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    My name is Sean Plunkett and I am a sound recordist based in Dublin, Ireland. I work on all sorts of projects, from short films to documentaries; to corporate videos and commercials. I have had my work shown on all the TV channels in Ireland. I've found this website extremely helpful and so I decided to join up.
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  1. How about that old favourite? "I can't even spell ADR"
  2. I've been using a Petrol bag together with a Versaflex body brace for about 3 years and I've encountered a problem with it. The straps at the side have been out of their place. There is velcro going horizontally at the side of the bag and velcro on the straps. However I guess the weight of the kit is too much, the straps just won't stay in place. I've tried just putting the straps back into their position but the velcro slowly starts to give. The bag won't sit comfortably, it's much too low on my body and the top of the bag leans forward. Also, as you can see in the pictures, the loose strap is digging against one end of the horizontal strap and damaging it. Has anyone encountered this before? Does anyone have any ideas to resolve it? Just some new velcro?
  3. I've been having a look for threads specifically on this and I couldn't find any. So I thought I'd kick it off: How do you deal with excessive noise from lights? If a light is giving your trouble, what factors do you check to make sure it is as quiet as possible? What are people's views on the ettiquette of dealing with such problems? How much should you ask for/expect from sparks and camera? The obvious things are to find out whether the lights are on dimmers or not. I've found the Flicker Free setting on certain lights can cause buzz as well. The choke from a light can usually be put around a corner to block its noise, however I've found that the light itself is more often the real source of noise. And how about dealing with massive 5K lights? Granted they're usually outside a window in order in simulate sunlight but that doesn't always mean you can't hear them. So what tricks do people use to deal with noisy lights? I'd love to hear your input.
  4. I see there is already a thread on the 8000 series, which answers all my questions. My mistake. But thanks for the input guys.
  5. Hello all I'm considering buying a nice, open sounding cardioid mic for interiors and I've been leaning towards the Sennheiser MKH50. I've used the 50 a good few times and I really like the sound. It's a quiet mic and I find it great for giving presence to voices in reverbant environments. And lots of sound recordists swear by it. However, I was wondering if anyone has tried the MKH8050 and how they find it compares to the 50? Most people I've talked to say it has a similar sound to the 50 but some have said that it's more prone to handling noise. So what are people's experiences? All insights and opinions are welcome.
  6. Hi Mark I just looked again at your post. So did you send your adapter shoe back to Hawkwoods to be rewired? Also, the Fostex FR-2 and the Tascam DR-680 are both centre positive, so surely that wouldn't be an issue.
  7. Thanks for all the feedback guys. I want an NP1 to power my Tascam DR-680, which is low drain compared to a Deva or a 788T, and it isn't even giving phantom power to the mics, since I go through a 442 mixer, and that gives phantom power. I'm leaning towards SWIT at the moment.
  8. I should have known those words would be repeated back to me! Thanks for the feedback everyone, keep it coming. By the way: Marc, you're thinking of something else. This company is SWIT. Switronix is a different company.
  9. Hello I'm wondering if anyone has experience with SWIT NP1 batteries. http://www.swit-battery.com/EN/product.aspx?id=58 They are considerably cheaper than Hawkwoods but I've been told they're very good. And they work with Hawkwoods NP adapters, which is very important. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
  10. I am looking to power my Tascam DR-680 with NP1 batteries and am considering buying the Hawkwoods NPR-FR2 adapter. http://www.hawkwoods.com/products/details/details.php?code=npr-fr2&mainMenuItemToSlide=5&asi=np-70&asi2=mr4 It is designed to be used with the Fostex FR-2 but it looks like it should work with the Tascam DR-680. I have just contacted Tascam and Hawkwoods about it and I'm waiting for a response. I was wondering if anyone had used this adapter or knew anything about it.
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