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  1. Made in Sweden, Nagra style It's made like what you would expect from a new Nagra handheld device, a toy? or something else. There is a lot to it, so you must watch to actually see all that it does, along with the matching mixer and microphone. The bright orange patch on the back is a very puzzling choice of color with the fine-quality anodized aluminum case. A brown patch of genuine leather would have given it a more fitting, more expensive look.
  2. Jez, what can I do with just a leg? Ralphy keeps rubbing the leg; his Mother is freaking out. The leg in the window with passers-by in the street
  3. The Story of the Nagra ISS, the one that got away, the one that never goes away The 41st Nagra Story in nine years This story is long and detailed and will appeal to only some. It's in two parts that take place eight months apart, as the highlighted title suggests. I was going to post this first part of the story when I found the happy ending, but since events changed last June, I have told several people privately about this. They also may have told people, which puts me in a tough spot as I knew about it and kept quiet. So, I have no choice but to post parts one and two. Last November 5th, 2022, it was a Saturday. I remember it well. Surprisingly, a Nagra ISS had just been listed for sale on eBay. It was the first one I had seen in a long time - 4300 euros. Buy it now or make an offer. I put in an offer of 3500.00 euros. The following day, I woke up to an email from eBay saying, "You won! Pay now." But as soon as I went to pay, an eBay notice popped up and said, "The seller completed your cancelation," as if I requested it. I quickly contacted the seller through eBay's dedicated messaging. What happened next is documented below in real-time—blue text myself, red text seller. Nov 5, 2022 1:25 PM I made the offer of 3500.00 euro plus I will also pay for the total cost of packing and shipping with FedEx to the USA Thank you for considering my offer. Nov 6, 2022 2:17 AM Hello, i accepted your offer, are you a collector? 4:17 AM Do you still have the recorder? 4:21 AM I went to pay for it and now it’s gone. I was going to pay extra for the shipping. 4:21 AM Please let me know if you will re-list beforehand, Because we have a 5 hr time difference. Change the shipping amount. So I can buy it again. Yes I am a collector and Still want the recorder. Will pay more for shipping 5:12 AM Hello Please let me know what the problem was, Whatever problem there was with the shipping we can solve it. I knew your price for shipping was too low that is why I said I would pay extra for the shipping to the USA. Is it because I'm in the USA? If you're going to relist it let me know so I can be ready to buy it again with the updated shipping. Please let me know what you are thinking. Thank you 6:05 AM Ho,I got a higher offer from a germani 6:14 AM How much was it 6:15 AM 4000 6:17 AM I should have just paid the full price 6:19 AM I still would pay the full price 6:22 AM Realist it 7:45 AM Thank you for your offer, i have altedy recived the payment from the buyer. 8:32 AM I'm Very disappointed, I was up all night waiting for a reply, then I woke up and saw you accepted my offer, when I went to pay for it it was canceled. He made the offer after it was sold to me. Please, You have the right to send the payment back and end the sale. The reason, it already was sold to the first buyer. All you have to do is go to Paypal and click refund the payment. I will send your full price and you will feel good because you did the right thing. The other buyer was too late. What difference does it make if I lose or the later buyer loses? I will pay you an extra 300.00 Your reason wasn't fair to the first buyer. Please do this for me and I will re-buy for 4300.00 plus all shippin 2:47 pm Good evening mister, I am very sorry for this inconvenience, the other buyer could also say the same thing. If I happen to have a similar product I will contact you first. Sincerely. 3:26 PM When you make an offer on eBay, eBay states to the buyer that your offer is a legally binding contract and that if the seller accepts your offer, you must follow through and pay the seller. So when eBay sent me the notice that I won the item and to pay now, the item would have come off of eBay at that same time. So for any other buyers, it would be impossible to enter any more offers, because it was already sold. That guy would have contacted you after it was already sold and convinced you to sell it to him which is against eBay's policy. So there is no way he offered before I did, he would have contacted you about it after I received the notice I won the item. 3:54 PM I talked to the buyer, he told me that he too is willing to pay the full price 4:01 PM I did not talk to eBay about this yet, but I suggest you do not ship the item out until we get this settled. At this point, I promise I will pay your full asking price which is 800.00 euros more than my original that won the auction offer, with eBay involved they may insist you follow through with my original offer. The other buyer will have to understand that he took a chance and your hands are tied. I will just be happy I finally found this recorder and won the auction. See