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  1. I can't speak for anything else that Wilcox does, my experience has been solely limited to the recent turbulence in their microphone repair offerings.
  2. It's a drag for sure. It's not the waiting so much as the lying.
  3. Thanks, Philip! I was under the impression that Wilcox used to be the only place that would mess with Cos-11s at the element end. Take care, Sean
  4. Sorry folks, need to vent a sec. For years now, I have been getting my Cos-11s repaired by Wilcox. Despite a lag, they would eventually get done. I sent in three Sankens and two B6's on August 28th. After a month with no acknowledgment, I called in to see where things stood. I got a story from Monica about the main guy who did those repairs, apparently he was on the outs, but "training" other techs. A few weeks later I had Mr. Wilcox on the line. Same story. I let him know that I can handle bad news but that I don't fare well with no news. He put me on with Monica again who delivered the same sob story with a few extra details that I had zero interest in hearing by this point, but she swore she'd at least determine whether I was having connector issues or problems with the mic elements and call the next day. That was in October. I just now called and Monica started in with the same exact BS, as if it was the first time I was hearing it. I told her to send my stuff back immediately. Pathetic. They should have never accepted any repairs from the moment they were having issues with that tech. Their lack of communication is completely unacceptable and Monica's rambling, pitiful excuse speeches became insulting to listen to after the second time or so.
  5. I haven't felt the need to upgrade since the 633 launch, but this might be the one...
  6. I have eight of them in addition to my regular PR-216s. They are definitely noisier but then again, all of them sound like crap anyway. Nary a complaint from the peanut gallery, however. I also cringe slightly less when I hear one of them hit the deck.
  7. I use JavaScript actions in Adobe Acrobat to do an entire script at once. I create a separate action for each character, which highlights their name in a different color. I use GoodReader on the iPad to navigate the pages with, it's also easy to work with for modifying the annotations made in Acrobat, or adding new ones.
  8. This thing has been a rock: https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820139641 Discontinued, but I imagine the replacements are well-built.
  9. For single channel, I love my LR, fed by a UM400 (they are bullet-proof and I like to see the "on" light). It's small and can use cam power (with battery eliminator) or two lithium AAs.
  10. I love mine already. Using it at the moment with a Rycote INV-HG suspension.
  11. I use a wad of Joe's Sticky Stuff on the end of an industrial Q-Tip to pull batts out of my 633/664. Might not be strong enough if the batt has swollen badly, though.
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