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  1. I had just poured out a scotch when I saw the NY Times obituary. It is a great portrait of a man dedicated and in love with his calling. A reminder of the real potential our craft has to envelope and and take us to a higher place than just a day's work. Your dad certainly lived it. Jeff I wish you many good hours as you reflect and measure his place in your life. In some ways my father became more real after his death but I would give a lot to sit down now and then and have a talk. My best wishes to your family and you this evening. Reid
  2. Sorry to Yell but..... It seems Windows 10 is corrupting WAV files on the source card. If this is widely known I will delete this post immediately. It is news to me. I am using approved, 633 formatted cards. When I load cards up on Windows 10 they show encrypted. If I switch to my MacBook Pro they show encrypted. If I put them back on the 633 they are unreadable. There is a Windows 10 thread that discusses this towards the end but I want to make sure it is up front on the forum. If there is a fix please let me know.
  3. OK.... I think it is time you guys with 1000 plus posts get a platinum designation. Amazing to see how this forum has put down such deep roots.
  4. Jim, nice to hear from you. Would like to drop by and pick it up if you have time this week. Will PM. Great on board pictures. Yup, I thought about this one... for 2.4 seconds and then jumped. Not many chances in life like these. Don't you love this biz?? An acquaintance tells of flying off carriers in the North Atlantic back in the late 60s when it was all seat of the pants. Said nothing scared him more than night landings during rough weather. He still gets serious when it comes up. Thanks all. I really appreciate the help. Reid
  5. Will work with 633. Do you think it is worth doing a layered copper foil wrap of the interior of bag with lid? I would imagine everything will be slammed on deck. The two foot cable is a wake up call. I have read several back posts but don't get much of a clear picture of what success on below deck looks like.
  6. I have a couple days coming up on an aircraft carrier. I have the big white cans, high spl mic, big, big furry. Anything else that comes to mind? Have you had good luck with wireless below decks at close range or should I put a small recorder and lav on my principal? I won't always be able to boom(very wide shots). Is there a way to get on board mic/intercom track from back seat combat plane? Any other thoughts? Thanks all.
  7. Aaahhhh Noww!!! That here is poetry!!! You know a southern boy will say all that with a big ol' grin...... but you just use them words. Those toad kissers know who they are.
  8. Yes with the following LED meter... http://www.adafruit.com/blog/2013/02/27/led-ampli-tie-with-flora-wearablewednesday/ ... doubles as a napkin for Tuna Sub drippings! Nice
  9. ..... and so endith the lesson grasshopppa.. One of your best yet Mike...
  10. Had some time to think about this yesterday. We were shooting a car ad in a bright parking lot. I think the best solution by far is the LED light add on. I would pay for it gladly. I know the world is moving away from them but I would like the option. Booming a dynamic situation makes keeping an eye on LCD levels more challenging than I ever had with 442 or 302 LEDs. This client tends to like tracks a bit hot so keeping an eye on them is part of the day. I would really like to be able to clip the right half of the CL6 on the outer rim of the bag. I know there were a couple people working on p
  11. Paul, does that mean a fix or purchase solution for fielded units or future units only?
  12. The fix for me would be... 1/ LEDs L,R, Aux 1+2, These with a 442 style spread. The 302 is cruder than I like. 2/ Start/Stop buttons with Bright LED Recording Indicator That on a resilient 18 inch lead out of the CL6 socket would be ideal.
  13. I am going to chime back in on this. Out side shooting a chain saw demo yesterday. Needed the screen...... COULD NOT SEE SCREEN!! I have tried hoods, a magnifying shade from a PD150, and all sorts of viewing angles. I do not use glasses and have more than reasonable vision... * 6 Channels are enough so CL6 not needed. Would be glad to pair some sort of LED readout on the AUX out or such.... thoughts??? *(except if we are talking politics).
  14. The 664 screen is a step down from the Fusion. Size and the presentation of info on the 664 makes it much harder to decipher. The 664 screen is unusable in bright sunlight. In the positive column- although print/screen is small the menus and popup screens are very concise and easy to work through. The brightness control works very well.
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