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  1. piman

    Black Friday Sales 2018.

    10% discount for everything under Timecode category! This includes back-orders and the few remaining refurbished slates;-) Use coupon code: BFCMhttps://fuzeti.com/index.php?route=product/category&path=20_59
  2. Paul has posted http://www.pauldorough.com/Review of FuzeTi MRE Slate.pdf in the Facebook group Freelance Sound Mixers & Recordists for TV/Film. Currently trying to work out the sync issue with the ERX2TCD with the guys from Zaxcom. Should be able to fix it in a firmware update. I've looked around at other options/brands for battery holders with lighter tension but couldn't find any that fit the bill. With this style of battery holder there's not much difference between the various manufacturers.
  3. All pre-orders have shipped:-) If you did not get a tracking number please contact sales@FUZETi.com
  4. Website server went down, trying to get it back up and running asap. Due to the outage the discount code will be extended for an extra day through May 1st. Edit: Site is now back up and running:-)
  5. There is no backlight as the case and writing surface are not transparent. There are contact pins (not pictured) that's behind the front writing surface like the ones on the FDC for external front light LED bar. Currently there are no plans to make the LED front light bar but the option remains open if there is enough demand for it:-) Thank you!
  6. Tomorrow is the last day to get the 10% site wide discount with 'nab2016' :-) Get this slate for $540 while you still can!
  7. It's all in the same production run, the backorder status is just a notice it's not shipping until July:-) Sorry about the confusion, couldn't figure out how to differentiate between backorders and preorders from the backend:-P
  8. Great thing is the crew won't waste time with a 10-2 after eating these hehehe
  9. This version is not water resistant.
  10. Currently re-calibration is only completed here in San Diego so you would have to ship the slate back. All crystals and oscillators will drift from it's original frequency over time, only exception would be chip scaled atomic clocks. I'd recommend re-calibration every ten years or so but not required.
  11. A $10 optional Handle has been added. Orders prior to the addition of this post will automatically receive the handle for free and confirmation email.
  12. "These are not the droids you are looking for..." :-) Such is the nature of using ABS plastic to produce an economic slate. For a much tougher slate the 3D Printed Compact Bundle has a steel panel that protects the plastic enclosure very well:-) Less than 1 frame drift over 24 hour period.
  13. No lip on the backside because, well cost hehe. I can slate it with one hand only tho just barely. The navigation switch is disabled while the slate is running so there is no way to change settings and the start button will turn the display back on with the last slated time while the slate is closed. I have not done any actual drop tests yet since very few prototypes were made. The slate will survive some drops, it is ABS plastic after all and will crack and eventually break pieces off if dropped once too many times or too hard. The electronics itself will probably survive tho hehe.
  14. New timecode slate preorder is now up on our site http://fuzeti.com/mre-timecode-generator-slate.html for $600 and will retail at $699.99 once we start shipping. We expect to begin shipping July 5th. This slate shares the same code as the FDC Slate and the same temperature compensated clock. 5-Pin Lemo and 1/4" TRS Input/Output comes as standard and BNC connectors are available as an additional option. The case is ABS injection molded plastic with four screw mount points on the front for optional large slate panels. 8.75"W x 5.75"H x 1.75"D. Standard 5-Pin Lemo and 1/4" TRS Input/Output and runs on 4 AA batteries or external 5-16V DC power. There are easy to set buttons on the back side allows you to configure timecode, user bits, and framerate as well as easy to adjust display brightness knob located on the side. We are also offering a NAB special promo code 'nab2016' (valid until 4/30) for an additional 10% off site wide bringing this pre-order down to $540! Due to server outage the discount code will be extended for an extra day through May 1st.
  15. Pre-orders for the Fuze PD begins this Friday:-) http://fuzeti.com/generators/fuze-pd.html Early bird pre-order starting at: March 18th, 2016 - $200 Regular Pre-order starting at: March 25th, TBD 2016 - $230 Shipping: May 30th, 2016