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  1. https://www.raycom.co.uk/product/raycom-bias-tee/
  2. Pinknoise have stock - https://www.pinknoise-systems.co.uk/k-tek-stingray-kstgsx-small-x-audio-mixer-bag.html
  3. Does anybody know if there is a battery eliminator out there that will work with the Zaxcom URX100? It runs on 3 x AA batteries.
  4. Another two channel option http://www.audioroot.fr/product/femto/
  5. Hi Frankie thanks for the quick response. I’m after a couple of radio mics with COS-11 lavs. Ideally Wisycom MTP40 or 41 transmitters with MCR42 receiver to complement my setup. But realistically I’ll take any decent system. DM me if you can help, it would just be for one day this Saturday, 6th March. Cheers Paul.
  6. Hi does anybody know of any rental houses in Seattle, WA? I’m a UK recordist shooting in Seattle and surrounding area at the moment and we have a sudden need for additional radio mics. Nothing much coming up on google. Cheers Paul
  7. pt

    Cantar X3 Mini

    Did anyone see this on the Wisycom stand at NAB?
  8. pt


    Cinela Pianissimo - superb.
  9. pt

    Cantar X3 Mini

    Are there any bags available for the mini yet?
  10. Does anybody know the latency from a Wisycom MCR42 going in AES3 to a 788T?
  11. Raycom (UK distributor) did one of mine about a year ago for about £60 and they turned it around in a day.
  12. I worked in Moscow in November 2014 and had no issues with UK Channel 38/39/40, ie 606-630mhz.
  13. Had three working in the jungles of Papua New Guinea last year during rainy season with no issues at all.
  14. Jon's right, customs won't care what radio mics you have. I spent two weeks shooting all over Metro Manila in 2012 using 3 or 4 channels of Audio Ltd 2040s on UK CH38/39/40, i.e. 606-630mhz with no problems whatsoever.
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