the picture below 4:41 PM There are four reasons you can cancel an order, selling again to another person for more money is not one of them. You claimed to eBay it was an address problem, then you told me it was because you sold it for 4000.00 euros to Germany.I spoke to eBay and explained that my order was canceled incorrectly. They said that you, the seller, can easily refund the money through eBay and the buyer will automatically get a notice and the refund from PayPal. I told eBay I didn't want to make a claim. I just wanted to buy the recorder at full price 4300.00 euros plus shipping. The woman at eBay said they will stay out of it unless I make a complaint.You have to go to your eBay sales to cancel the order and click on Reason Item is no longer in stock and the buyer will get a full refund. Then contact me to get the correct shipping costs in the auction price. Since I'm paying for the shipping, I want it fully insured by FedEx 2 or 3-day select. or UPS Nov 7, 2022 6:10 AM Hi, unfortunately I don't have much time to fill out the customs papers to ship to America, then I have to refuse the proposal I have already received, I am not motivated for another 300 € to do all these operations. the only thing that can make me change my mind is the price, how much is your maximum price you can offer? 6:18 AM I guess I’ll show eBay how you are extorting me after I won the auction for 3500.00 6:19 AM That is not what selling on eBay is about. :56 AM Besides I can always have FedEx pick up the package with paperwork all filled out Note: When I 1st called eBay and explained what happened, the guy said this was against eBay's rules, and he would contact the seller. I said I didn't want to make any trouble; I wanted the recorder. He said eBay would regardless of whether I did it; this is against eBay's rules. I said let me buy it from him first. So he told me he would send a warning email to the seller saying to return the payment and sell it to me. I said great, can you make it sound a little stern? Thanks. The second Ebay person I spoke to told me she could see the payment was sent back, so when the seller said he still had it, I thought good, he must have received the warning, so I took this time to find out more about it. Since the auction pictures did not show much other than it was pretty dirty and the pinch roller disintegrated, also some green corrosion around some adjusting screws. I wanted to ensure the machine was good since I realized I would pay more. There were no pictures with the lid open in the auction. As you read below, I thought the seller was pretending to open the package and take more photos of the machine. The seller was playing me now against the second buyer. I assumed he would be pleased I was paying his total price once eBay emailed him. Nov 8, 2022 8:03 AM I’m just wondering did you ship the recorder to the other buyer already? Or Do you still have it? 8:11 AM hi, I'm going to ship the recorder now 8:12 AM What would make you change your mind? 8:18 AM 100. more 8:21 AM 300 8:21 AM I prepared the package, I made an agreement with another person. I don't want to do it all again, cancel the order and do it all over again, do you understand? 8:24 AM 4600 8:25 AM 5000? 8:34 AM If you tell me the size of the box and the weight I can get a shipping price and see how much it would cost to ship Then I can give you a better answer about 5000 8:36 AM Weight 5.5 kg, size 50*30*15 8:37 AM Is that 50cm 8:37 AM Yes 8:41 AM 47cm*26cm* 13 cm 9:15 AM Do you have any packing material in the box or just the case? Would you be willing to go to FedEx and get one of their boxes and put your box inside it with bubble wrap? Insurance does not cover poor packing. Do you have any other pictures with the lid open? Was there any battery leakage? 9:19 AM at the moment the package is already packed with bubble wrap and corrugated cardboard, I can't take any more photos because the package is already packed 10:13 AM There are some important things I need to know at a price that high before I can commit. Do you know where the recorder has been kept?Can you tell me some history on it? The reason I ask is the rubber roller is disintegrated and looks like there is some green on a couple of screws under the lid. Something has caused that. I take it that is all lint from the case? or is it corrosion on the metal I just assume it's lint. I realize why you just took pictures the way it was found because you didn't want to see or uncover anything. And that's ok. but when we get up to 5k Usually recorders are in mint condition and the buyer can see that. On yours everything is hidden. So please bare with me as I need to ask questions about it at this point. I don't know about you but 5k is a month's pay for me. I'm dreading upcoming heating bills with skyrocketing oil prices. So please give me some time to sort this all out and don't ship it yet. 10:23 AM The recorder was kept at home in the case, it belonged to my father, they used it at work when they did the interrogation, even for me it's a lot of 5k I understand you, I don't even have a stable job. How can I help you make the decision? 10:27 AM Sending me pictures of the areas I need to see would be the best way 10:29 AM ok, now I open everything, and I send you the photos, I write to you in 5 minutes, not disappear. 