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  1. 1st thought Wow, a great video showing 1977 history recorded on the Nagra SN of the day. I never saw this before. Thank you Daniel for posting it. Now I get it, fooled again. This is the same mind game as my Nagra II video. I had to think about it for a minute it looks like SN is playing the sound back, but it's not. The magic of movies. I keep forgetting the sound you hear in movies is added later. It's really all smoke and mirrors but it works very well.
  2. Full disclosure, that video is running on the windup motor only, the audio was added to the video. No other power but winding it up, It takes two types of batteries, I never tried recording or playback with batteries. Maybe someday I'll try it with batteries or a couple of power supplies and see what happens. I noticed yesterday Youtube changed some of my videos and some are not working or missing. Thank you, Fred
  3. I'm happy to see that yellow mark on your recorder as it's further proof and backs up my story. My three-letter friend in the story did not have the yellow mark on his recorder or the nameplate which made it a mystery for almost 20 years. It's easy to understand a novice seller or collector might try and remove the yellow mark not knowing its place in history. You can also thank Jeff, without Jwsound my Yellow Recorder story would never have been told and no one would ever have known about the yellow mark and its meaning or of the super rare recorder for that matter. Now you found one for yourself thats fantastic I'm glad the story helped. It looks like on yours someone also tried very hard to remove that yellow mark but gave up. A little bit of pledge furniture polish will let the mark blend back nicely with the contrast of the leather don't worry that mark was meant to stay forever the pledge won't remove it. You have the recorder now, Were you able to pick up a copy of the children's book also? That is a must-have to go with it.
  4. Hello Quad, Welcome to Jwsound Nagra Stories. I'm glad you posted. I'm sure I speak for others as well, I would love to see you post some pictures of your collection of tape recorders. Even the toy recorders, I'm always interested in seeing different recorders, especially ones I do not have or know about. I'm glad my Yellow Recorder Story allowed you to find and acquire one for yourself. I'm wondering if yours also had the yellow mark on the recorder also? I look forward to seeing your collection and more posts from you. Do you also have the tiny Russian covert recorders like my American covert recorders? There are a few of Russian recorders I would like to add to my covert recorder collection if I ever get the chance.
  5. Another member send me these videos of the Nagra MX 4 channel mixer, looks like it has already been posted on Jwsound a few years ago. Anyway this is the rare Nagra Mx mixer. Thank you dela and mono
  6. Thanks, Dela, sounds even more interesting once I got to the point of the plastic lid, the first thing that came to mind "Stellavox" does anyone have a picture? I wonder if this was before or after Stellavox was selling their cool mixer? dela you always come through with a world of well-explained information, Thank you, Sir. After I just wrote that reply to dela I did another search and this time I found it, funny the first time I did a search it tuned up nothing but Sony MX, I guess I gave up too soon. I see now it's well after the Stellavox mixer. Still pretty cool and a must-have for a collector. That would be a good piece to add to any Nagra collection Looks expensive and with only ten made you did well srs148 Now there is only 9 left.
  7. Yeah srs148, I know it's a big deal coming so close to having a chance to get on JBond's front page directory sorry about that. Many men have tried. I'll figure it out someday. Not sure if that's the best analogy to losing the last Nagra 1 ever made that was worth 20K though. Kidding, I know you were saying it in jest. I thought I knew Nagra's pretty well, what is this Nagra MX-4 channel mixer you speak about?
  8. I can't add the Nagra 1story to page one. It appears I can no longer add to my directory on page one. The posts are no longer numbered in blue which was the code I used to do that.
  9. Its Your story now. The last Nagra I, number 25, that was, but never made it to his hands. Thank you srs148 for chiming in with the facts of this story instead of just my endless speculation. This story is now dedicated to you. I will place it in my directory on page one. Seriously, I feel bad you were so close. Oh man, that must have been a very long two days. Like I said, who tries to make an item look worse when they re-list it other than doing it for the previous buyer that just got cheated out of it. The guy had a lot of gall to tell you one thing then list it again so soon. You must be a very easy-going guy. But really, what could you do? I'm glad I didn't get as far as you did by winning the auction, paying for it, only to be told he didn't "feel comfortable" selling it to you. That would definitely be too much for me to take. SOOO close and still got away. You win that prize. If it makes you feel any better, it was a Historic sale and you were part of it. I'll bet the seller already had the firm offer of 20K before he sent you your money back and he listed it again maybe because the buyer just wanted to make it legit or safer going through eBay. If the seller had any conscience at all, he must have been going through a real tough time in those two days sweating bullets in what to do about that offer. But for 20K on an item he wanted 400.00 for, could any one of us make up a clumsy friend who always dropped stuff? I would not want that stress either way in this situation. But in real life, the seller probably made the right decision, sorry for your loss.
  10. I completely understand the uncontrollable excitement, but wow, I would never man handle the Nagra SN with such dirty hands. 🙂 I have made boxes for things I was that excited about since I was a kid. It's like so beautiful and you can't really enjoy it enough, so you build a special box to keep it in. I completely understand why he built the box. Probably some kind of sickness we have, though I never built one before for any Nagra because I have my display case to show it off. He did end up giving the Nagra SN the utmost respect it deserves by building that special box. As I said 5 years ago when you could get some Nagra SN's for under a grand, "the Nagra SN will be the most sought-after reel to reel that was ever made, mark my words" as you're starting to see in the prices they now sell for. Thanks Mono for posting that , Wow, 5.39M subscribers he makes some serious money.
  11. Definitely, a legit email from eBay. I have seen many times that an item does not show up in completed sales if it is too close to a previous sale of the same item same seller. It may show up later, but when it does it will not show the price of what the item sold for It will just say best offer accepted, that is the norm. If it was a scam auction I would not have received a legit email from eBay and a link to follow. There is more to the email that eBay uses to let you know it's a legit email that I can show online. If I click on the link in the email (to see similar items) it brings me to this. Then click on view original item It brings you to this. Then click the completed auction the 1bid next to the price it brings me to this , showing best offer accepted and shows the fake buyers id but real number of feedbacks not the buyers ID. They never show the amount sold because it allows the buyer to resell the item without letting people know what they paid for it. This buyer will have a very hard time making a profit if indeed he follows thru and pays the 20,000.00 The only scam in this case would be the buyer not paying the 20,000.00 So maybe it will be relisted again if that is the case. Someone could have been very frustrated with the seller not accepting his many bids and said screw that and bid 20K knowing he is not going to pay it. So if you did make an offer you should have all the information that I do. Unless the part of the world where you live eBay has to follow different privacy laws. And If you click the blue title it will open up and show the description and pictures. That is the only place right now where to find the item. A scammer copies the same original auction because that is all the scammer has to go by. This second listing has 4 or 5 more pictures, and a updated description. How would the scammer get the extra pictures of such a rare item taken apart? It's real !! no scam, Did you get and email saying your bid was canceled and item was sold ? if so follow the same steps above to view the item.
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