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  1. Can you send me the names of them if you happen to know them? Much appreciated! Is that an online forum or magazine? Thanks for your help in advance!
  2. Hi There! I have the following items for sale, but they are all in Block 26. Im wondering if anyone would be interested in purchasing them? If not, any hints of tips to selling these items to Europe or Japan where they can still use this frequencies? Lectrosonics HMa, SMQV x 2, SMV, SRb, LR Any help or direction would be appreciated! Of course if you want to buy, send me a message, im flexible with pricing. Photos can be provided for those interested and everything is in great condition. Thanks!!
  3. If you are worried about your batteries dying, you haven't properly planned your battery life span, nor, in my opinion, are you aware enough while you work of everything that is happening around you. Ultimately we work in a medium that asks us to be critically aware at all times, to be able to multi-function on a massive amount of different levels. YOU SHOULD HAVE FRESH BATTERIES at the START of EVERY day. That is, at least, a bare minimum. You couldn't be more right
  4. What is the model of your bag?
  5. You couldn't be more right Philp, well said. The fact that they even offer up their two cents, and take the time to share their concerns and knowledge is amazing, applause. I ended up going with a Sound Devices 664. Why? (Aside from it's CAS Award) Location: Canada. To send a Zaxcom device to the States, (Of course that is, if it has an error or the hardware fails on me) is simply too costly. Yet, I can send my Sound Devices over to Trew Audio in Toronto at a much lighter cost. There are other reasons, but really, when it came down to it, that was my main concern. Affordability goes way further than just initial purchase. My only concern when I purchased the device, is why they wouldn't include an AC power plug to power up the device! In my opinion, this is a standard, and is very silly that they do not include this in the box... unless mine was simply missing one? Cheers everyone Ian
  6. So I ended up going with an MKH-50 Supercardiod. Thanks all for sharing your opinions and thoughts!!
  7. I think what he meant to say was that it's okay if the sound isn't "perfect", unlike what we are used to trying to achieve. But ya they are right in a sense; you may not need professional advice either... but then again, isn't this group for just that? Providing answers/commentary to unknowns? If you're going to use the Cos-11 or TR-50 hard wired, you need to get a battery system to feed the mic some power. May be more expensive, but your sound will be better. Make sure you pay attention to what output you choose for the power supply. Depending on the cabling and inputs you have on your recording device. http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/262967-REG/Tram_TR79ML_TR_79_Power_Supply.html
  8. Do you need to hide the mics? I would suggest either a Cos-11 or TR-50's. From your list: The Sennheiser MKE-2 is okay but harder to hide.
  9. Dominique, suite a mon retour de Jamaique, (le 18 Fev) je t'appelle. Je te contacte via Facebook. Merci beaucoups!! (Translation: Dominique, As soon as I'm back from vacation in Jamaica (18 of feb) I'll be contacting you via Facebook. Thank you!) I'm amazed at how precise the translation was, thanks Eric. However, full billingualism in Montreal is the name of the game! It's amazing but it really seems like everyone who cared to comment on this post (aside from one person) is attempting to convince me of the Zaxcom products. Very interesting. Yes, I am using the Sony Camcorder batteries. Unfortunately, I do not have an NP-1 system yet. Yet, being the key word. You know when you have a list of everything you need, but you need to feed yourself sometimes also? It's a toss up! I will give them all a go. Problem is: I've been hired for a Television series that's being shot on location at the end of February. There are often 6 characters speaking in the same scene. Budget is small, work load is big. My decisions need to be made pretty quickly in order to have proper turnaround time. (Testing of gear, prepping, etc.) I have given the 664 a good go, yesterday actually. Nice machine, but physically, huge! I couldn't believe how big it is. Again, I feel like many other, 8 inputs will more than plenty for well over the majority of the projects I'll be jumping on in the next few years. I'm going to take up Dominique on his offer and let him show me his Nomad and give me a mini walk around. The nice thing about the Zaxcom products is that they all sync up nicely to create a well balanced, and (once running) easy workflow. Thank you all for your responses, very appreciated!
  10. I Can't say I've ever looked into the 8060, no. I will now though! Thank you. Due to many people suggestion that there is a lot of handling noise from the 8050 I am leaning towards the MKH50. Thank you all for your replies and knowledge. Ian
  11. That would be awesome Jeff, thank you so much. I would have no idea where to even start looking for something of the like.
  12. I own a 744T but it's simply not enough tracks for me. I'm starting to do bigger, better projects, with more speaking roles. SO, my question is simple: I'd like people's opinions on whether I should purchase the Sound Devices 664 (with option of adding the CL-6), the Sound Devices 788T, (Not necessarily a mixer/recorder all in one, but still, a great digital recording tool) or a Zaxcom Nomad 10. Tossups: Buying a 664 = Buying a new bag. I have the Petrol Eargonizer Large. I thought this was as big as they get!? Buying a 664 or Nomad 10 means I need a whole new battery distribution system. Expensive right away, but I know it's worth it in the long run. Buying a 788T - I feel like it's doesn't have the same mixing capabilities as the 664 fully stacked. Buying a Nomad 10 - What happens when I need more inputs? I'm stuck in the same boat! Any and all opinions are welcome. Ian
  13. May I inquire as to his professional experience? I assume high, as I see you sitting in front of your (assumed) sound cart in your profile pic. I have yet to start assembling my sound cart. (Even though I know everything I want on it, just a money factor) I'm jealous! Nice rig Ian
  14. I could spend days, months, reading all the info on here, so great! Merci merci merci!! as we say in my province's native tongue.
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