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  1. Hey all- So I finally upgraded to an HD monitor before my last feature--- worked great. Now I'm on a 35mm feature and can't seem to figure out how to get an SD feed. It's Sunday and I can't call ikan directly. Anyone have any experience with this monitor and SD feeds?? Thanks so much. Mike
  2. Hey all- I have to get my entire cart and pretty much every piece of gear I own across the country. Anyone know of any good companies that can pick up and safely and ship in a matter of a week? LA- WV. Thanks in advance! Mike
  3. I sold my 106 when SD came out with the CL 9. I was tired of the mess of cables and the size and wight of the 106. A few years later and I honestly miss my cooper very much. I miss the EQ's and the overall sonic quality. It sounds so much better than plugging directly into a 788. The CL9 absolutely gets the job done. One thing i dont like is using it to communicate to my boom ops. I use a separate system for that.
  4. Just wire everyone up and push the button!
  5. I also mix booms and wires and they sound great together with good use of faders and eq. its called "sound mixing" after all isnt it?
  6. My mix tracks always sound the best. I sometimes mute lav's that aren't working so post is stuck with my beautiful sounding booms.
  7. Well of course this would be intelligently used on a mix track and Iso's would be clean.
  8. Hi all- Just wondering what everyone thinks about using a compressor on a cart and how your using it? What compressors are you using? Thanks, Mike
  9. Get the lectro mounts and the sony battery sleds. Been using these since they first came out. How is the srb performing compared to sra?
  10. Hi all- Im a production sound mixer from NYC who recently relocated to LA. I have 10 years experience mixing features, commercials, docs, and reality. Looking to make some sound friends out here. I have a ton of gear to handle any job. I just got into 695. If you hear of any work you can't do or ever need to replace yourself with an extremely professional and super easy to work with sound department, please contact me. Throw me in your contact list and ill do the same. Hope your all well and working. Talk soon, Mike Guarino Production Sound Mixer 518.929.5074
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