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  1. I haven't watched that video but at least on the X32 Compact you could assign each fader of your hidden layer to it's own respective group fader on the right. (On the X32 they're called a "DCA" for digitally controlled amplifier, apparently their take on the old-school SSL VCA group fader.) Perhaps recent firmware revisions give you another way to do it but what I mentioned would be very easy out of the box anyway (fader 9 to DCA 1, fader 10 to DCA 2, etc.). I mixed a live music concert someone else recorded with an X32 and was surprised at how good it sounded. I couldn't find fault with the preamps. I've been very happy with the EQ on the couple of live outings I've taken it on so far too. Perhaps I'll do a test between my X32 Compact and my 788T soon if I have time.
  2. I've been a big fan of Carbon Copy Cloner for a long time. It's only for Mac, though. Regarding Time Machine, keep in mind that it doesn't create bootable backups, which is quite a pain. I create system drive clones with Carbon Copy Cloner such that if my system drive dies I can pop in the backup in it's place and keep working like nothing happened. You can't do that with Time Machine. On a personal note, I find the interface quirky and I don't like that it doesn't maintain the same file structure as the original master. I do have Time Machine running automatic audio drive backups for a couple of clients who I know wouldn't be as diligent about it otherwise but generally I turn Time Machine off as soon as possible.
  3. I was passing through a downtown hotel recently and saw an interview happening in a relatively quiet lobby area. The recordist had a single mic, probably a shotgun from the appearance of it, on a C stand, with a Rycote Softie on it a substantial distance away from the two speakers. I see so much conversation here about finding the most transparent wind protection—people talking about even going without indoors when they get the chance—seeing this struck me as a funny contrast to that ethos often discussed here. (There didn't seem to be any draft, by the way, although I suppose they could have been unfortunately right be an AC vent.) Do you guys ever use that much wind protection indoors? Is that overkill? Acceptable? Insignificant? Degrading to the sound? Just curious, given previous conversations I've seen here. Cheers, Grayson
  4. They're almost giving it away at the $249 price! If any of you don't have it, buy it now. I have RX3 Advanced and hope they give us a sweet upgrade deal. In any case, I'm a big fan of the software (have been an RX jockey since version 1) and have been using gain functions for a long time for things like occasional sibilants and plosives while I'm in there anyway doing other stuff. Clip gain will be cool.
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