10:35 AM So, he sent me the pictures below. Three of them are from the original auction, but all the ones of the deck and battery box have never been shown before or in his auction. As you can see, it has been a long time since it has worked; it's used, dirty, and needs repair. The seller did not have one picture of it in the auction with the lid open. The following photos of the deck top and battery box are what he sent me. The others were in the auction. Nagra ISS pictures. Serial number 22 00 1 8 1 It is fake, misleading, and dishonest to sell this NAGRA ISS as a new machine. 10:39 AM Open the Battery box 11:45 AM What is your shipping address so I can get an actual shipping costs 12:10 PM XXXXXXX 12:11 PM Do you have a bigger box 12:11 PM I can find a big box 12:12 PM Need more room for packing material 12:12 PM How far is fedex from you 12:15 PM 3-5km 12:45 PM I will pay you 4500 tonight, that is a very good price for you. If you agree let's finish it now. While we're both right here. As I said it's worth 3500 you'll get 4500 for me at that price I'll be over 5000 with shipping taxes and insurance. I got bills to pay I can't go anymore. Let's be reasonable your getting 1000 euros more than what I won it for. you made out, be happy, Let's get it done tonight right now, I have to go vote soon. 12:54 PM I really understand you, but at this point I prefer to refuse. thank you. 1:01 PM So you want 5000 1:06 PM yes, today I received the payment on the card, I have to return the payment, cancel the sale, the buyer is constantly writing to me and asking where the package is, for me it is tiring you understand? I also feel sorry for the other buyer who paid and eventually I will have to say no 2:33 PM Now I see why you are still holding out. You didn't cancel that guy yet. eBay told me yesterday morning that they were going to send you an email having you cancel the second buyer and re-offer it to me for 4300 I guess that didn't happen yet. I called later yesterday and was told you already refunded the other seller. That is why I sent the message last night about re-listing I thought it was going to happen. Now I see why you didn't contact me today. Note: The third time I called eBay back, I spoke to a third person who informed me that eBay would never email the seller. Instead, they would freeze the seller's account as she could see our messages, and the seller was playing between two buyers after the sale, but since he relisted and resold it, there was nothing they could do. The first two representatives misled me. The third person said that the payment appeared to have gone to the seller, not back to the other buyer. It would have been better to resolve the issue directly with the seller. I was furious. To make matters worse, it showed up on My eBay page as canceled purchases for 90 days. I also received leave feedback notices. I didn't want to bring attention to myself, so I left it alone as I was actively looking for another one. Nov 9, 2022 3:32 AM 5000 3:32 AM good morning, this morning I sent the package. I will never bother calling eBay for something like this ever again. Talking to some person working from home, just feeding me nonsense – I could've sorted it out with the seller myself. I messaged $5000, as you can see, and now I've lost it. When I lost it back in Nov 2022, I feared it could go to a seller on eBay who put outrageous prices on all his items but never sold anything. He sells many items but only low-priced items; he has excellent feedback; all I know about him is he has a lot of recorders with outrageous prices that never sell. I searched eBay daily for the next eight months, Nov to June. I had bookmarks for every eBay site globally, searching for an ISS. I contacted all my connections, friends, and other members here on Jwsound. I was determined to find one for my collection before that German seller listed one for sale on ebay because I knew what would happen. I realize, though, that over the years, I hurt myself on several posts made here on Jwsound. I don't regret my time here on Jwsound for one minute. However, there are certain things I should have kept quiet about. Information sharing made for better posts, but it only happened with a cost. The Nagra ISS is a model most people hadn't even heard of back in 2016, and certainly not something you'd find info about online or in books. Yes, some people saw some information in the back of the IS Manual, but only some paid attention to it. It was not sold for music, radio, films, or personal use. I'm not claiming I was the only one who knew about it back then, but you couldn't find any conversation about it. Then came Old Blabber Mouth Jbond with some Nagra knowledge and his Nagra Source Story, a retired Nagra-trained technician, all true to life detailing the ISS, posting pictures of the ISS, etc. The sharing of the ISS information was a colossal blunder and a stupid move on my part before I owned one myself. After losing that ISS in Nov 2022, I temporarily removed my Nagra source information, as reflected on page one. The space is still there and will be put back at a later date. I never posted this story as written in Jan 2023 as I wanted to find an ISS for myself, and I didn't want to bring attention