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  1. Good day all of you eerie ears 👂 Hope everyone had a lovely xmas and let’s hope 2019 rocks!! I’ll be doing a month’s shoot,that could be anything from warm humid conditions,to wet and windy conditions.Now that I think about it,it sounds pretty much like my digestive system😜 But yes,I’m more asking to find out what do you guys do to stay as comfortable as possible,should you spend the whole day out in the sun,or in the evening with bugs ect.Clothing/shoes that’s quick drying,raincoats,headlamps ect. I’m struggling to think straight in hot&humid conditions,so for example
  2. This is Sennheiser’s office in SA,but their known for their crappy customer service unfortunately.They gave me this reply... ”If you have a G2, the new antennae will be slightly shorter than before because we using the G3 antennae. The G3 antennae will be slightly shorter but won’t compromise on any RF distance or quality.” That’s my next step yes,just trying to source the parts,thanks
  3. That’s me dropping it off,waiting 2 days,receiving an email,me going to collect it.Arrive at home,realizing the antenna is different than the original.
  4. Also found an article on google,stating that it’s “acceptable” for Rx to be a bit shorter than on the Tx.For me it’s pretty logic,just keep the antennas the same length.Guess it’s a rookie “technician” that did the repair.
  5. The crap thing is,I’ll just do the repair myself,but Sennheiser don’t want to sell them to me separately.I’ll have to import them.The joys of being from South Africa🤦‍♂️ Converted to $,they’ve charged me about $5 for the antenna and $14 for labor.Will take me like 10minutes to do it myself🙄
  6. Will give you guys feedback for what is worth,when tested.Thank you for all the replies.Much appreciated
  7. True that!!Maybe I’m just OCD😜If the batteries die,I’m going to blame it on the antenna length at the moment.
  8. Hi Daniel It’s because of that exact chart,I’ve questioned Sennheiser. Can’t measure them at the moment,but it’s 518-553,if I remember correctly. That’s exactly my point Eric,not sure how Sennheiser could say that’ll be fine. Guess I’ll just have to put them to a test in the field and see how they behave.
  9. That’s the transmitter on the right hand side&the reciever with the new antenna left.
  10. Good day sound gurus,hope everyone have lots of work. Just a curious question...I took in my G2 receiver the other day,to get the antenna replaced.When I got it back,I’ve noticed that it’s about 2cm shorter than the original.According to Sennheiser,it’ll not affect range or signal? I’m only able to test it properly this weekend. Attached a picture. Anyone with a same experience? Thank you in advance Cheers
  11. Thank Todd I'm sorted,thank you!!Soldered them this morning,with a diode in place,and all went well.
  12. Me too Sorry!!!It's a TA5!! My bad!! Got a diagram,thanks!!
  13. Hi Guys Just want to know if it's possible to rewire a TA5 B6 to a 3.5mm jack for a Sennheiser? And if so,does anyone have a diagram or tips and tricks for me please? Thank you in advance.
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