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  1. Diego Casares

    Phonak Roger real world experience

    Hi, I have been using both systems, invisty's and roger earpiece's, lately. The roger system is definitely a step forward. The sound quality is much better and you don't get any noise or dropout when the earpiece is out of range, which I find very important if used for orders/lines to the talent. When the Roger earpiece is out of range it plays a smooth beep. Range isn't huge with neither the touchscreen or the base station, so I have been using them with portable rigs based in lectro hybrid systems, very similar to the one Tony explained on previous comment. when feeding external line inputs to the transmitters. I get a louder signal from the base station than from the touchscreen. the touch screen sounds very good if using its internal mics instead. That makes it very convenient for eng or similar situations where the person giving the orders is close to the set.
  2. Diego Casares

    Lectro SRc field reports?

    Hi Gordon, thank you very much. Coel (Spain) had been amazing during this process with my C1 receiver. I will send you an email anyway to give you an update.
  3. Diego Casares

    DPA 4098 Travel cases

    I use a countrymann B6 case for travelling with 2x 4098 plus 2x cable extenders and im happy with it
  4. Diego Casares

    Lectro SRc field reports?

    Hi, I'm getting bad results from my two SRC's (A1 & C1). i got bad units from the first batch, which have been replaced, but still I'm not happy with the performance of the new ones. When testing range limits of the C1 in a clear environment versus a B24 411 in the same freq, the results were very similar, but I found in real situations very unstable RF signal and random dropouts. i have been getting random drops or RF noise even in interior locations at 3-4 meter distance with a clean scan. This happened with whips quite few times , so yesterday I moved to dipoles in the bag trough a PSC RF multi, with poor results too. In the video you can see a short example of the issues yesterday, the fourth channel (SRC C1, channel 2) is unstable at the beginning of the video without any reason (I got some hits on this channel during the interview) after it gets to full RF signal again. The talent is the old man in the table (no more than 4 meters) IMG_2818.MOV
  5. Diego Casares

    Soldering Sanken CUB-01

    Thanks a lot Gary. I am still looking for an answer to this, so any help would be great
  6. Diego Casares

    Soldering Sanken CUB-01

    I want to wire the CUB directly to the lemo 3 pin. I already have one like that and works perfect. Any ideas about how to wire it? It should be the same as for the senny's SK50
  7. Diego Casares

    Soldering Sanken CUB-01

    Anyone knows the CUB's wiring scheme for the Wisycom MTP40?
  8. Diego Casares

    Lectrosonics compatibility mode

    As mentioned before on this post by Pyers from Raycom, Wisycom's Senn mode is for HiDyn Plus, while EVO mode is for HDX. As far as I know that's not correct. ENR-WISY was their first companding mode, and it is for using with Wisycom's Tx's exclusively, both in Europe and US.
  9. Diego Casares

    IPS TV at IBC 2014

    Amazing Gordon Moore's Hybrid masterclass, Tc Buddy's new cammera workflows and Wisycom RF over fiber. Thanks a lot for the videos Simon and IPS!!
  10. I used screenflow for Mac, on an indie i mixed last year. Both video and audio of the other side of the conversation was captured fine
  11. Diego Casares

    Ipad 2 Grip for Petrol Bag

    Hi everyone, finally i followed Pat´s recommendation and bought a Flex Versatility Kit. Looks good, and seems that the two belt attatchment points are enough for gripping the ipad. I made some tests at home with moveislate and it worked nice, the display offset is corrected and seems reliable while hardwired. i´m not using unplugged, as i dont trust the internal clock. What i found interesting is that you can use your iphone/ipod touch as a controller of the ipad´s movieslate , this way you can change the scene and take number in your ipad, making life easier for the editor, but not sure if i will feel comfortable on the set with this set-up as idevices losts it´s connection easily. Dominique, it´s heavier than a betso, not as much power hungry as i thought, and it´s is nearly as expensive as the betso is (ipad+case+tc cable+movislate app). But as i already owned the ipad and movieslate , it wasn´t such a big amount of money. What i´m worried about right now is direct sun light. i would try to correct it with an anti-glare. if anyone has a suggestion for this i will appreciate it. Next week isn´t busy for me and i´m going to make a field test with a cam op/video editor friend of mine. Will let you know about it
  12. Diego Casares

    Ipad 2 Grip for Petrol Bag

    Thanks Pat, i like the idea of this quarter inch female plug and sewing the male part across the front pocket of the bag. Do you think that the quarter inch adapter of the flex will hold on when running or making fast movements?
  13. Diego Casares

    Ipad 2 Grip for Petrol Bag

    Hi all, I´m building a bag for doco work where using an Ipad hardwired to Tc out of the 664 as a TC display. I want this to replace the Betso TCD-1. I found the app to correct the ipad offset and bought the ambient cable already. So now the thing is how to grip the ipad to the front of my petrol bag (PEGZ 1). I´m thinking about an ipad case with a female slot in the back side, and sew the male part of the case to the bag. I´ve seen some iphone cases that works this way. i suppose the point is for gripping the iphone to the car´s dashboard and use it as GPS. Do any of you know if something like that exists fo the ipad?
  14. Diego Casares

    Lectrosonics SRb vs UCR411a

    Hi, A little bit off topic...what are the differences between smqv and smdb? Only that the power output has a maximum of 50mW in smdb's for Europe?