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    I have a small production company. I am primarily a gaffer, but run audio on small gigs.

    My kit : SD 664, 4- Lectros 411, 4 Lectro 400B trans., Lectro 1- UH400 1- 2- Schoeps mics, and misc equip.
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  1. Hi, I am designing a gooseneck podium mic/preamp. It will use an electret mic. There won't be much shock isolation between the gooseneck and the podium. I am interested in what people think a good frequency response would be. Some issues are low frequency thumps and handling materials such as notes on the podium. Also, what would be a good low pass for sibilance . Keeping in mind that in many instances there will be no sound person present to EQ. The EQ would be permanently set in the preamp. What would you set low and high pass filters at? Thanks for any help with this.
  2. KenMartini

    Film Devices

    Weight & Size of Rack-N-Bag Pre-Sale buyers get a free $95 carbon fiber handle. Will be shipping in July or sooner.
  3. KenMartini

    Film Devices

    Tony, The medium would fit very snugly. All the specs will soon be on our website. Weighs the same as other bags due to the carbon fiber construction. Full specs will soon be available at https://filmdevices.com/
  4. KenMartini

    Film Devices

    If you are referring to the power distro, no. It is an option. We designed the battery sled and Audioroot has customized their distro to match. We are manufacturing our own cables. We sell it as a package that includes distro, sled with battery cup, and 5 cables. The distro is available in 2 sizes. Go to our website https://filmdevices.com/ to see pricing. We are including the $95 carbon fiber handle as a gift for pre-orders.
  5. KenMartini

    Film Devices

    Ryan, looks like the mini may fit on the top deck, but I would have to figure out where the radios go. I could probably design a series just for them where the unit is on the first tier on a slide out. If I had enough pre-orders I could design 2 sizes and do a short run. If it did not have enough orders it would be too much of a financial gamble. The Aatons were designed for carts, so a challenge to do a work around for a bag.
  6. KenMartini

    Film Devices

    Orca OR-334 6.38lb Large Rack-N-Bag with outer shell and strap 4.3lbs Ours is 1/3rd lighter
  7. KenMartini

    Film Devices

    When using in the bag mode it is just like any other bag. Everything is operated from the front. You do however have the option of lowering the top flap and swinging out the top tier for a better view of wireless with front controls. I operated it on a harness on several shoots and it was not awkward at all with the top tier open and the wings folded in. In fact it was my best experience so far because I could finally see my front control radios which I have not been able to do with my conventional bags. I also found that If the weather was good I did not need the outer shell. This made it
  8. KenMartini

    Film Devices

    According to the photo the tightening handle is on the right which is "self tightening". The boom pole holder has the correct orientation. It can be a little confusing not seeing it on a C-stand fully mounted. According to the photo the tightening handle is on the right which is "self tightening". The boom pole holder has the correct orientation. It can be a little confusing not seeing it on a C-stand fully mounted.
  9. KenMartini

    Film Devices

    When in its the closed position with the outer shell on, the swing out device shelf can be closed, open, or slightly tilted. The ergonomics are almost identical to a conventional bag. It just very configurable.
  10. KenMartini

    Film Devices

    Hi, I'm Ken from Film Devices. Glad to see you are talking about my new sound rack/bag. It is lighter than you would think due to the carbon fiber. The large unit weighs 4lbs 6oz with the outer shell and the shoulder strap. Been been pretty busy and haven't weighed the small one yet, probably 3lbs. There have been a few comments on the price being a bit high. It is hand made with expensive carbon fiber and aircraft grade aluminum. As a sound person I spend $10-25K for the equipment in my bag. For a premium product that will allow me for the first time to get at all my cables, h
  11. I need to replace my G2's due to the frequency about to be auctioned off. I purchased the UWP-D11 to see if this would be a good fit. I liked many of the features they offered. My main criteria of course being sound quality and range. Many reviews I read addressed the range, but I have not seen or read much about the sound quality. I did a subjective test (ears only) of the Sony UWP-D11, Senneheisser G2, and the Lectro UCR411A receiver /MM400B trans, All units had different mics. I was not interested in the sound of the mics, rather I was interested in the noise bed. I don't think the mics
  12. I checked the web, and I see that I have to put in the exact header I used in this post to be directed to this post, or see an image of the imaginary mixer. You are totally entitled to your perspective that this post is damaging. I don't feel that that is a universal perception however. The fact that I sent SD the photo and asked them if they had anything like this in the works points to this not being something underhanded. I will hold to my belief that a bit of comic releif is good, and sharing some wishful thinking can be positive.
  13. Tell me who believed it in this group? SD is here to stay, they can handle 100 spoofs. The fact is, I will buy the Tascam DR-70 because there is no other manufacturer producing something like this. I first sent SD the photo and asked them if they had anything like this in the works.
  14. I did not have too many Martini's. I shopped that photo to have some fun with you guys. I also sent it to SD. My next hybrid will include a Coke bottle opener on the side of my 664.
  15. SD wrote back to me: "This is a cool idea, but very doubtful that we will be seeing this in the future anytime soon. Thanks for your input".
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