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  1. Thanks, yes it is in pristine condition. The most expensive recorder in my collection. Just to be clear as Phillip already knows the video of the Nagra II is just a video of the recorder with the reels turning under windup power. Even though it's all electronically complete and clean the tubes require special batteries to run. The motor is run only by the wind-up crank. The music was added to the video by an iPhone not coming from the Nagra recorder itself. The turning on, adjusting the volume up showing the speaker even mentioning the "tube sound" was all intended to make it look like it was playing back the recording. A trick I learned here on Jwsound. I think the quote was "The sound you hear in movies is not always what you think it is." I could have done a better job with it, like raising the sound level as the camera panned the speaker area and lowering the sound level when moving away from the speaker. I was also overacting turning the volume up. No one was there to say cut. There was no post-editing I did get the tuning on and off pretty good thanks to being a reel machine as the sound did not have to be instant. But it was a low-cost, nonpaying, nonunion job on a stinking hot day when the sound mixer did not show up for work. The cameraman and producer were both drinking. And to top it off I'm not even in the movie business. (raise arms) walk out of the room. cut, tape, print, post it.
  2. This is one for those who have not seen the Nagra II wind-up recorder the first time around. What a great sound this 2nd Nagra "tube" recorder has for 1957,…. Or is it just movie magic? All others nothing to see here.
  3. Upgraded to the Nagra Iv STC in 1988 and immediately started the movie "Dracula's Widow" in Wilmington NC. Followed by the Television mini-series "Noble House". Subsequently the Nagra was used on movies "Heart of Midnight" with Jennifer Jason Lee, "Blood Salvage" with Ray Walston and John Saxon, "Cyborg" starring Jean Claude Van Dam. Major commercials that the Nagra was used on include Apple, Microsoft, Acura, General Motors, Coca-Cola, IBM. Here is a partial list of music videos that used this machine: 1) Aerosmith "Janie got a Gun" Live version 2) Georgia Sattelites ' Keep you Hand to Yourself" 3) Driving and Crying "Fly Courageous" 4) Stuck Mojo "Rising" 5) Outkast " Miss Jackson" 6) Elton John " The Circle of Life" 7) Arrested Development "Tennesse" and "Mr Wendel" Smashing Pumpkins "Live at Six Flags" 9) Bloodhound Gang "Fire Water Burn" 10) Xscape "Just Kickn It"
  4. So pissed I sold my Nagra D, mine was mint cosmetically but did not work correctly. They are so much smaller in person. Now I'll never be able to get another with the prices they go for. I didn't know they had such a low hour life span. Now a worn out one will still bring high dollars, should have kept the one I had.
  5. Here's a beaut. this guy has this recorder that's worth $15.00 and 2.00 at a tag sale. Searched the whole internet couldn’t find it. Found a lot of Nagra’s though. So let's call this Nagra like / open box condition (even though he doesn't have the box) He has now relisted it at 450.00 1450.00 buy it now. I don't know what's worse listing an overpriced Nagra or pretending to list an overprice Nagra.
  6. Yes very unrealistic, that is why I posted them. I was trying to be funny with sarcasm about the run on Nagra’s during a pandemic. As if that’s the first thing on people's minds and Narga’s and prices are now skyrocketing. Maybe it was the wrong approach on my part. Hard to understand who he is trying to sell to at this time in history. I guess if someone has so much money it doesn’t matter if it’s 2,000 or 20,000. I think most of us do not understand how wealthy some people are and the amount of money at their disposal. Just because someone has 500 million dollars does not mean they would not want a high-end Nagra collection. He does have a lot of rare ones probably bought them new. I have always said there are large Nagra collections out there that we will never see. The problem though with these high-end sellers is they don’t care if they sell or not. These prices cause other eBay sellers to list their recorders higher than they normally would. If anyone, not familiar with eBay wants to see what Nagra's sell for, just click the completed auctions on that same page down on the left side. Here is the same link with the sold prices. That is what Narga’s sell for, green means sold. https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?LH_PrefLoc=2&_from=R40&_nkw=nagra&_sacat=0&_sop=16&rt=nc&LH_Complete=1
  7. Heads up - Maybe a run on Nagra's coming soon. A lot of people from Europe are selling off their Nagra items during this Global pandemic. Good chance to pick up a couple of nice clean Nagra’s at some really discounted prices. Better get yours before the price skyrockets during these very tough times. You don’t want to be caught Nagra-less. So,………. I guess a wave of inflation is coming next. Thats a scary thought. Let's hope not. https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?LH_PrefLoc=2&_from=R40&_nkw=nagra&_sacat=0&_sop=16
  8. Another great video, I call it a feel good song especially after the 2nd chorus when the drummer is swaying to the same beat you are. Going to be nice to get back to normal. The people in New York must be going crazy.
