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  1. Ex2tcd and nomand are on the menu, can be connected to. However, switch nomand a restart even not. With the power to restart can even.
  2. To set the problem? How to solve?
  3. With the switch after the restart, no ex2cd reaction. Switch on on, directly connected to the external power supply, a reaction. Settings are the same.
  4. My machine is nomand10. Now the question is zaxnet do not work, setting no problem. Shutdown restart after the ex2tcd not recognized. Switch off electrical connection open, start to recognize. What is the problem?
  5. There is also a rechargeable lithium battery is 1.5 volts of the two is 3 volts can be used? Just do not know how much work voltage. Otherwise would be easier.
  6. How much is the working voltage of zaxcom erx2tcd? Product manual can not find, only to see can use lithium battery. Do not know whether the use of two 3.2 volt lithium rechargeable battery two is 6.4 volts.
  7. Is the circuit design problems? I noticed 81 48 volt electric later, no other microphone reacts so quickly. Always card to work
  8. I just got my neumann81i, even on my nomand. Found in the same setting as big as gain. The 81 signal is weaker than mkh-60, nomand push, what reason is this, normal, how to solve, thank you.
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