to myself until I found one. End of part one +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Part 2 The Story of the Nagra ISS, the one that got away, the one that never goes away In June of 2023, I was notified by a good friend of mine in Austria who was helping me locate another ISS for my collection after my initial loss. He was writing to tell me that a Nagra ISS came up for sale, but I had already seen it when he sent the email. Sure enough, my biggest fear happened. That is precisely what I said would happen back in Nov 2022 The moment I saw it with the label on the reel, I knew this was the ISS I had won in November and was prevented from completing my purchase for 3,500 euros. It's the same machine. From the Seller below 1 x NAGRA ISS! MEGA RARE! NEW / NOS Condition - SET!- The Nagra ISS Tape Recorder is in a fully functional and New / Nos Condition from Private Collection > See pictures! It is fake and misleading to sell this NAGRA ISS Tape Recorder as New / New Old Stock, Open Box I've had my share of losing auctions over the years, but never any that I had already won. This seller, Now the owner of the one I lost, has set an exorbitant price of 25,000.00 euros, 21,000.00 euros more than the highest price a Nagra ISS ever sold for at 4,000 euros. This artificial pricing messes with the market, impacting the dealings among Nagra ISS owners, who will now use that listed price as a benchmark to sell theirs. So the purpose of this post. It is to set things straight about this willful attempt to jack up the price of an ISS now that this eBay seller has acquired one. I can only assume he wants to ensure no one else can get one now, as shown in his pricing tactics. I can't sit back any longer and let an eBay auction, going on eight months now, falsely jack up the value of a Nagra ISS, especially on a well-used machine listed as new. It's been on sale since last June and only serves as an erroneous price guide that anyone selling an ISS will use to set the price of their ISS for sale. It will never sell at those prices. Keeping this information private is unfair to the seller, any potential buyer, or myself. For all I know, the seller is unaware it was used. At least it will be off my shoulders. I'm not accusing any seller of anything. That is not my problem with this seller; whether he knew it was used or not, I couldn't care less. It's the erroneous PRICE he has set. Yes, he can price whatever he wants; it's his auction, but that doesn't mean I or anyone else can't publicly speak our minds about his pricing, give my opinion, or share what I know. EBay sellers are not immune to public criticism because they are eBay sellers. As you read this post, you will clearly understand what this pricing brings about; I'm speaking to other collectors, not eBay sellers. Collectors know this seller's bizarre pricing tactics and don't know what to make of it, as practically none of his higher-priced items sell. The following three pictures show and explain in detail comparing the old, used, and dirty ISS needing repairs to what is on eBay now. I took these three steps to view the serial number. First, I used the original auction picture from Nov 6th, 2022. Then, I improved the picture by adjusting the contrast and levels. Lastly, I zoomed in on the image to focus on the serial number. I wanted it to be clear that I didn't use the current eBay auction to show the matched serial number. The last picture is the new one selling on ebay as an open box with the serial number 22 00 1 8 1. The numbers match because it's the same machine. I also highlighted what was missed in the cleanup with a green circle. The following two pictures provide further proof that it's the same machine. Check out the dots and heavy staining on the labels. The test tape on the machine does not indicate it's a new machine. It suggests that the interrogation tapes were used and removed after use, and the test tape was put back onto the machine since the machine was no longer being used. Notice the tape was never threaded. You can't imagine how I felt losing this for my collection and now seeing it back up for sale seven months later as New Old Stock. It is fake, misleading, and dishonest to sell this NAGRA ISS Recorder as new. A seller got the label lighter, but the heavy stained telltale dots tell the story, don't they? Check their location dot for dots like the stars in the sky; they don't change. All I have are the original pictures from the auction I won and what this seller posted on ebay. Let me be clear: This current seller could have bought this ISS and was told it was in "new" condition, so I'm not stating anywhere in this post that this seller knew this was a used recorder. If he didn't know then, he does know now. This seller has excellent ebay feedback, and I have no reason to believe he would do anything like this. Someone else in Germany could have bought it, cleaned and replaced the pinch roller, and resold it to the current seller within six months before it was listed again. The only thing I blame this seller for is the 25,000.00 euro price and the fact that it's preventing anyone else from ever buying an ISS. Whether the seller acts out or thanks me for bringing this to his attention will also be a telltale sign. He should know