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  1. Hello Sound Ninja! 20170219-22 Having Fun up north in Mont Tremblant, Québec! What is in the bag : Sound Devices 664 4.01 3x Lectrosonics Srb (1 x bloc 22 + 2 x bloc 24) 1x Lectrosonics 411 receiver (for boom (not on the picture)) 1x Sennheiser HD25II 1x PSC Antenna distro 1x BDS Energy distro 1 Np1 (in the bottom pocket) 1x Comtek transmitter (not showing on the picture, usefully next to the PSC) 1x empty space, for a next to come, SRB bloc 22 :)))))
  2. wiash i had this little piece wednesday! But what about wind noise coming form that window?
  3. Allo group, if i go to work in Louisianna, witch frequency block should i bring and whitch one to avoid? i am using Lectro radio. Thank you
  4. Hello My name is Paskal Perreault and i am new member of that forum. I am from Montreal (YUL), Quebec. My first language is french, second English. I passionately work as Sound Mixer and Boom Operator since 2004. My work is 50% as sound mixer and 50% as boom operator, in all kind of project's and size's, from Kino movie to Sony's major feature's (Snow White (splinter), White House Down (splinter). I own my gear witch is mainly bag's rig (Schoeps and Sanken mic's, 4 RF's Lectro's, Nomad10, SD552, Comtek kit, VDB, Loon, Sennheiser's, Sony , bag's, batterie's and accessoirie's). I have work in different area and country's (North America, Eurasia, Middle Orient) I will travel in Asia this winter and send to universe that i can work if needed! Singapore will be my main land. If you hear about work in my area from a production's company that look's for sound crew feel free to contact me or to give away my contact. Thank you Paskal Perreault Sound Mixer infoson@me.com +1.514.962.4114
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