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  1. Thanks everyone for your replies. The 4073a functioned quite well in the city environment. I also used the NTG-3 which was quite similar. As an experiment due to a nice conversation with Ty Ford I also used my 4053a which was quite good at rejecting reflections and a lot of the noisy air conditioning units. Thanks again for all your help.
  2. Craig, i was was feeding it 48v. Seems my issue was too much attenuation and then cranking the gain. I need to have a better understanding of gain staging and therefore I purchased a copy of Jay Roses book. I set to 0db Att and lowered my gain. Not completely silent but the mic picked up dialog well and noise was minimal. Tonight I'm going to try my NTG3 as a comparison. Thanks again
  3. Bernie, Al, Angelo and Rick, Thank you for your time and answers. I was able to limit the noise floor buy reducing gain and 0db attentuation. I had done my original test outdoor and must of had a hot signal. My followup tests were indoors which may have been the issue. Room noise and reflections. Thanks to the advice of all of you I've tweaked my settings and reduced gain. I've also purchased the Rode just in case I have issues for the shoot. Between the few mics I have should work out nicely. Thanks again for your time and professional answers.
  4. Hello JWSound... I'm booming an AT4073a on a Rycote Windshield #4 to an internally cabled K-Tek CF pole. My wiring is Mogami/ Canare, and I'm mixing thru a Wendt X-5 into a Tascam DR-100MKii. I have the Wendt attenuated to -20db, 0db on the Wendt = -16db on the Tascam. I'm also running (2) Sony UWP-V6. Issue I seem to be having is that the AT4073 has a some self noise. I get a constant 4-6db hiss in my audio. Easy to take out in RX3 but still an issue. Worried as I'm recording in the streets of NYC this weekend and thinking I may need to crank some gain. Is the 4073a too sensitive for the city. My other options for mics are Rode NTG-1 and AT897 or purchase a Rode NTG-3. Any advice would be appreciated.
  5. So my partner is one of the first 12 people to receive the first shipment of the Black Magic 4k camera. We've tried some lenses out and I must say the imagery is stellar. Looking for anyone with information on the audio for this camera. We are discussing going into the camera with a breakaway cable from a location mixer. Looking for any info on audio quality of the camera, timecode and syncing issues. We will be doing some experiments in the next few days. An insight is appreciated.
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