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  1. Hey guys, While this all does sound very good and I look forward to playing around with it myself, I don't understand how a software limiter/compressor can ever provide true overload protection since its after the AD converter in the audio chain. I mean, if its too hot going into the AD converter, those 1 and 0s are already bad right? Is there a way to use a plug-in like this that I'm not understanding? Brandon
  2. Noah, Thank you very much for sharing your rental agreement. This topic just came up with a producer friend of mine who had gear stolen on her last film. The show's mixer pretty much got screwed as the insurance company paid out to everyone with a contract first. Your agreement seems very well written and serves as an excellent reference. It does seem like a good idea for this to become a standard practice for everyone. Wow, you clearly have a lot more gear than I do. I don't think I can fill anywhere near 11 pages! Thanks, Brandon
  3. I took it to Audio Design and Service, Inc. in North Hollywood, CA, 818-754-0467. They were good about calling with updates and stuck to their time estimates. Mark, the tech, was nice to deal with.
  4. Just an update on my board. I took it to a local Yamaha authorized shop in North Hollywood. They spent 10+ hours cleaning it (had to take apart every fader) and then replaced four faders that still weren't functioning. Total cost (parts and labor) $460. Feels like new now.
  5. I've used them for two features and so far they've worked great. The Comtek thing is pretty weird since those receivers work with batteries down to about 7.5 volts. I remember reading comments in the past that not all 9V brands are the exact same physical size. Could it be possible that the iPowers just aren't making good contact?
  6. Well, at least with the little indie films that I work on, everyone is pretty much on board with trying to avoid ADR. The director wants the original performance, the actors want the original performance and the producers don't want to pay for unnecessary studio time. Sure, they'll completely cover everything with Foley for the sake of the M&E, but that doesn't mean they have it all use for the final English mix. If the production coffee cup sounds ok, you can keep it and skip the ADR; if you're doing the M&E mix, then you bring up the Foley version of the cup. At least for the production companies I work for, I believe the delivery requirements are essentially a full English mix and an M&E. When it comes to hiring actors for all the various foreign language versions, that's comes out of someone else's budget (not the producer's I'm working for).
  7. Thanks Whitney, that does sounds like a good way to go. I'll call them Monday.
  8. I just finished the second film on which I used my new Yamaha 01v96. Well, I really love using this board, but its not looking so new any more. On this last gig we spent several days in a very windy, dusty, desert location. The dust (more like really fine silt) got into everything, including the faders of my 01V. The faders are really rough and gritty to move now and compressed air isn't doing enough to clean them out (I spent an hour using a compressor this morning). Before I start taking this thing apart, I wanted to poll the collective wisdom of this group. Should I just rip my board apart and go at it or should I take it to a professional? What's the best way to get my faders moving like new again? I will be buying Pelsue immediately. Thanks.
  9. I have an HP Deskjet 450 that's been working great. It has a rechargeable battery that lasts for about a week of sound report printing. The ink capacity seems really good too. It also has a bluetooth option, but I haven't been able to make it work with my Mac. Brandon
  10. I saw a mockup of the Fostex PD606. It could be cool, very similar to the PD-6. 80 gig internal 1.8" drive, with simultaneous or mirrored recording to DVD-RAM (regular DVD-R burning may be possible too). They expect to release in June and they're aiming for around $6000. There's really no new technology here, they're basically taking components from existing products and putting them all in one box, which brings up my biggest hesitation: the thing is huge! With two batteries snapped onto the bottom, it would be like wearing a VCR around your neck. But for the price, I would still give it some consideration. Brandon
  11. I remember thinking that "Grafiti" (Palm's handwriting rec) on my old Palm Pilot was the coolest thing, until I switched to a Treo with the tiny built in keyboard. Even typing with my thumbs, its way faster and more accurate than using the stylus ever was for me. I guess I have better typing skills than handwiriting, I'll stick with a keyboard. -Brandon
  12. I have often shared your frustration about the mouse thing, but I think it depends on the specific application, some support power users much better than others. The issue with cycling through the tabs in Safari for example, works fine in Firefox. In Preview, have you tried checking the preference under the PDF tab where it says "Scale pages to fit display"?
  13. I've been wondering about this and am glad to hear it can be done.
  14. Not that I know of, I was simply learning by trial and error when it was difficult to get a clear answer (this was a while ago). DVD-Rs are definitely the way to go, I just wanted to make the distinction so no one else would make the same foolish mistake I did.
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