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  1. Ahh, nice what your friend did, Blue and Red Nagras. Now, what does that remind me of … oh yeah this picture. Time for a glass. Shaken, not stirred. Two? Of course, Bond always had a woman, he just never had a NAGRA 😎
  2. Thank you Raquirk, I appreciate your comments and your interest. Can I ask how did you find this thread on Jwsound? That was not a Nagra SN in the opening credits of Klute shown below. It was the fourth recorder in a series of covert recorders made since 1957 Its was the first in this series to have a name on the recorder. Below is a short writeup that I have done. Type 4, EDI Recorder, Circa 1967-68 by RJW Size including controls w h L 2 3/4 x 1 x 5 1/8 inches Weight 10 1/8 oz. Diameter reels 2 3/16 Tape 1/4 inch Other technical features detachable remote control Two different models EDI M60 mono version and M-75B as a stereo version. The Type 4 recorder in this series of CIA recorders is very similar in construction to the Type 3 recorder. The cover is a non-painted, anodized aluminum lid and a greenish-gray wrinkle-type finish base and, for the first time, there is a name on it. Called simply, edi. It was manufactured in 1967 by ElectroData Inc. in Fort Lee, New Jersey, thus the initials edi. Earlier models of this type made by the same company were kept secret as to who made them. As this July 1967 Electronics Illustrated article shows, these were now known to the general public. It shows a picture of the past secret model. (7) see figure xx The company did not provide a prototype or even a picture of the new 1967 model to show for the magazine as the article states. There were two new models for 1967; there were the EDI M60 "mono" version and a mistakenly called B60 stereo version. The correct model number is M-75B for the stereo version. That is this type 4 recorder. It is not known if the CIA continued to use this model. Now a name appears on the recorder for the first time, and the recorder is now made public. This may confirm that on this date, July 1967, they were no longer used by the CIA since it shows the secret model and the new models are now being sold to the general public. The manufacturer is now allowed to produce and sell these recorders publicly. Now the manufacturer has to name the new recorder if they want to sell to many different consumers, so names on these early recorders may have been a sign of who and who was not using them. There were other improvements on this public model. Not only was it dressed up cosmetically with a two-tone finish, but it also added features over the previous model like an auto stop. That isolated silver pin on the right front of the deck was used in conjunction with the ground circuit as an auto stop. A piece of 1/4 inch metal tape would create the circuit using that isolated pin and ground from the head, causing the tape to stop. see figure xx In 1967, cassette tapes were starting to become more accepted, but nothing yet available in this size range. This auto stop was an added convenience for the user. It meant you would not have to re-thread the tape on the reel when turning the reels over to record on the other side. (B/W wiring diagram pic *4) Also for the first time, a removable remote on/off switch that is attached to the microphone/ headphone plug. It's clear these models were evolving by what was tried and tested through the years. This Type 4 recorder was featured in the 1971 movie Klute with Jane Fonda and Donald Sutherland.
  3. No excursion, Stefan Kudelski is Nagra… thanks for posting the story. NAGRA the legend lives on…
  4. Two words in his own words -- Video starts at exactly 34:29
  5. Since nothing else worked, Its clear everyone now is reduced to goading the Senator to make his Iconic answer “It depends” that's because people now realize the answer always made sense. I'll bet two words will get 3 pages of welcome back.👍
  6. I call this The Best of Nagra Photo from Nagra Audio Facebook Stefan Kudelski really had a way working with aluminum like no other manufacturer. All products look fantastic shown like this. To think I sold my Nagrafax, sold my IVJ, never could afford a Nagra T. All sold to buy the rarer SN's JBR Nagra II etc. figuring someday I'll buy them back because they were more common. Now, with Nagra prices going up weekly I may have made a big mistake thinking I could always get them back. The 4s is very popular with Nagra High-End audio equipment, isn’t it amazing, what a run that machine has. I predict there will be a big market for what's left of the used Nagra IVS’s in the future. Supply and demand. So many pictures and videos on Nagra Audio's Facebook page shows the Nagra 4S top front and center. Think about it how could you ever own this ultra high-end Nagra Audio system without a 4S That is why people are paying 5 6 7,000 for them. I think that's great news for Soundmen, you will be making out pretty well with your vintage Nagra 4s if you wanted to. There is also a company that is remaking the large reel adaptors for about a grand. Does anybody have one or know someone that owns one of these high-end Nagra Audio Systems? They have been winning all sorts of awards. What a legacy Stefan Kudelski has left behind. Photo from Nagra Audio facebook Check out this Nagra Audio link https://spark.adobe.com/page/1h6B63IPV0Akl/?fbclid=IwAR1LcH3q2jz-chD0P5USoJHmA0LBhykLH4yx49HFms5MWT1VxGr5N6349gY
  7. Here you go Jon, I also send you a picture of a cassette recorder prototype that I found at my father home. Have a nice day Best regards Marguerite Kudelski
  8. Sorry Lermontov, I took the post down as it was poorly written with too much drama and It was not fair to the seller by making it public. Thank you for posting and showing your low number Nagra Accessories.