these facts so it does not come back to him as Item not as described. I captioned and pointed out further proof in this last picture. You can enlarge any image in this post and come to your conclusions. The images in that auction need more clarity; they appear washed out, blurry, and lacking detail and contrast. When selling a machine that usually sells for 4,000 euros and to call it new at 25,000.00 euros, one would expect clear, sharp pictures instead of these seemingly altered ones. Are these intentional edits to make the product seem whiter, cleaner, and newer-looking? It's puzzling why the first seller's pictures look authentic while the other appears almost too washed out, brightened, and fake. If the seller claims it's a new purchase, why use such misleading visuals? Some original pictures from the current auction are below. These are blurry and unclear pictures that do not show the details. But you will notice only the far right side of the photos seems clear; it could be as simple as a dirty lens on the camera's left side. I do not know. Again, I'm giving this current owner the benefit of the doubt that it's not deliberate. The unrealistic price is definitely deliberate, though. Once you get a fairly clear photo, it shows a little more detail in cleaning, like the one above. Whether the seller acquired a machine with serial number 22 00 1 8 1 already cleaned with a new pinch roller, which is possible, or the seller fixed it himself using the new IS and ISS parts the seller has in stock, which is also possible, it's clear this isn't a new open box item based on the photos I have from the auction that I won. New, Old Stock, and unused items do not get this dirty sitting in the box or on a shelf, especially with the lid closed. Cleaning does not make something "NEW" and unused. Dealing with these two different eBay sellers feels like a big game, especially encountering two separate tactics: The first is just trying to make up for not having a steady job and squeezing a little more money out of selling his father's recorder. Verses the other one who only hyper-inflates the Nagra Market without care for whom it may affect at a substantial personal profit if he ever sold it. There is no logical or rational reason to mark the item up 21,000.00 euros over past sales other than to hold the ISS hostage from other collectors now that he has one. If he is a collector and it is not for sale, Great find, But he doesn't get to have it both ways. Collectors don't sell. Sellers sell at the market price, and a Seller-Collector combo with hyped-up-Greed should not be allowed to set prices for the rest of us now that he owns one without being called out on it. That would be like me putting each item in my collection on eBay at unimaginable prices to inflate the price, Shameful. Meanwhile, I'm supposed to pretend I know nothing about this Story and not bring it to others' attention. I'm tired of these sellers casually playing with prices once they acquired something. It reminds me of an antique dealer I know: everything is worthless junk at 5.00 until he buys it, then it's $800.00. Oh boy, it's all the craze now. There must be a more reliable way for me to purchase one of these machines from someone who may have one from back in the day and wants to see it go to a good home for a reasonable price. So, I'm adding this request. If anybody has a Nagra ISS or a Nagra ISN and wants to see it go to a good home in my Collection as its final destination, I will pay you 4 to 6,000.00 plus shipping. Please private message me here on JWSOUND if you are interested. Thank You very much. Facts you Should Know About The Nagra ISS and its value 1st, it is not a stereo machine; it only has two speeds, 11/15 ips and 1 7/8 ips. A toy 3-inch reel-to-reel recorder from Japan plays at 3 3/4 ips. For the Nagra ISS to playback one full 5-inch tape at a speed of 11/15 ips, it will take 11 hours to playback "one side" and 22 hours to listen to both sides of the reel. At 1 7/8 ips, the fastest speed, It will take 9 hours to playback one side and 18 hours for both sides. The sound reproduction quality at that speed is for one purpose only: long recording time for voice; you cannot use it for music. It's not for high-quality sound reproduction. It compromises that for extended recording time. It has no tape counter other than the marking on the deck; finding a starting point or a section of the tape on a 5-inch 12-hour tape is difficult at best. The five-inch reels. It turned out to be a disappointment as there was little use for them, leading to hundreds worldwide still sealed and unused today. The Nagra ISS utilized the existing Nagra IS 5-inch deck rather than creating an entirely new machine; the 5-inch reel was just a nonessential addition to fit the deck. Today, the reels have no benefit for anyone because they don't fit anything; I know someone with over 50 new ones bought as a US dealer oversupply. When ISS reels are sold, they are almost always sold as new. Two examples would be all anyone would need as a collector. Any more would go unused. The seller includes eight new 5-inch reels to make it look like you're getting a lot, But why not include the leather carrying case for that price? That leather case came with the auction when I won it. This