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  1. I've been researching wireless boom options for awhile now and only just stumbled across the CMR in the Schoeps catalog. Who is out there using it? and how? The shortest cable length is 6 feet long. That's hardly for boom use. I haven't found one that's appropriately sized for putting on the end of a boom pole. Then since I've also been looking into Cinela suspensions and because they are so microphone specific in their designs, I figured this might be right up their alley. Apparently, I was right because they have the OSIX CMR I. It's the exact solution for me since I already have the MK41 capsule and wouldn't need a phantom power source nor the CMC amp to accept +48. But Cinela has discontinued this model. WHY?!?! (I've already queried Cinela and will post their answer) For now, though, anyone out there know of problems that would make this a bad way to go? I'm hoping it was just lack of sales. Anyone have any real world stories to tell (and maybe a lead on me purchasing one)?
  2. Thanks, Nathaniel. I appreciate the help. I wonder if such a model would be popular or possible at a reasonable cost.
  3. Thanks, Frido. That was the intent.
  4. Any plans for a wide band R1a? Dare we dream that it be fully wide and not broken up into chunks? I figure the tech is there and it'd really open up a lot of possibilities. All of our Tx already have the IFB function, why not let the Rx play with them all?That coupled with the auto tuning feature and suddenly that's the only choice for production monitoring. Am I right? sometimes we need multiple IFB feeds or need to add one on the fly. This would give a lot more flexibility which is one of my main concerns in purchasing gear. While you're at it, might as well switch to AA since those will be the last of my 9V gear.
  5. Will any of the dashboard models accommodate this setup? I doubt that the 3 srb version will because the NP-1 is slightly thicker (taller) than the Sr, but what about the RM version? Or a newer one not yet discovered by myself?
  6. Frido, what kind of cap did you use? That looks really nice. Here is what I came up with.
  7. Does anyone know (Larry, Wes, Gordon) if the SRc allows each receiver to tune any of the 3 blocks independently? Or do they both have to be within the same block? ie can 1 src tune in block 21 and 23 or do they both go together? FYI how does Wysicom deal with this same issue?
  8. Yes, notched. But also drilled. The hole is exactly the size of the cable giving some relief, but with the notch ever so lightly smaller in opening, it "bites" into the heat shrink without tearing it. Provides a nice strain relief without trying to fish a ziptie in there. As for hot glue: Apply in stages. First, make certain the connector is secured and won't move upon insertion. If the hot glue is too thick to get past my cable, I heat it with a gun until it runs down. Because the metal housing stays warm, it keeps the glue liquidy and I can press more in with the gun. All the while, I'm working the spring latch, and keeping it mostly pressed down, so the glue can't reach the sponge. It won't adhere to metal all that great so if you keep working it as it sets, it'll not stick and everything moves just fine. Agreed, but that I just like the way they look and enjoy modifying things. What has me most hung up is that the cable has only one function. Change a piece of gear or mod the bag for just a day and these cables might be completely useless. BUT, for an ENG go bag that is always prepped and ready to go ANYWHERE because it's as tight and unbreakable as possible, this is the only way to go.
  9. Simply amazing work. Now I need to know where you got that power connector. Please link to it if possible.
  10. OPS FTW!! Amazing work. These don't look DIY at all. One last question: what do you use for the "rubber boot" exiting your endcap?
  11. How are these with antenna distribution? Can anyone post pictures? I can't see any pass through notches for cabling.
  12. Thanks, BoomBoom. So will even one 411 fit or is the space too thin (front to back) for that sized shell? I wish everyone would post more (any) pics. I loved to promo video Ktek put out, but had the same issue as most of you, it didn't show the bag loaded up in any configuration and should show several. That's where we come in I guess--The Theta testers. I really rely on this forum as I don't have a store to sample gear before purchasing.
  13. Here's my first attempts at making these. Has anyone else used these plastic caps for strain relief? It looks like SeeKai might be using these in but reversed. Using the cap with the 'nipple' outside the connector gives the heat shrink something to grab onto while allowing the fully jacketed cable to pass through. I'd love any feedback on better methods or reason for not doing this. I'd love to take the heat shrink into the connector, but would have to strip back the cable jacket which I feel is a better protector so would like to keep as much of it as possible.
  14. FINALLY, go mine! Applied back in April when the someone posted a challenge. At least it's good until 2022. WQWB273 Thanks Bill Ruck
  15. Very nice. I don't carry many shotguns, so not sure that I'm your market, but wanted to give kudos. This is very well done. I wonder if you don't get it patented and sell the design to Petrol, Orca, etc. That's not something I know much about, but these will likely have a market beyond this thread.
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