  9. Im very sorry Michel I miss your 1st post and did not comment. I just came across your post today by accident. Thank you very much for posting. There are very few Public Nagra collectors. As far as I know this site Jwsound is the only place where Nagra's are talked about between collectors and others in the US and the world as far as I know, do you know of any in France ? I would love to talk you and see your collection and share information with you. Best way is copy and paste my text or any text on this forum into Google translator. https://translate.google.com If its easer for you just post in your own language and I'll do the same if that is ok with Jeff? Je suis vraiment désolé Michel, ton premier post me manque et je n'ai pas commenté. Je viens de tomber sur votre message aujourd'hui par accident. Merci beaucoup d'avoir posté. Il y a très peu de collectionneurs publics de Nagra. Pour autant que je sache, Jwsound est le seul endroit où l'on parle de Nagra entre des collectionneurs et d'autres aux États-Unis et dans le monde, autant que je sache, en connaissez-vous en France? J'aimerais beaucoup vous parler et voir votre collection et partager des informations avec vous. Le meilleur moyen est de copier et coller mon texte ou n'importe quel texte de ce forum dans Google Translator. https://translate.google.com Si c'est plus facile pour vous, postez simplement dans votre propre langue et je ferai de même si tout va bien avec Jeff?
  10. PiO, I think you should have added "to me" at the end of your statement above. I did not realize you were not a collector. My post saying it does have historic value meant it is my opinion that it does. It's not or never will be in the IV-S league or price range. I'm sorry if I gave you that impression. Maybe your right, to most people it will not be viewed historically. You are always welcome to donate it to the RJW Collection where it will have historic value in the context of the collection. Thank you very much for sharing your Nagra III with Jwsound. I appreciate you posting this information very much.
  11. At a minimum its worth 500.00 on eBay right now as is, without even explaining the year.
  12. Are you kidding no historic value ? Not sure why you say it has no historic value, you have the earliest known Nagra III. yeah, it shows some history its 61 years old. It has some battle scars and some up grades. So what, it's still what it is the earliest known Nagra III to date. As long as it has that serial number it's worth much more than you think. You can spend the next 10 years or the rest of your life for that matter and never see another 1958 Nagra III that you can own. Once you change the belts you may see a big difference. I saw a third jack somewhere and it was marked ground, not sure why it had two grounds if I find it again I will post a picture. I think Glen Trew could answer any question you could ever have about a Nagra III mechanical issue. Where did you get it? Try and find out its history. At this point I would say a sound man in France owed the machine. A news reporter did not upgrade to a pilot model.
  13. I thought long and hard to try and figure what "a. o. used" meant, finally I said screw it, I looked stupid before, I’ll ask. Never would have figured “amongst others” Maybe I should try and add some random letters and periods to see if people are paying attention to what I write. Cause coming right out with it clearly, like, anyone want to see a Gold SN or the SN prototype doesn’t work very well for me.😊
  14. Thanks, Dela for that information. I didn’t know they came with the test tapes, that may be why we don’t see too many of them. I have only seen red and green anodized labeled test / adjustment sets in the past. Always wanted to have a set but they were always selling for a lot of money. The gold ones I have are just tape, I think, they came from Italy maybe they are unlabeled test/adjustment tapes, never tried them. That would be something If I had them all along. I know they are full of tape, I didn't think adjustment tapes had that much tape on them? Can you just clarify what a.o. means.