  9. Anybody remember this song? What were you doing in 1978? To think all you had was an analog Nagra to use. What Nagra could you possibly be using when this song came out? I guess it could have been any one of them.
  10. Quick index to select posts, click the blue links below 42 Jeff’s movie list 307 Nixon Resigns Picture 364 CIA the Second Recorder 455 Nagra II Video 146 Meet Jeff (Youtube) 319 “New” The Nagra JBR updated Feb 2018 373 “New” The Nagra Story, updated Feb 2018 478 The Third Covert recorder 151 My Nagra VPR-5 325 My Nagra Source 400 The Nagra SN (Copy ) 479 The 1966 Covert recording 220 A different kind of Soundman 333 A Special Gift 404 There’s only One, Nagra I 480 The Fourth Recorder 225 What I found out about the Nagra I 335 The Nagra DH Difference 405 Great Nagra Collection “Vienna Collection” 482 Finally Fifth and Final Recorde 232 Conversation with Stefan Kudelski 337 The Yellow Recorder 422 An appropriate answer 430 What happened to - Serie Noir? 252 The First Nagra III 347 CIA issued Recorder 425 Early Nagra SN serial #’s 363 Dating & "New" Reverse Record 268 The Sony and the Telefunken 790 GREAT Nagra III Collection by BGAULLIER 952 Earliest Known Nagra III by PiO 576 The Nagra IS Differences by DELA #27 Senator Mike Michaels interview 681 1st 1959 Nagra III by Antonine 922 Jwsound gets Attention from Nagra Audio 154 Marilyn and the 1960 Nagra III Video 962 The Gold SN - Test 466 Video - Movie Sound Effects 282 1969 Zuiko 1st Microcassette video 906 “New” The Nagra SN Series - from Prototype to Production 1960 -1971 to 1999
  11. Thank you Mungo I appreciate you posting that.
  12. Thank you, Suebutcher looks like you have a nice clean Nagra III there. As for the heads, other people may know for sure that I think will post the answer to your question. From your post you know much more then I do about oscillators bias current and stuff, way over my head. Before getting to the oscillators part of your post I would have said the heads were probably produced at different times and they just ran out of blue wire. But I'm glad you posted it because many people private message me questions and don't post them instead. When someone messages me its one on one and most times I don't know the answer. When you post it here on Jwsound you could be asking thousands of people for the answer. Instead of just me. Thanks for enjoying the thread. I enjoy people like you posting and adding questions and pictures to the thread. I hope someone can answer you soon so you can buy the right one.
  13. Another Telefunken on eBay, serial P 62 1725 N Pilot Model But this one the serial number is in the correct year for the NP. As you can see highlighted it still fits in my database within the correct years for a Pilot, further proof serial numbers were the same consecutive numbering whether Telefunken or Nagra machines. The blue arrow shows the first known Pilot Nagra, branded Telefunken. I could be wrong, but to date, no one has shown me a serial number out of sync with the years Nagra produced. That's a cool name, TELE FUN KEN I wish I knew the story behind them and Nagra. It's clear, the USA was not Nagra’s first customer base, even with the so-called Commissioned By JFK’s SN. The Nagra SN was first sold in Europe. The SNST many years later was the US model.
  14. Another Nagra Rarity The first Known, Nagra III Pilot model serial number 61 1245 on eBay now and has been for the last few weeks. Looks like Germany’s Telefunken Nagra III units were the first to have the pilot models in early 1961. Not 1962 like all known Nagra information states about the NP model. So, I guess Hollywood recordists were not the first in history to use the NP Nagra Models. Why did Germany need a Pilot Model in 1961 before anyone else? I say early because according to my Nagra serial number database below - look where the highlighted model fits in. Its also the first Telefunken Nagra I have seen with a readable serial number and No its not a different set of serial numbers for the Telefunken Nagra’s, still consecutive numbers. Nagra did not sell many Nagra III recorders per year in the early years. Also note it still has the "B" reference not NP on the serial number plate. The mysteries of the Nagra continue…
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