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    I'm an amateur sound recordist and sound editor, looking to learn and expand my skills.
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  1. Hello You can contact Rene at: Dallas Audio Post Office Number: 214.350.7678 rene@dallasaudiopost.com http://dallasaudiopost.com/ Hope that helps.
  2. I've been passing some time going through gag reels from different TV shows and films and found this pretty funny boom that drops in shot and hit's one of the actors, apparently bird hit the poor operator I imagine on his face otherwise probably wouldn't have dropped like that but still had a good laugh. http://youtu.be/LlWzSYyqKps [starts at 2:12]
  3. Wow that's great, how much cleaning up did you need to do? I know that the M10 is one of lowest self-noise handhelds but that's very clean.
  4. I actually know Ande he too studied at the same film school as I and was a guest lecturer when I enrolled.
  5. Whether it's taking up a mixing/booming role or just as an assist, I imagine that in some of you guys' long career you might have found little things that every once in a while or quite often come in handy on your projects or just something that does something nifty that some people wouldn't think of, well I hope there is something otherwise this will be awkward haha. I'm currently trying to find some work to start my career here in NZ and want to try learn and do the best I can from the getgo and obviously make mistakes to learn from along the way, I'm more of a post guy and had mentality that it's better to be the guy that fixes the problems than to be the one causing them on set as in I don't like the thought of any screw ups I make result in having to give more work for the guy in post, but reading some of the insightful information here got my confidence up on doing more production sound mixing which is primarily what I did at film school last year. Thanks guys.
  6. I'm still a noob only just out of film school and this isn't really a mess up but it's quite funny so I thought I'd share it. Last year I had the opportunity to do an ENG shoot to capture documentary footage of Prince Charles doing a walkabout in Auckland, NZ. He was supposed to meet "The World's Oldest Flash Mob", when he did arrive it starting pouring down and I tried as best as I could to get the boom close as I can and pointing under the umbrella's which wasn't easy with his guards pushing my boom pole away, also I had to keep watch behind me cause I was surrounded by some really old women and the last thing I'd want to do is hit one of them in the face with the end of my pole. At one point while looking behind me I felt like I came in contact with something and when I looked forward I saw my wet windsheild rubbing all over a guards face he also happened to be the same guy who kept pushing my boom away. He didn't do or say anything lucky but I'll never get that picture out of my head and it always makes me laugh.
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