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  1. I agree with you assessment to RME support forums, I just bought and interface from them, and they treat you like S#$t when you ask questions. I just wish that sound devices had a 5.1 interface, unfortunately they don't so I will have to stick with RME it seems.
  2. This Europe pricing thing is pretty interesting. In Iceland the Lectro HM plugin transmitter costs $1386 (with dealer discount), when you add the VAT on top of that it becomes $1740. AKA. Really expensive.
  3. Try unveil, I think it is pretty sweet. http://www.zynaptiq.com/unveil/
  4. The link spam is still coming up for me, but it is inconsistent. Sometimes it works, sometimes the urllinkshortner spam pops up.
  5. A video introduction. Seems to be pretty good value, $749, for plugin transmitter, body back transmitter, and body pack receiver. Metal construction I wonder what corners they are cutting. If someone sees these at NAB could they take a look. Wondering how it all compares to the Sennheiser G3 system.
  6. Does anyone know anything else about these new units? http://www.sony.co.uk/pro/products/broadcast-products-professional-audio-hybrid
  7. Sebben

    What is this?

    Thanks for the responses! I will check out the device. The photo was taken at a theatre project in Edinburgh,Scotland called the salon project. Hence the the nice attire. http://www.untitledprojects.co.uk/projects/the-salon-project The Bag is a billingham.
  8. Sebben

    What is this?

    Does anyone know what this portable boom holder is called? Or is it a custom piece?
  9. Feels a little strange adding a picture of myself into this epic thread... Looking it but grumpy - From waiting in the cold I would suspect.
  10. Arg. I want a small 4 channel recorder mixer.
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