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  1. My kit is little compared to the rest of you guys, but then again I haven't been doing this for 20+ years... MKH-416 MKH-50 ME66/64 COS11x2 TR50x2
  2. Wow, this looks great! Thanks for sharing, can't wait to make my own.
  3. Oh wow, ON the camera?! All you'd hear would be camera noise, and if you're lucky some really distant, unusable dialog. Practically there really isn't any good way to place a DH to get good sound in a production enviroment. I mean it would sound like the dialog is below if it were boomed. Getting all Mad Scientist...I wonder what it would sound like if a scene was ADR with a DH. It might lose it effect if it's not the same space and movements. And if foley was done that way as well.
  4. Thanks Senator, I searched and nothing came up, but like you said it can be weird at times. Yeah, totally get the magic of post. It just seems like a technique that hasn't been used much, and what extent it could play in sound for picture. It could be totally distacting, or enhance certain aspects. That's hilarous, all I can picture is the dummy head on a long pole tracking talent...silently judging them. I'd still like to hear how it sounds against picture, just to satisfy my curiosty.
  5. Perhaps a more immersive sound? I'm not thinking binaural beats, but more like the "virtual barber".
  6. Hey everyone, new to this forum, and what a great group of people and resources! Anyways, I was curious, with the new trend of films being shot in 3D (love it or hate it) to give a more "immersive" experience, would it practicle (or even possible) to record binaural production sound? Would this method even work for sound for picture? We already have great surround sound mixing, but would binaural take it to the next level, if it were feasable? With 3D the audience has to wear glasses, and with binaural audio you'd have to wear headphones as well, which could just ruin the whole experience. Crazy idea, wondering what you guys think.
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