omission might be due to the challenge of selling a recorder as 'new' if the case reveals signs of wear and tear, suggesting prior use. The ISS was used less in the US but mainly in Europe. The machines were problematic initially; as my Nagra source (a Nagra repair technician) explained, he worked for Nagra in the US and made many trips to Switzerland for training, not particularly for the ISS but on the SNST, JBR, and VPR-5. I know of two people with an ISS, and neither works 100% with little quirks echoing what my Nagra Source told me. This information is not meant to diminish the value of The Nagra ISS. It is to put into perspective that the ISS or ISN should not be priced the same or anywhere close to a Nagra T Studio machine, including the cart and bridge, Or for thousands less, a Nagra IVS or IVJ, which would undoubtedly give more use and enjoyment than a Nagra ISS sitting on a shelf if they were sold for the same kind of money. Just because something is rarer doesn't make it worth more. Narga ISS's previous sales include this past summer when a friend purchased one for less than 2,000. Nov 6th, 2022, the one on eBay now, 1st sold for 3,500 euros, then 4,000 euros, before it turned into a new open box. In March 2022, a Jwsound member sold one 4,000 euro with all extras (belts, batt. Box, reels". Before that, I only remember seeing one many years ago sold for 2,200. None were ever sold for over 4,000 euros / 4,400 USD that I know of. The seller has a NO-return policy and wants a bank transfer for payment for what could end up being a problematic recorder that you can't or won't use and won't be able to resell without a loss. Anyone who knows what a Nagra ISS is will not purchase one for 25,000.00, not even 13,000, and possibly not even 5,000. Where this seller came up with that price is beyond any imagination. If someone buys any ISS for over 6,000, remember one thing: you will own it and never sell it again at what you paid to regain even a piece of your money back in the future; it's yours. There is no market for them to be sold at those prices. You will be the end keeper of that recorder. Sellers are manipulating the price and trying to change the Nagra market. Sellers who view our collections on Facebook and JWSOUND are trying to take advantage of the information we share and using it against us for their gain. To Sum it up. 1 - It is NOT a New Open Box. These pictures prove that. No matter how much you clean something up and replace parts, it is only NEW once, and that was 45 years ago. 2 - The slow speed and problematic operation make it useless for any practical potential purpose. It was an unpopular recorder since it was new and was limited due to a lack of sales. 3-It is not a Nagra T studio machine. It is also not a Nagra IVS or IVSJ. Both are highly sought after and used worldwide; a machine that you can buy and use today for 3,000 to 6,500.00, any more than that you are buying from an opportunist seller who had it listed for sale for quite some time. 4 -Prices should be based on past and present sales from buyers and collectors, not on any seller's speculation that never sells for years. There are no documented past sales over 4,000 euros that I know of. Values or appraisals are always based on past sales, not overzealous ebay sellers' fantasies. Especially when this seller has no desire to sell and has kept their prices high for years, sellers can put any price they want on their items, but We are not talking about a 2 or 3,000 difference. It's a 21,000.00 difference. 5- Priced at 25,000.00 for the last six months, it produces a false illusion to others that any Nagra ISS is now worth 21,000.00, more than any previous sales of any ISS. All because this seller now has one in his collection, and prices like that create problems for collectors and resellers alike. What's happening after six months of this publicity price of 25,000.00 euros or 27,000.00 USD? Whenever I try to buy one from other current owners, they say I'll sell it; let me get back to you. Once they check eBay and find his fake 25,000.00 euros, they say. "I will sell my ISS to you for 1/2 off his price at 12,500.00 euros" or for me 13,700.00 USD. Wow, 1/2 off; I can't say I blame the current ISS owners. They need to figure out what to make of his price. No one will ever buy it, even at twenty thousand less, and it will remain in his collection for years and never sell like all his other recorders that do not sell on his eBay museum. Publicly posting prices worldwide in that manner is abusing, distorting, and destructive. If you're a collector, act like a Collector; it is not for sale, and enjoy it; If you're a Seller, then act like a Seller and price it to sell. Sellers/collectors can't have it both ways: advertising their unattainable dream price worldwide without being called out for it, looking to pocket 21,000.00 euros on a 4,000.00 recorder. Shameful. The Story of the Nagra ISS, the one that got away, the one that never goes away
  4. So let me understand, you both saw it on that site "le Bon Coinand" and he copied and put it on eBay, then sold it before he even owned it? Now he goes back to buy it on the site and it is gone? So you bought it on that site before he did? and do you have it in your possession for 400 euros?
