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  1. Here is another cover band I know of to share with you. The first video was nine years ago, the blonde girl on the viewers right is Tim Purcell’s (man sitting in the middle) daughter, the girls are 15 years old in the first video. They continued for another 5 or 6 years with many live covers of many different songs till the girls moved away for college. After a couple of years, they just posted a video 3 weeks ago from different locations as the band now lives in five different States. No longer can they preform together I guess. I just point out these two live videos out of many so you can see the quality of their cover songs even from the very beginning. You can check out their other covers if you want, you won't be disappointed. So look at these two Crosby Stills and Nash's covers then listen to the original one last and compare. They nailed these two songs like no one else ever did. Turn up the volume.
  2. Now the Original remastered, the best it will ever be. I got to admit this group did a great job. The original is great but this group comes as close as anybody ever did or will. Touring the US this past year and again for next year. Good for them, I hope they do well even though they don't speak a word of English. Big compliment though for Chicago when another country, Russia, appreciates Classic American music that much to put in the time it takes to be that good.
  3. Check out this band from Russia. Chicago is not an easy band to cover. Sorry, I posted so many, I just could not choose only one there all good. Check them out.
  4. Good call, Suebutcher Of Course its a later than 1962 schematic. It would not even mention the Neopilot Amplifier (PCH Nagras only) 4 years before it was invented if it was truly an original 1957 schematic. Sometimes Nagra used the original date of the recorder in their schematics even after many updates or years. It means, from 1957. Unless it truly states 1967 on Dela's copy. Dec 1957 is when the 1958 Nagra III became public to be manufactured and sold in 1958. There was no 1957 Nagra III. There were fewer than 105 Nagra III units produced in 1958. Dela, even though the information was not what you thought, It turns out it was the correct information she was looking for. I think you were very helpful. Thanks for taking the time to dig it up and post it. I looked at the schematic and missed it also, others probably did too.
  5. Thank you Mungo I appreciate you posting that.
  6. Thank you, Suebutcher looks like you have a nice clean Nagra III there. As for the heads, other people may know for sure that I think will post the answer to your question. From your post you know much more then I do about oscillators bias current and stuff, way over my head. Before getting to the oscillators part of your post I would have said the heads were probably produced at different times and they just ran out of blue wire. But I'm glad you posted it because many people private message me questions and don't post them instead. When someone messages me its one on one and most times I don't know the answer. When you post it here on Jwsound you could be asking thousands of people for the answer. Instead of just me. Thanks for enjoying the thread. I enjoy people like you posting and adding questions and pictures to the thread. I hope someone can answer you soon so you can buy the right one.
  7. Another Telefunken on eBay, serial P 62 1725 N Pilot Model But this one the serial number is in the correct year for the NP. As you can see highlighted it still fits in my database within the correct years for a Pilot, further proof serial numbers were the same consecutive numbering whether Telefunken or Nagra machines. The blue arrow shows the first known Pilot Nagra, branded Telefunken. I could be wrong, but to date, no one has shown me a serial number out of sync with the years Nagra produced. That's a cool name, TELE FUN KEN I wish I knew the story behind them and Nagra. It's clear, the USA was not Nagra’s first customer base, even with the so-called Commissioned By JFK’s SN. The Nagra SN was first sold in Europe. The SNST many years later was the US model.
  8. Another Nagra Rarity The first Known, Nagra III Pilot model serial number 61 1245 on eBay now and has been for the last few weeks. Looks like Germany’s Telefunken Nagra III units were the first to have the pilot models in early 1961. Not 1962 like all known Nagra information states about the NP model. So, I guess Hollywood recordists were not the first in history to use the NP Nagra Models. Why did Germany need a Pilot Model in 1961 before anyone else? I say early because according to my Nagra serial number database below - look where the highlighted model fits in. Its also the first Telefunken Nagra I have seen with a readable serial number and No its not a different set of serial numbers for the Telefunken Nagra’s, still consecutive numbers. Nagra did not sell many Nagra III recorders per year in the early years. Also note it still has the "B" reference not NP on the serial number plate. The mysteries of the Nagra continue…
  9. Thanks for posting that eBay link pverrando (where have you been)? To see better pictures of the Russian Nagra Copy go to my index of select posts on page one. Or click on #400 below ONNO everything you need to know can be found here in the index #906 below The index can be accessed below or from any page on Nagra Stories by hitting the back arrow. < PREV Quick index to select posts, click the blue links below 42 Jeff’s movie list 307 Nixon Resigns Picture 364 CIA the Second Recorder 455 Nagra II Video 146 Meet Jeff (Youtube) 319 “New” The Nagra JBR updated Feb 2018 373 “New” The Nagra Story, updated Feb 2018 478 The Third Covert recorder 151 My Nagra VPR-5 325 My Nagra Source 400 The Nagra SN (Copy ) 479 The 1966 Covert recording 220 A different kind of Soundman 333 A Special Gift 405 Great Nagra Collection “Vienna Collection” 404 There’s only One, Nagra I 480 The Fourth Recorder 225 What I found out about the Nagra I 335 The Nagra DH Difference 482 Finally Fifth and Final Recorder 232 Conversation with Stefan Kudelski 337 The Yellow Recorder 422 An appropriate answer 430 What happened to - Serie Noire? 252 The First Nagra III 347 CIA issued Recorder 425 Early Nagra SN serial #’s 363 Dating & "New" Reverse Record 268 The Sony and the Telefunken 952 Earliest Known Nagra III by PiO 576 The Nagra IS Differences by DELA #27 Senator Mike Michaels interview 681 1st 1959 Nagra III by Antonine 790 GREAT Nagra III Collection by BGAULLIER 922 Jwsound gets Attention from Nagra Audio 282 1969 Zuiko 1st Microcassette video 154 Marilyn and the 1960 Nagra III Video 466 Video - Movie Sound Effects 906 “New” The Nagra SN Series - from Prototype to Production 1960 -1970 to 1999 962 The Gold SN - Test
  10. Why don't you post a photo of what you have and I'll tell you what you got. Include the serial number. Thanks
  11. Thank you very much Scott, your pictures certainly would be a great addition. Remember, you guys played a huge part in who made "THE NAGRA" famous.
