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    Sneak peak of the Zaxcom TRXLA protective case prototype

    Thank you for the compliments. It's def a big risk, as the mold can become very pricy! But it was a great process and love to problem solve, so yes, I hope the product will do what it"s supposed to: protect! "It's a pity you discontinued, wandering Ear! People miss your product!"
  2. Thank you for watching. coming soon. www.soundcases.nyc easy_case.MOV Intro.MOV set-up.MOV zaxcom_clip.MOV
  3. maaikesnoep

    Filming in a car with the windows down.

    Yayyyy for the grips!! A cold six-pack gets miracles done... he he he. Some add-on thoughts (not really window related): Depending the camera angles, the DPA goosenecks (with good windscreens) have been very kind when you have to drive with seatbelts on or can't get a proper wire on the actor (with overcovers) because of other reasons. Place it in visor or cup holder and aim it at the sweet spot. Tuck transmitter in there as well, but if you can't: Some cars have non-sticky surfaces ('good luck' with any type of tape or even sticky joe...) 2" T-pins might be your best friends to hold things in place. (Make a surface around the cub mic/transmitter/cable by using paper-tape (and cardboard if necessary) to pin the pins through and pin it in ceiling fabric, pulling the cable towards the door (depending on camera angle), where you can continue in the door's rubber trim to get your cable to your transmitter/recorder. If you can't hardwire your mics, make sure your transmitters are as high as possible to prevent drop outs.
  4. maaikesnoep

    New York re-located! (from Atlanta)

    Sean, you just put a gigantic big smile on my face.. And I'm blushing...lol. THAAAAAAAANK YOU for the incredible words! It's a lot of fun, geeking out with ya in the dogpark! Jose, Always good to hear people are busy with work! Congrats! Thank you for all the great advice. Already googled my way to Gotham already, thank you for the Pro Sound info! And, if you don't mind, would love to be added to the facebook NY group: now that this weather is getting so marvelous: beers and shenanigans sound lovely!!! www.facebook.com/maaikesnoep
  5. Good Morning, handsome Sound Sorcerers, I hope this day finds you well. After re-organizing my gear, buffed all my cables, polished my utility belt, cue-tipped all fine mechanics, read every book and manual, I’m reaeaeaeally ready to get back to work! I moved from Atlanta (Work-Mecca) to NY to be close to my loved one and although I’m on the available list at the Local 52, I think I have to spread the word a little more: I’m a smart & hard-working female, who worked non-stop for big production studios, to do Production Sound on shows like A Walk In the Woods, (we won an Emmy award for the) tv-movie Bessie, Let’s Be Cops, Bolden and several TV-series. IMDB Maaike Snoep http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2295012/?ref_=fn_al_nm_1 I love to work in a team with a professional attitude and not afraid to roll up my sleeves to deliver best quality production sound. If actual production sound work is not available, I’m happy to clean stacks of Pelican cases, buff miles of cables, test tons of batteries, redo all your p-touch labels and get your coffee, all with a BIG smile on my face Thank you for taking the time to read this. Very much appreciated. Maaike Snoep, (213)304-6793, In good standing union member, living in Brooklyn with car and gear. (willing to travel as far as it takes) Have a great day!
  6. maaikesnoep

    New York re-located! (from Atlanta)

    Thank you, Jose! Have a great day! Nice website, Mr. Frias!
  7. Can I do a real big shout out to Gotham! And Shure! for giving me a marvelous price!!! Being a wireless 'virgin', this shure receiver and transmitter are AWESOME!!! Thank you so much! I had a great time at the Atlanta Sound Convention and a lot of fun at Whit's BBQ. Great pics by the way! Have a great 4th of July! Cheers!
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    Body Controller demo by Imogen Heap

    loved it!
  9. maaikesnoep

    Australian Screen Sound Guild

    Thanks for the nice links!
  10. Dearest Sound (and Video) department, It's a great honor to start knowing some great legends out here... Thank you for the warm hospitality! As I'm new in town (Atlanta) and my house needs a housewarming party (especially in these cold days...), I would like to invite all of you to come and enjoy a soup with sandwich (also vegetarian), drinks and snacks with tons of topics to talk about! Saturday February 2nd 2013 from 4pm till ... :: Address removed by moderator :: Please use Private Message system to maaikesnoep for details. Please, spread the word! It would be great to catch up with eachother, talk about equipment, share stories and much more! Loved ones are invited as well! If you can't join physically, but would love to be a part of it: We created a hang-out on google+, called SOUND https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/66ca596032967a862378319b333e99ae6b84e8d5?authuser=0&hl=en# Please Join and hope to see you Saturday, feb 2nd from 4pm EST. Thanks. Sincerely, Maaike Snoep
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    Super Bowl Box

    I saw SuperCMIT at the end on the field... (Thank you Whit (and Chris! and all others as well of course) for a great informative morning with the SuperCMIT!)
  12. maaikesnoep

    Soundwarming Party Atlanta, Sat 02-03-13

    From left to right: Paul Sorohan Terry Fitzpatrick Drew Ponder Dana Simmons Ethan Anderson Whit Norris Kathy Bob Miller David Paterson Kevin Raser Thomas Doolittle Thank you so much for making this a marvelous get-together! And of course, I forgot to give out the pin-buttons, oops .. ha ha ha! Let me know in a message how to get it to you.
  13. Thank you for the very useful information!
  14. maaikesnoep

    Soundwarming Party Atlanta, Sat 02-03-13

    Free pin-button for who shows up...
  15. maaikesnoep

    1927 Paramount Studios Fake Locations Map

    awesome! Does there happen to be a list as well of the movies, where these locations are in? Just curious...
  16. maaikesnoep

    Boom Mic Techniques

    Guys, he does wear the cargo pants, give him some slack... And they took their shoes off, which means: great dedication to clean sound...
  17. maaikesnoep

    Soundwarming Party Atlanta, Sat 02-03-13

    Nice song!!! Let's get that party started!! Anybody interested in the hang-out group SOUND: https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/66ca596032967a862378319b333e99ae6b84e8d5?authuser=0&hl=en#
  18. maaikesnoep

    Soundwarming Party Atlanta, Sat 02-03-13

    I have a piano; some live music maybe, if they bring their own instruments? And then we can record it: yeah!! Very curious about your long soup story... Any suggestions for music? What's good greek music?
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    Soundwarming Party Atlanta, Sat 02-03-13

    I can try to poor some soup through the internet cable?... join google+ to create a hang-out group! Or you just don't like soup...
  20. maaikesnoep

    Soundwarming Party Atlanta, Sat 02-03-13

    For sure I will
  21. Thank you so much for making a video, as many of us would love to see and learn from it. Can't wait!
  22. maaikesnoep

    View From The Office:

    Awesome pictures!
  23. maaikesnoep

    Quote of the Day

    Soundwarming Party/Meeting in Atlanta! Feb-3-'12. Come one, come all!! (see new post in the Daily Journal)
  24. maaikesnoep

    Foley Guy

    very enjoyable interview!