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  1. Well, I'm sure glad we got that all cleared up. Not sure what I missed or know what post you are referring to, but I think we got away pretty damm cheap under the circumstances. Sounds like you know your stuff. I won't ask anything about what you just wrote because of the costs involved, but how much will it cost to ask what your favorite Nagra was and if you have any pictures from back in the day?
  2. That Sounds good to me, Jez Makes more sense too.
  3. DHB, Post your finding here so we can follow what happens. Thanks
  4. That was a very good write-up dela, about the Sony 510 I just want to add as I was working on a reply to the 510 and the NT-1 and was going to just say this about the 510 being a copy. That SONY 510 looks great, maybe they copied the control knob ring. It's hard to copy a Nagra III when you have so many ideas of your own as SONY did. SONY was a huge leading manufacturer of tape recorders dwarfing Nagra's operation, but SONY was not concentrating on the details as NAGRA was. Sony saw what Kudelski was doing with the NAGRA III and thought that they could do it better. Let's just say it may have been Sony's answer to the NAGRA III but not a copy. I think dela's details explains why.
  5. Thanks for the tip about the finish. Post some pictures of it if you can. If you have one of those SONYS that look similar to Nagra's design post that also. From what I remember about trying my NT, having the earbuds on and speaking into the mic at pause, the sound at that point through the earbuds sounded like a deep, rich, clear powerful, full sound. It wasn't recording or playing back if I remember correctly. It must have something else other than just the digital tape, do they have some sort of pre-amps in them?, actuality I associate that sound with my IVS-TC or even my NAGRA 4L playing back some prerecorded CANON copier commercial tapes for Radio commercials. I have those somewhere still. Such a rich clear sound.
  6. but, Mom, It's a SONY...by Kudelski It was listed only as a NAGRA III, with no mention anywhere it was a Sony. OK, I thought another Nagra III. I'll check out the date. I click on it, and look through the pictures. It was a buy-it-now 599.00. It looked like it could be mint but needed cleaning, so I thought about it for a few hrs. What are the chances of finding a SONY NAGRA III and on top of that in mint condition for 600.00? So I kicked it around some more and had dinner... Yeah, right, more like, as fast as my brain could process the word SONY and direct my much slower analog fingers to click the Buy-it-Now button.
  7. Hi DHB Welcome to JWSOUND Nagra Stories, I appreciate your post and your thorough reading of the thread. You are correct about the Sony NT1 and NT2, I own both and could not believe the sound when I first heard them. I just never got around to talking about them. One reason because I am very disappointed in the NT1 It has that rubber finish Sony thought for some reason would be better, but instead, it turned a very historic recorder into junk, if you keep it long enough. I bought mine new in the box on ebay many years ago at a very good price. It was never opened or used and I never unwrapped most accessories are still factory wrapped. After a few years the recorder that was in my case started to deteriorate. For whatever reason the rubber coating melts under its own power and turns to a soft sticky garbage finish. I'm unsure if this finish was only on early models or for the total production of the NT1. I have seen some that look perfect. I saw on youtube people are now removing the melted garbage finish-off. I have not tried doing that yet because if it removes the silk screen directions off the NT1 I would just as soon throw it in the pail. The NT2 is a much better unit except for the oversized lever to open the cassette door. I had to make this display stand because there was no way to stand it up. The NT2 has a beautiful all-metal metallic silver case. (not white) I know most people bought it to use it and not display it but it should be able to stand on its own. Probably because of the condition of the NT1 is why I was not in a hurry to talk about them. You are right though, they should be talked about.
  8. My friend Chat did a good job writing a Nagra Song which I asked for. 5 seconds later voila. Of course, I will take joint credit. Hey, I asked! Wow! the possibilities are endless. Think of commercials and advertising people. Not to mention people in the music industry. Kids in school! Nobody will ever have to do anything ever again. That can't be good. It took 5 seconds and it's written down just copy and paste. The Nagra Song by Chat&Bond.😎 Chat also booked a gig for us at Radio City in New York, on Sept 23, 2023 and I didn't even ask 😳 The Nagra Song byChat&Bond Verse 1: In the world of sound recording, there's a name you need to know Nagra, Swiss-made, a classic that's aglow With its precision, clarity, and durability A tape recorder that's second to none, Chorus: Nagra, the sound of excellence, the gold standard for all to see Nagra, capturing memories, preserving history With its timeless design and iconic look Nagra, the tape recorder that's always in the books Verse 2: From the film sets to the studios, Nagra's been the choice For the professionals who want to hear their voice With its compact size and portable design Nagra's the tape recorder that's always in line Chorus: Nagra, the sound of excellence, the gold standard for all to see Nagra, capturing memories, preserving history With its timeless design and iconic look Nagra, the tape recorder that's always in the books Bridge: From its early days to the present time Nagra's legacy will always shine With its commitment to quality and craftsmanship Nagra, a name that's synonymous with excellence Chorus: Nagra, the sound of excellence, the gold standard for all to see Nagra, capturing memories, preserving history With its timeless design and iconic look Nagra, the tape recorder that's always in the books Outro: So when you're in the market for a tape recorder that's top-notch Remember Nagra, the one that will never stop With its classic style and timeless sound Nagra, is the tape recorder that will always be around.