  15. Lermontov, Nice pictures, I went back and looked at your other posts, you are a passionate Nagra collector as I and as many others are. Since you are the only one in almost 3 years that asked to see the one of a kind Gold anodized Sn that was built especially for Mr. Kudelski as a surprise. I thought I would share this Nagra moment in history with you and others, I don't think MK will mind. This story goes to show that Nagra employees were thinking of adding color to their famous Nagra SN recorder. They produced "one" SN in a gold color as a test to surprise Mr. Kudelski. As the email reads he did not like it at all thus the reason why the color of the SN remained silver. The picture at first glance just looks like a normal SN but then you see the contrast with the non-gold anodized parts, it is a very special picture of a very rare SN along with the short story. I imagine they used many already made silver parts in this test. They did produce the anodized Gold SN reels I own a few, I may have five of them. I'm not sure if they had the Gold reels already or they made just a few when they made this recorder but Gold metal SN reels do exist and they are very rare. You hardly ever see the gold reels in pictures. The gold recorder from what I understand is only the one shown. You can see the reverse contrast of my gold reels against the common silver SN in my picture below. Now, will see how long it takes for anyone wanting to see Mr. Kudelski's prototype cassette recorder that no one ever knew about. Mr. Kudelski loved his life's work and loved experimenting on his own in his factory even though he no longer needed to, as I have been told from my Nagra source Dear Mr. XXXXX Thanks for the interest that you have to our device. As XXXXXXX answered, this prototype is not to sale because it is part of the family history. I’also remembered of your pictures. As you are a Nagra lovers, I send you a picture of the "Gold color" SN test. For the short story, this test was conducted in secret without notifying my father and let him see the surprise…As the result, my father wasn’t not at all pleased with this proposal, so this is a reason why the SN is only in grey color! Have a nice day Best regards Marguerite Kudelski
  16. Your neighbor calls asking if you can help get her tractor running, You rush right over and this is what You find. Would you wake her and help start her tractor? Stand there and wait till she wakes up? Or Go back home and read JBond’s Nagra Stories Again, using the quick index? So many questions.
  17. It took way too long for me to find the past Nagra III information for the above post , I have updated my index on page one. You can access the index from any page by hitting the back arrow The back arrow looks like this << It’s in the page number section at the top and bottom of every page and looks like this << PREV 17 18 19 20 Hit the back arrow << and it brings you to the index shown below . From there, one click on the blue post number brings you right to the post you wanted to see again. 42 Jeff’s movie list 307 Nixon Resigns Picture 364 CIA the Second Recorder 455 Nagra II Video 146 Meet Jeff (Youtube) 319 “New” The Nagra JBR updated Feb 2018 373 “New” The Nagra Story, updated Feb 2018 478 The Third Covert recorde 151 My Nagra VPR-5 325 My Nagra Source 400 The Nagra SN (Copy ) 479 The 1966 Covert recording 220 A different kind of Soundman 333 A Special Gift 404 There’s only One, Nagra I 480 The Fourth Recorder 225 What I found out about the Nagra I 335 The Nagra DH Difference 405 Great Nagra Collection “Vienna Collection” 482 Finally Fifth and Final Recorde 232 Conversation with Stefan Kudelski 337 The Yellow Recorder 422 An appropriate answer 430 What happened to - Serie Noir? 252 The First Nagra III 347 CIA issued Recorder 425 Early Nagra SN serial #’s 363 Dating & "New" Reverse Record 268 The Sony and the Telefunken 790 GREAT Nagra III Collection by BGAULLIER 952 Earliest Known Nagra III by PiO 576 The Nagra IS Differences by DELA 906 “New” The Nagra SN Series - from Prototype to Production 1960 -1970 to 1999 #27 Senator Mike Michaels interview 681 1st 1959 Nagra III by Antonine 922 Jwsound gets Attention from Nagra Audio 154 Marilyn and the 1960 Nagra III Video 962 The Gold SN - Test