  5. This recorder isn't mine. I don't know the seller but I thought I would share it here because we talked about the 1958 Nagra III in great detail when I first found mine many years ago. Back then, no one knew what the serial numbers meant or even cared much about it either. Nagra never told anyone how to figure it out, so it was always just a random number to everyone. Now, if you're into Nagra and you happen to read Jwsound, you know how to figure out when a Nagra III was made and how many were made per year, with few exceptions. Though there might be some small differences in the numbers, it's still the best and only way to know the year and number made. The seller is asking $7,500 for it, way more than Nagra III's sell for -15 times the usual sale price. The seller knows it's number B5802 from 1958, or they wouldn't be starting so high. It would have been more exciting if one of us found it for sale and figured it out to be a 5802 instead of the seller. The best offer will determine the price. I like the term he used in the title I wasn't going to copy it. The year made of the Nagra III today is now common knowledge. He found a lottery ticket because of his knowledge. You can find the auction on eBay France and watch the video of it playing. I'm only sharing this because of the historical value of the 1958 Nagra III. There was not a 1957 Nagra III maybe that prototype Nagra has in the case was made in 1957. So this find just adds to the Jwsound Nagra Stories topic. If the seller got his info from here, good for them! I hope they make a good profit. Let's face it there is nowhere this information exists written down other than on Nagra Stories and for this guy, it's going to pay off. Don't forget there is another special Nagra III recorder, its number 67 10000 Nagra made a big deal of their 10,000 Nagra III
  6. The Iconic Nagra III - There was only one production unit before this one. The second Nagra III ever made is still alive and for sale in France. As of now, there are only five 1958 Nagra IIIs known to exist. Fewer than 109 were produced in 1958. Picture Credit eBay
  7. Good find in screenshots jonG and dela, Speaking of the IS in the wild, I had previously found this in the wilds of YouTube. Nagra IS and Pink Floyd perform in the same video. I thought because of the copyright, it would've been taken down by now. This song fits so well in this video. It's almost like the IS is singing out "Help me!" That tape end sticking out and going around also gives it a special look from back in the day. It shows what these great soundmen had to deal with. It's almost unbelievable compared to today's digital recorders. Hats off to you, Jeff, Philip, and the many others who used these Nagra recorders every day to record so many great movies and sounds for us that today we just take for granted. The amount of time involved just dealing with "the tape", wow.
  8. Jez, Alright, look, here these three items right here, you can have this, WD40, Vice grips, and um some duck tape. Any man worth his salt taking my Nagra II to Mount Everest will need duck tape. Anything else you need you just borrow it, that's all.
  9. Cabinet Doors Closed... Cabinet Doors Open... How did you get all of those recorders?
  10. Well, I'm sure glad we got that all cleared up. Not sure what I missed or know what post you are referring to, but I think we got away pretty damm cheap under the circumstances. Sounds like you know your stuff. I won't ask anything about what you just wrote because of the costs involved, but how much will it cost to ask what your favorite Nagra was and if you have any pictures from back in the day?
  11. That Sounds good to me, Jez Makes more sense too.
  12. DHB, Post your finding here so we can follow what happens. Thanks
  13. That was a very good write-up dela, about the Sony 510 I just want to add as I was working on a reply to the 510 and the NT-1 and was going to just say this about the 510 being a copy. That SONY 510 looks great, maybe they copied the control knob ring. It's hard to copy a Nagra III when you have so many ideas of your own as SONY did. SONY was a huge leading manufacturer of tape recorders dwarfing Nagra's operation, but SONY was not concentrating on the details as NAGRA was. Sony saw what Kudelski was doing with the NAGRA III and thought that they could do it better. Let's just say it may have been Sony's answer to the NAGRA III but not a copy. I think dela's details explains why.
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