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  1. Thanks . Here is the list Lectrosonics PCA900 antenna Lectrosonics Block 944 IFB4 transmitter s/n 5019 IFB 944MHz receiver w/belt clip s/n 22450 IFB 944MHz receiver w/belt clip s/n 22516 Comtek base station BST-50b s/n 155256 Comtek Phase-Right High Gain Antenna 72-76 MHz s/n 264611 Lectrosonics Block 21 UM200B transmitter s/n 490 Neumann BS 48i microphone power supply Comtek PR-75a receiver s/n 268616 Comtek PR-75a receiver s/n 291899 Comtek PR-75a receiver s/n 236589 Comtek PR-75a receiver s/n 292469 Comtek PR-75a receiver s/n 259870 Comtek PR-75a receiver s/n 238785 Comtek PR
  2. Dutchpeter


    Time has come to say goodbye to my headphones and adventure into a different direction. Over the past 25 years I had a great time and met many interesting people. Would like to wish all of you out there all the best and please stay safe. After I finish my final season ( of Mad Men , I will have my gear for sale at the end of June Will send you a list upon request. Best , Peter Bentley peterbentley123@gmail.com 818-599-1437
  3. I have 3 Cameo mixers for sale .One Cameo 2 and Two Cameo one's Give me an offer Peter Bentley 818-599-1437
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