  18. This was a big feat for Stefan Kudelski and Nagra, just nine units made at this point, for the previous six years all previous models of Nagra recorders used Hand Crank motors and hand crank rewind. I would think that was a very long awaited and exciting time for Nagra at the end of 1957 producing the Nagra III In 1967 Nagra Celebrated their 10,000 Nagra III The two serial numbers I would like to see are 5801 and 58 10000. So as time goes on with this thread we just might see someone else stumble upon Jwsound and post the pictures of those two numbers. By posting about our Nagra III we have already learned that only about 100 1958 's were made not the 240 number that thought and stated by Nagra that's a big 140 unit difference. We found this information from A man from Belgium, Antoine Martens stumbled onto Jwsound and posted 681 shown below in August of 2017 So thank you very much PiO for adding the information you did. Thank you Antoine, and Thank you BGAULLIER for your valuable input on Nagra III documentation and information that you provided. #681
  19. Made in France was probably from the guy that retrofitted it, sometime long after 1962 by clearly cannibalizing a pilot tone model that probably had a battery acid or some other large problem. Not sure if they would of specified the Broadcast model on the 9th unit because Nagra nor anyone else at the time ever thought there would be a pilot model. They did not have another model III to name at the time, they were all B's
  20. Congratulations PiO, sound's like you have the world's earliest known Nagra III Being such an early number (9) it could have been made in December of 1957 I wonder in late 1957 or in 1958 what was Nagra's production like? What was the assembly time to produce the first Nagra III's. Did they produce them one by one with only one or two people doing all the assembly or in an assembly line with each person doing a certain job? If I had to bet, I'd say each one was hand made by one or two people. Wouldn't it be really great if someone from Nagra would post their thoughts on early production? Thanks for posting this information PiO Please post some pictures for the record.
  21. Most comments said he did well in this interview. He has much respect with most people.
  22. Thank you, Axel Arft, from Germany for posting one of your great Nagra stories with your Nagra IV-S and the memories you have using your Nagra to record the movie "The Innocent". That movie is forever recorded in time as one of your movies as Sound Mixer. I think that's so cool that for eternity whenever that movie is played your name will scroll as Sound Mixer. I think the Sound mixer is one if not the most important job in making any movie. Your story and Al McGuire's story is exactly why I started this thread. It was called "Nagra Stories only Soundmen Could Tell". I don’t think Soundmen today with digital can’t relate to the stress and the improvising that was sometimes needed back in the analog days. Sorry for the late response, I have been away from the thread in recent weeks. Your Nagra story post was really great and puts one reading it right into what you were going through at that point in time with a Nagra.
  23. Thats pretty clean, you stepped into a super deal for $35, I would say who ever priced that should not be in that business and should be fired on the spot. Trew's, post is a super deal, I had to do everything I could from buying his consignment for resale. Your price of $35.00 is just ridiculous. You did very well. Who ever buys Trews will do very well.
  24. Hi jrsphoto Congratulations on your Nagra find. The Nagra IV-L was my very first Nagra, never saw a Nagra before I bought it, it worked great, it looked great and sounded better than anything I had before. Once I had the Nagra IV-L I wanted anything Nagra made, that was about 20 years ago. Soon after that I bought an SNN from a Hollywood supply house. It was quite a while after that at least a few years later I bought my next Nagra, a Nagra III, bought and sold about 4 Nagra III's until I finally found a mint one with the original box for 300.00. How do you tell a Mint Nagra III? Look at the footless bottom. Starting with the IV-L you have, protective feet were added to the bottom. You probably got the best price ever for any Nagra product, you couldn't buy just a knob for it today at that price. Cannot decipher any later model Nagra serial numbers, the only serial numbers that tell the year made and are consecutively numbered are the Nagra II and the Nagra III serial numbers and the accessories made for them. The numbers on all other Nagra products never make any sense. 1866903 means nothing to anyone but Nagra. I'll bet Nagra doesn't even know what it means unless they can research it. Maybe they didn't want anyone to know how many were made, who knows. Enjoy your newly found Nagra IV-L and may you have the will power to stop right there.😊
  25. I'd like to know what you did with that ISN, tell us more about it. How was the transport?
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