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  1. Thomas, The specs for the 4 pin Hirose power out is generally 140mA, regerdless of the cam's type. My Lectro 210 rx takes about 200 mAs, only one rx is ok with the cam, but if I use 2, it blows out that fuse. For example 2 recievers of the Micron Explorer series will go from the rear power connector, but to be safe I usually go from the front (headlamp) connector. But you have to bring out a splitter cable made of this type of connectors in case the CamOp wants to use headlight. If they are confused about the possible consumtion: the front power outlet allows the user to get as much power as the battery is capable for (referring to several camera's service manual) Let me know if you need some more info ;-)
  2. I'm using an Ambient power adaptor when I have to go lightweight (here:http://www.ambient.de/produkte/mikrofonspeis/ump/ump_e.html) It goes w/my Sennheiser MKH for a week. This mike is a little bit hungry takes 5-6mAs, Neumanns and Sankens eat a lot less. But I think the best way is to use some central power in your bag. If I use my 442 w/ 1-2 condenser mics an NP-1 will last at least a week or more :-) ---Zoltan
  3. Sixteen kilograms.... Compare it to my 65 kgs!!!! :-) In these situ's I do not do over the shoulder, the bag is only for quick loc changes.
  4. Jason, here is what you need: http://www.sounddevices.com/notes/mixers/302/302-tech-note-adding-a-mono-mic-level-output/
  5. Chris, I'm using Kata Koala bag for smaller stuff, and PEGZ-3 for bigger shows. In the Koala lives 1/442, 2/lectro, 2/comtek transmitter + all the recivers (4 pcs) + 2 lecrto bodypacks, one small boom w/short shotgun, max 2 25 feet cables plus that ughly umbillical. In the Petrol 2 442's, 2 744's, 8 lectros, 2 np-1 batteries. And versaflex harness... I love the petrol 'cos it is very very user friendly.
  6. I'm using DPA headband stuff for a long time on TV shows ( it doesn't need to be invisible) and musical like shows as well: they sound quite good, and can fix securely, too
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