Angelo March 30,31 Low budget, low pressure gig. Some or all gear can be provided. Contact me here or hugh@2seedelight.tv
  2. M.O.A.S. Hugh Holesome

    DSLR timecode

    It's funny that I opened this thread and the banner ad was for the Moze Gear Tig Q28. I own 2 and although I have not used on DSLR they were built with them in mind. Audio input via 3.5mm and the unit will spit out a stereo 3.5mm signal with audio in 1 channel, TC in the other. Scratch and TC for post. Viola!
  3. M.O.A.S. Hugh Holesome

    Best way to have a wireless boom

  4. M.O.A.S. Hugh Holesome

    New 3 channel SD mixer competes with Tascam DR-70

    ^ :-) LOL
  5. M.O.A.S. Hugh Holesome

    Transfering CVS file from 788 to iPad

    How about an app that converts CVS files to Rite Aid, Duane Reade or Walgreen format in a batch? Maybe you need a doctor to write that script
  6. M.O.A.S. Hugh Holesome

    Jack White's - World's Fastest Record RSD Recap

    It's great how he hands the money to some kid as he walks away!
  7. M.O.A.S. Hugh Holesome

    Omnigoose in danger

    Tough crowd!
  8. M.O.A.S. Hugh Holesome

    from CL

    Of all the silly requests I've seen, this has got to be the dumbest post! Hi, We are looking for a gaffer to join the crew of our romantic drama short film. You will also be operating the boom mic.
  9. M.O.A.S. Hugh Holesome

    Boom operators - Cool photos

    Seeing all these great booming photos makes me resent even more the words "Just throw a lav on 'em". I especially love the shots with 2 or 3 booms on a scene. That must be what heaven looks like! In an interview recently the producer stated on his film every speaking actor would be lav'd. I asked him why he would make such a sweeping declaration and he said, "So we can hear them". My reply was, "That's what a good boom op is for" and further, "as a mixer I reserve the right to use wires when and where necessary." I did not get the job. :-)
  10. M.O.A.S. Hugh Holesome

    High Capacity SSDs

    I keep reading the SSD are designed for write once, read many type applications like OS boot drives and that life span is compromised in a field recorder type use? I was looking into putting one in my 744 but couldn't be convinced of great advantages. Can anyone with experience chime in?
  11. M.O.A.S. Hugh Holesome

    A new Cart company, Inovaticarts

    Sprinkles Robert? Sounds like you're getting a lot of ice cream gigs! SWEET!
  12. M.O.A.S. Hugh Holesome

    Where it all began...

    Near Detroit is a museum that contains much from Thomas Edison, including his actual Menlo Park Laboratory that was shipped here by Henry Ford (along with New Jersey soil for it to sit on, at Edison's request) On a recent shoot there I took my Sound Devices kit to meet it's Great Great Great Grandfather!
  13. M.O.A.S. Hugh Holesome

    Where it all began...

    @ChrisNewton This machine still records and plays back. In the photo above they were placing aluminum foil over the cylinder which the demonstrator will use to record her shouting (these units are not very sensitive so yelling would help move the element better). This would then be played back through the same horn. Very similar to the photo Gandy Moon provided but a lot shorter horn. I suppose it's pretty difficult to "wow" a crowd holding smartphones anymore but as a soundie I had to appreciate where sound and picture both came from.
  14. M.O.A.S. Hugh Holesome

    Deva vs Brood II cicadas?

    Still, no cicada filters.
  15. M.O.A.S. Hugh Holesome

    How to string a Mole Richardson Type 103B

    I wonder why they didn't hire a boom op for the piece.
  16. M.O.A.S. Hugh Holesome

    MKH50 "Branded"

    It looks like that as well as a few of the items he has listed could have been from the Wexler Auction this past Feb trying to flip it for a few dollars http://www.josephfinn.com/auctions-1/wexler-video
  17. M.O.A.S. Hugh Holesome

    V lock battery in sound bag etc

    NP-1's in my bag as well but many shoots include D tap cables to run Lectrosonics 411's from the camera battery plate
  18. M.O.A.S. Hugh Holesome

    And so it begins..

    I would think the poorest financial decision was to rent out a theater in each backers home town for a $5,000 pledge. That would have to eat up a fair amount of the cash. Pledge $5,000 or more 5 backers All gone! At this price point, we will rent out a theater in your home town — or a town near you — and have a screening for up to 50 guests. With apparently rabid fans out there it looks like they could have asked on Facebook for people to rent out their local theater for them and it would have happened! Good for them I guess, I know nothing about the show.
  19. M.O.A.S. Hugh Holesome

    Call Sheets

    My closest call was when we interviewed my neighbor around the block for OWN - although I had signed the lease, I had yet to move in. Since moving to the "hip" part of Detroit my closest call was 4 blocks for a 3 week shoot. Once gear was brought in the boom op and myself rode our bikes to set most days (last DECEMBER!) As far as proximity, the pilot for Low Winter Sun shot at the restaurant I share a driveway with but sadly I was not part of the filming. A contact at the restaurant came over and said, "Some guys are here setting up, they say they know you..."
  20. M.O.A.S. Hugh Holesome

    Cash cab / in cab mic's

    In addition to the Sanken CUB, I've had good luck with Tram's on a visor. It's a case by case basis as in-cab noise varies considerably vehicle to vehicle.
  21. M.O.A.S. Hugh Holesome

    A Gift for the PAs (and you) - Moleskin

    Was the decision to not use location audio made during the edit or was this shot MOS? I can imagine with a recent production expenditure for moleskin, it made Foley financially impractical...
  22. M.O.A.S. Hugh Holesome

    portable battery powered loud speaker?

    I've done quite a few music video playback gigs using a pair of Anchor Liberty speakers, 1 active, 1 passive. The active units have a built in battery and small mixer. On their website they offer many combinations of options. http://www.anchoraudiohome.com/index.php?id=10 For portability I have bungee'd them to a hand cart which works great for a walking talent shoot like we did on this
  23. M.O.A.S. Hugh Holesome

    788 filename, Scene shot and take...

    What is preventing you from calling your "Scene" something like FILE or any word you choose? If you never change it every recording will be increased numerically ie; FILE01, FILE02...
  24. M.O.A.S. Hugh Holesome

    Larry Hagman - RIP

    Ha ha Robert, that is hilarious!
  25. M.O.A.S. Hugh Holesome

    How long will we all be around?

    I await the day technology makes it affordable and possible for me to drive trains. I guess as an Audio Engineer I could at least sound the horn??