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  1. pt

    Cantar X3 Mini

    Did anyone see this on the Wisycom stand at NAB?
  2. pt


    Cinela Pianissimo - superb.
  3. pt

    Cantar X3 Mini

    Are there any bags available for the mini yet?
  4. pt

    Wisycom MCR42 latency

    Does anybody know the latency from a Wisycom MCR42 going in AES3 to a 788T?
  5. pt

    Wisycom compander modes upgrade

    Raycom (UK distributor) did one of mine about a year ago for about £60 and they turned it around in a day.
  6. pt

    Radio mics in Moscow

    I worked in Moscow in November 2014 and had no issues with UK Channel 38/39/40, ie 606-630mhz.
  7. pt

    Ambient Tiny Lock It Outdoors?

    Had three working in the jungles of Papua New Guinea last year during rainy season with no issues at all.
  8. Jon's right, customs won't care what radio mics you have. I spent two weeks shooting all over Metro Manila in 2012 using 3 or 4 channels of Audio Ltd 2040s on UK CH38/39/40, i.e. 606-630mhz with no problems whatsoever.
  9. pt

    Recommendations wanted for new cart

    Are you joking? Both prices seem very reasonable to me.
  10. pt

    Pelican 1610

    I have a couple of 1610s that I use for air travel with doco kit, they're a great size and you can get plenty in without exceeding 23kg. I have a Rycote AG stereo rig and a Rycote ORTF stereo rig and either will fit in a 1610 no with the one end cap removed, so you should have no problem with the AE. Cheers Paul
  11. pt

    Show me your bag

    Hi Jose, how's the MicPlexer 2 performing so far? Cheers Paul
  12. pt

    ORCA Sound Bags and Harness

    Thanks Vasileios. I heard from Ofer @ Orca and he told me Prokit are handling Orca bags in the UK, but I'll try Roger and John too, Cheers Paul
  13. pt

    ORCA Sound Bags and Harness

    Does anyone know who's selling Orca bags in the UK? I've emailed Orca, but no response.
  14. pt

    SQN Troubleshooting help

    Give SQN a call and ask for Bob Hunt before you send it back to them. It may be something simple(ish) that he can talk you through over the phone. I had a problem with my SQN some years ago and Bob managed to help me fix it so I didn't have to post it back to the Isle of Man. Alternatively, if you're in London drop it into Chris @ Richmond Films.