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  1. If what you say was the general feeling Philip, then it's a good thing I had the bottle of scotch in the picture, more true to form. Look's like the unseen agent had BIG drinks also. I was going to say I drank the bottle trying to get those f-ing cigarettes to smoke on their own. The cigarette would not give off enough smoke to show up in the picture. Did you know you have to puff on a cigarette to light it and get it to smoke fairly well? Can't just hold a match to it in the ashtray. Even then, after puffing, very little smoke after you put the cigarette down. I ended
  2. I was looking for an old email and came across an interesting list of what I bought since 2002, and what I paid. Like this, POSTER NAGRA JBR SURVEILLANCE TAPE RECORDER 12X15 MAX BID $39.99 WON $24.00 Wow, I forgot what I paid so little for it. A glass-framed Nagra JBR poster $24.00 starting bid back in 2008. I was the only one that bid on it. I was probably the only one on eBay at the time that knew what it was. Never saw another one - probably only a handful produced. What's more shocking to me was my esnipe high bid was 38.99. Looks like I didn't care if I won i
  3. Thanks for the reply, what you said above works, the part that I was missing was the cursor in the text before hitting the plus+. Before, I would hit the plus and It always put the picture at the top. Then I would try to move the picture around in the text and couldn't. I see now I should have been putting the cursor first it puts the picture right where the cursor is instead of the top. As you said. For 5 years I just copied and pasted the BBCode in red for message boards & forums shown below but the site would no longer accept it. I tried most of the other options belo
  4. I have a couple of problems with this new style forum and maybe adjustments can be made by whoever made the changes . I used to be able to post pictures within the text. If you go back through my posts, you will see many pictures and text in the same post. That is now impossible for me to do again. The attachment method on this new site does not put the picture in the text. You cannot post a picture through a URL link as text. Or at least I can't do it as I did before. I used to be able to do it as text then once posted the link becomes the picture. That has been the way I
  5. Your neighbor calls asking if you can help get her tractor running, you drop what you're doing and rush right over and this is what you find. Would you wake her and help start her tractor? Stand there and wait till she wakes up? Or Go back home and finish reading JBonds Nagra Stories? Again? So many questions... Quick index to select posts, click the blue links below 42 Jeff’s movie list 307 Nixon Resigns Picture
  6. Ken, Wow, pretty cool you have his yacht. Do you think he owned it in 1977? If so he would have installed his newly developed Nargafax in it. I was told it was developed for use on his boat and It was designed in one weekend. From Nagra Nagrafax Weather forecast map receiver and printer for sailing. There are different accounts of the story of the NAGRAFAX. Stefan Kudelski was an accomplished sailor who was once surprised by a storm in the Mediterranean sea. At that time, although the weather forecast was broadcast, it seems it was not precise enou
  7. Yikes, I didn’t think of that scenario, sorry to bring it up in such a fashion. You could go and buy the recorders but I guess it's one thing to dig them out of a closet and another when you have to repurchase them to make a display. All you really need is a Nagra III Nagra 4.2 maybe a Nagra IV-S I did it, and I don't even work here. 🤷‍♂️ On the bright side. You still have all your credits and that lives on forever.👍
  8. The Soundman, Vintage Machines and Credits Scott, Jeff, Phillip, and others Never mind part with them. You can make a very nice looking display in your home with just a few recorders. Buy a 35mm movie trailer on eBay, thousands of titles. Get one or more of the movies which you are responsible for and credited for the sound on the displayed Nagra's, drape the film roll around a little bit, and show the title on the roll of film (as shown in the picture below). Add a flex led-light strip to give it a movie marquee reflection look. Prop up and angle the recorders an
  9. Looks like problem solved Matthias 👍 nice pictures and tutorial on dela's advice . You produce some very nice posts. Good work, dela, When life long professional Soundmen chime in with actual first-hand knowledge using Nagras to record many hundreds or thousands of Hollywood movies, they stated they always had their Nagras plugged in without any problems. Gave a clear view and opinions on using rechargeables. We will never get a better sense of professional experience with early Nagras than you get from Hollywood Soundmen. After all, they were not recording high school pla
  10. Hi Jackal Would you mind deleting the full "quote" of the Yellow Story. It makes the thread too long and confusing to have such a long post duplicated again. Thank You The one without the S is older and worth more. I would not sell mine that low. I remember showing my brother the Ficord's years ago and he said he wouldn't pay 5.00 for one. So it's all in the person who wants to own one whats its worth. I believe the plain 101 was never sold in the US The 101 was changed to the S for the US market to match the more common speed used here in the
  11. One of my favorite Nagras in my collection, all I can say. "The Nagra LB, one of the coolest looking Nagra's. Small, compact, hints of old and new, loaded with controls and packed with options, nice and busy" rjw
  12. Hello, nice to have you post here on Nagra Stories, all the way from Finland. You have a very clean and nice looking, 1966 Nagra III there. 1966 was the last year before the new up-dated meter design as shown below. I always like the older design as yours better. From 1958 to 1966 meter design, Pre 1967 Post 1966 Meter Design
  13. On the previous page I reposted a story from 2016 about The mystery of the Yellow recorder this is just a part of it. WHY did I sell this Roberts 3 in reel to reel with the 67 World Series recorded on it. That was the only thing that was recorded with this machine put back in the box and sold not knowing the recording was on the tape until I bought it a listened to it. I know why I sold it I wanted money to buy more expensive Nagra's. If You guys have the time click the video and listen to a little bit of this tape, the sounds, the commercials, the crack o
  14. Thank you very much, Jeff. That is probably the best compliment I have ever received from anybody for anything I ever did in my life. I'm very proud to be able to post amongst what I think are some of the most famous Soundmen of all time, including yourself. As always, I thank you for the opportunity to post my collection and my thoughts for others to see and to be able to post without restrictions or time limits for corrections that are truly needed for me to be able to post long and involved posts of pictures and content. JWSOUND is a very well-established, viewed, and respected site aro
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