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  1. Another member send me these videos of the Nagra MX 4 channel mixer, looks like it has already been posted on Jwsound a few years ago. Anyway this is the rare Nagra Mx mixer. Thank you dela and mono
  2. Thanks, Dela, sounds even more interesting once I got to the point of the plastic lid, the first thing that came to mind "Stellavox" does anyone have a picture? I wonder if this was before or after Stellavox was selling their cool mixer? dela you always come through with a world of well-explained information, Thank you, Sir. After I just wrote that reply to dela I did another search and this time I found it, funny the first time I did a search it tuned up nothing but Sony MX, I guess I gave up too soon. I see now it's well after the Stellavox mixer. Still pretty cool and a must-
  3. Yeah srs148, I know it's a big deal coming so close to having a chance to get on JBond's front page directory sorry about that. Many men have tried. I'll figure it out someday. Not sure if that's the best analogy to losing the last Nagra 1 ever made that was worth 20K though. Kidding, I know you were saying it in jest. I thought I knew Nagra's pretty well, what is this Nagra MX-4 channel mixer you speak about?
  4. I can't add the Nagra 1story to page one. It appears I can no longer add to my directory on page one. The posts are no longer numbered in blue which was the code I used to do that.
  5. Its Your story now. The last Nagra I, number 25, that was, but never made it to his hands. Thank you srs148 for chiming in with the facts of this story instead of just my endless speculation. This story is now dedicated to you. I will place it in my directory on page one. Seriously, I feel bad you were so close. Oh man, that must have been a very long two days. Like I said, who tries to make an item look worse when they re-list it other than doing it for the previous buyer that just got cheated out of it. The guy had a lot of gall to tell you one thing then lis
  6. I completely understand the uncontrollable excitement, but wow, I would never man handle the Nagra SN with such dirty hands. 🙂 I have made boxes for things I was that excited about since I was a kid. It's like so beautiful and you can't really enjoy it enough, so you build a special box to keep it in. I completely understand why he built the box. Probably some kind of sickness we have, though I never built one before for any Nagra because I have my display case to show it off. He did end up giving the Nagra SN the utmost respect it deserves by building that special box.
  7. Definitely, a legit email from eBay. I have seen many times that an item does not show up in completed sales if it is too close to a previous sale of the same item same seller. It may show up later, but when it does it will not show the price of what the item sold for It will just say best offer accepted, that is the norm. If it was a scam auction I would not have received a legit email from eBay and a link to follow. There is more to the email that eBay uses to let you know it's a legit email that I can show online. If I click on the link in the email (to see similar items)
  8. Well, I have been a member of eBay since 1998. I have found a lot of good deals and some very rare recorders. I don't check as much as I used to, but I do notice Nagra listings daily as a Nagra search on eBay is my home page when I open my computer. That day Dec. 29th I looked at the completed Nagra items just to see if I missed anything. I have never missed such an important once-in-a-lifetime opportunity as I did on the 29th of December. It was just hanging out there for sale for 3 hrs just waiting for someone to come along and buy it now for 1,000.00. I missed it by 30 minutes.
  9. Another one of Jbond's true to life stories. Only found here on Jwsound . Friday night 9:20 my wife and I are looking through movies on Netflix. One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest comes up. My wife says oh, let's see that!! Ok, 52 seconds into the movie, the absolute first # 1 credit comes up "director of photography Haskell Wexler, a.s.c." I jump up, spilling my martini … that's Jeff Wexler's father!! My wife says don't yell, then said, really?! Yes, that's him! Just goes to show, you movie guys live on forever through your work. How many people can really say th
  10. Sorry, just had to post this again, over 50 million views, at least 10 of them are mine. What perfection in a live setting, 40 or 50 years later. When the drums kick in with the ride cymbals, orchestra and harmonies in the background, Damm
  11. Nice post, less than 2 months before he was taken from us. Thanks for sharing. His best album too. The year after I was married ,The Beatles were everything to me when they first came out mid 60's. when I was 10
  12. How do you know, It's only recording on one side? There is only one output speaker on the Nagra E, so it works as it should. Or, If you mean you want to add the output of the Nagra E to a stereo, if so you have to output to the input on both channels of the stereo. Or, and most likely you mean it's only recording on one side of the tape? The Nagra E is not a full track recorder. You have both sides of the tape to record on, in mono. Or, Maybe I'm the one missing something here.
  13. If what you say was the general feeling Philip, then it's a good thing I had the bottle of scotch in the picture, more true to form. Look's like the unseen agent had BIG drinks also. I was going to say I drank the bottle trying to get those f-ing cigarettes to smoke on their own. The cigarette would not give off enough smoke to show up in the picture. Did you know you have to puff on a cigarette to light it and get it to smoke fairly well? Can't just hold a match to it in the ashtray. Even then, after puffing, very little smoke after you put the cigarette down. I ended
  14. I was looking for an old email and came across an interesting list of what I bought since 2002, and what I paid. Like this, POSTER NAGRA JBR SURVEILLANCE TAPE RECORDER 12X15 MAX BID $39.99 WON $24.00 Wow, I forgot what I paid so little for it. A glass-framed Nagra JBR poster $24.00 starting bid back in 2008. I was the only one that bid on it. I was probably the only one on eBay at the time that knew what it was. Never saw another one - probably only a handful produced. What's more shocking to me was my esnipe high bid was 38.99. Looks like I didn't care if I won i
  15. Thanks for the reply, what you said above works, the part that I was missing was the cursor in the text before hitting the plus+. Before, I would hit the plus and It always put the picture at the top. Then I would try to move the picture around in the text and couldn't. I see now I should have been putting the cursor first it puts the picture right where the cursor is instead of the top. As you said. For 5 years I just copied and pasted the BBCode in red for message boards & forums shown below but the site would no longer accept it. I tried most of the other options belo
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