  12. Nice pictures guys and thanks for the descriptions. Philip Perkins Wow, I see what you mean when you said it all adds up to 82,000 or more. You have a lot of nice equipment, who's that young guy in the first picture? tourtelot Nice, Now thats a Soundman who is proud of his cart. Your pictures are great just what I am looking for thanks for them. Beautiful pictures. What year? I hope the Senator will add pictures too or contact me and give me the description to his photo so I can include it. If you only have real photographs You can also just take a picture of the photograph with your phone as I did in the first picture. Although I took the picture to show that it was a picture. You can simply frame it and no one will no its a picture of a picture. They really come out great and its easy to do. What is more fitting on JWsound to see all these pictures again in one place, I know some are already here scattered around without descriptions and people will never find them or see them again today. I'm dedicating as many pages as needed here on Nagra Stories to The Soundmen and their Nagra's. So let's see the Soundmen with their Vintage Reel to Reel Nagras and Soundmen today with Digital Nagra pictures Just as long as its a Nagra and you set the scene with the description. I think it will make a great section here on Nagra Stories and I know everyone would love to see the pictures with the stories told and shared. Thank you I'll leave it alone now and will see what happens. Besides my knee is getting sore, It's starting to sound like I'm down on one knee. Scott Smith, Don't think I forgot about you, I know you have them. Jeff, come on man, your pictures are great and you have many of them, that's what I need if this is going to work. Thank you Philip Perkins and tourtelot for starting this off.
  13. The Soundmen and their Nagra's.  Ok Nagra Stories just turned a new page “42” over 1000 replies with over 182,000 views, Can we finally see some classic soundmen pictures posing with their classic Nagras? It's what I started this thread for over three years ago. Pictures from your archives and a description of what you were doing at the time. The world is watching the world is waiting to see them on Jwsound Nagra Stories. Enough with this Jbond shit let's finally see it. Jeff I know you have them Crew I have seen them Phillip you have them too Glen I saw them, Usually with women all around you. and many others here on Jwsound have them also. It's time, I have put the time in, post when ever I could its getting old. Now let's see the soundmen pictures with Nagra recorders. Hell, Nagra Audio itself is watching, let's see the famous Nagra pictures in use. The guys on the ground in the early years that made Nagra famous. You know once you post others will follow. Let's finally post some pictures of soundmen with their Nagra equipment, Digital or Analog new or old as long as its Nagra show us what you have used and what you use today. The Senator will start off, Let's go guys you know you have it. You know we want it. Let's see it.
  14. Mr. Zero has no money. Not Mr Teas, he's loaded after the union jobs But the real Mr zero has no money. Bidder #02 has no money he is just a zero plus 2, maybe he bought some popcorn, batteries or something and got some seller feedback but in reality he’s still a zero. If you look at the bidder list below you will see the proxy bids. Bidder # 74 was a legitament bid on May 8th he put a high bid in at 7,000. On May 9th bidder 117 was the last legitament bidder he placed a bid of 8000.96 On May 10th bidder 211 placed a high bid of 82,000.00 really a sore looser If he couldn’t afford it he figured no one will have it. He should really be kicked off ebay because he is the one who escalated it. On Sunday May 12th Mr Zero place a high bid of 82,600.00 and his pal #02 was runner up. https://www.ebay.com/bfl/viewbids/323800376818?item=323800376818&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2565&showauto=true Phillip is right, it was just a pissing match. The roosters were all having sex with the Nagra
  15. Your Mr. Zero Ha, I knew it, I knew it was you. Well done Mr Teas👍 you didn't win the lottery, those union gigs finally paid off.
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