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  1. we are syncing the mix track recorded on the fostex to the video the 702T is getting TC from the fostex via hardwire, and is recording a backup mix the deneke boxes are jamed by the fostex, and then wired to the cameras the slates are jamed by the fostex all the framerates are right. all gear is set to 23.976fps the cameras are not genlocked we are syncing the clap of the slate, not the numbers on the slate when i say 75% out of sync rate, i mean 75% of the clips are out of sync in this fashion i've heard the deneke box should drift less than 1 frame in 24 hours. i'm not sure if we have a drifting problem, or a tc offset problem though. i've also heard different gear has more or less reliable clocks than others... can i give you any other info?
  2. hello, our mixer is generating timecode from a fostex 824. jamming deneke boxes and slates twice a day. using a 702t as backup recorder. our video and audio seems to have a 75% out of sync rate, usually just between .25 and 1 frame. theoretically the deneke boxes should hold perfect sync though. any ideas what's going on here? we are syncing dailies with scratch, and slipping audio to match video timecode. wishing the slate clap would sync perfectly every time.
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