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  1. Good point mprd. Im definitely looking forward to this opportunity. Well thanks to you two for posting. Gonna head out to rent now.
  2. Thanks. Yah I remember in school that I loved the way the Neumann mics sounded (they were all studio mics) so I'm already leaning that way just because of that experience.
  3. Hey guys, I'm recording a short this weekend and I can not rent the shotgun I normally use these days (good ole 416) as they don't have any available. They have either the NTG-3, the CS2, or the KMR-81i. Pretty straight forward shoot (single camera, two wires). I'll be recording indoors (typical office with drop ceilings, desks, carpet, etc), as well as outdoors (rural farm, and it's a bit colder. I'm up in Ontario). This is about all the info I have on my locations as i was not on the tech scout. Was wondering what you guys thought about the above mics as i have never used any of them. I will definitely do a shoot out of all three before I rent today, but I thought I would see what you guys had to say before I head in. Thanks you in advance for your thoughts/advice. I'm early in my career recording for film and TV, and I love it. I know a lot of you are further down the road, so I really appreciate your time. Cheers!
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