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  1. Hello soundgroup, so these are my first lines in here after about two years of constant reading. I will introduce myself later! After the glowing recommendations here I ordered two pairs of the monoprice mics due to a late night shopping mood after a way too long shoot last week. I will definately only ever use one pair, just ordered two because of the latest price drop, to some kind of compensate the gear- to shipping cost ratio. I don`t really know, I`ve been too tired. So here`s a note to the few german members: If any of you would like to get a pair, but is put off by the 50 dollars of shipping: i now have a complete set with the two microphone bodies including cardioid, hyper and omni capsules laying around here in Hamburg, still sealed. As this is my first posting, I am not allowed to post in the wtb/wts section. Also, as explained above it is just meant as a friendly hint to the german members that perhaps already thought about getting one. Thank you & good night says Christoph
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