  9. Jeff, your simple answer sums it up. That was an experience talking with chatGPT. It does not get its current information from searching the internet but from a database in its programming. It can be influenced as you can see below. After I corrected the Nagra III date it lists 50's 60's 70's but now it knows 1958 for the Nagra III. The dates of the Nagra's were all off every time I asked for specific dates. Finally, since it did not know the correct dates it just said the approximate dates. For the next year, it will be sucking up every bit of information from everyone then it will be unstoppable and scary, because who is doing the programming. My questions Can you list the years and models of the Nagra recorders? So of course the dates were off in Koyama posts,
  10. I believe the ChatGPT used "Nagra IV-S" and combined IV-S with all model Nagras. It should have known the date the IV-S was manufactured. I have to be honest I had no idea what ChatGPT was until I just looked into it further. I thought it was just another type of Wikipedia where people like you and I type in what we think we know. Ask how it determines correct information from false information when there is so much false information about every subject on the internet.
  11. Koyama, Thanks for your post. Just so you know, when I answered your post the other day, I was away on a trip. I wrote my comment in notes on my iPhone and then copied/pasted it to Jwsound. After I got home I saw that my post was in super large bold 28pt text. (what an idiot) sorry about that. Even now after correcting it, I'ts still double-spaced. I wasn't making a statement or anything, the size was just a mistake since I have my phone set to a larger text and was unaware of the consequences of transferring to a JWSOUND post. It looked somewhat normal on my phone. "are these real?" I was the same way as you after first learning about Nagra's use in recording. I was uncertain as to what extent Nagra recorders played in movies and sound. JWSOUND-Men made it clear to me what Nagra's role in movie history was. I think your list originally meant Nagra recorders and not just the IV-S, if you add Nagra III, IV-L, and 4.2 it will probably cover everything on the list. When I bought my IV-STC many years ago I asked the Soundman from whom I bought it if he could tell me what movies and music were recorded with it. He sent me a list of movies and music that he recorded. Here are some of the music videos he recorded. 1) Aerosmith "Janie got a Gun" Live version 2) Georgia Satellites ' Keep you Hand to Yourself" 3) Drivin and Cryin "Fly Courageous" 4) Stuck Mojo "Rising" 5) Outkast " Miss Jackson" 6) Elton John " The Circle of Life" 7) Arrested Development "Tennesse" and "Mr. Wendel" Smashing Pumpkins "Live at Six Flags" 9) Bloodhound Gang "Fire Water Burn" 10) Xscape "Just Kickn It" If you own a used Nagra recorder, you can be sure something of importance was professionally recorded on it at some point in time. I don't mean opening up Christmas presents with the family kind of stuff, I mean famous movies, music, interviews, TV commercials, and music videos. For sure the Nagra III was used by the Beatles.
  12. Anything in your list before 1971 would not have been originally recorded on an IV-S. The IV-S TC (Time code) would have been much later. I’m not sure of that date, maybe 1988 or 1989.
  13. I did some rearranging for 2023, adding a couple of pull-out glass shelves, lights, etc. Here are some new photos with the doors opened just right, catching the reflection in the glass. This is what happens when your motto is, "Always Room for one More"
  14. So, I just got off the phone with Goldie, yeah right, 🤥 Anyway, I thought my interpretation was spot on with only having the picture to go by, of course, it wasn't a magic trick. She certainly is a cutie in that Foul Play movie.
  15. For eight long years, I have been studying this now-famous photo of Jeff and Goldie. My research has concluded that Jeff was showing Goldie a magic trick. From the look on Goldie's face, it's clear Jeff pulled what is shown in his right hand out of her ear. The part I can't figure out is, As a Soundman on the set that day, what could Jeff have been showing her that he made disappear and then reappear from behind her ear?
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