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  1. Hello audio boys and girls ! Here I am with yet another call for help. For my next gig I'll have to record dialogues as well as live music. We have some pre recorded tracks to playback but a lot of times there will be semi-improvised performances . Of course having mic stands in plain sight is not an option and I'm going to rely on cos11 , 4061, a couple of 4080 and two Shure SM11 (dynamic lavs) . I also have a mkh 30 + 50 MS available and several 57s and 58s . There wll be 2 main "non-amplified" situations 1) Sousaphone , banjo, clarinet , snare and bass drum, violin 2) accordion , clarinet , acooustic guitar Do you have any tip on how to hide the capsules (I can't wrap my head around on how to keep the lav wire invisible on the clarinet, for instance) . Also for the first set up I m afraid that the sousaphone might be too prominent to use just the MS array and I think that the a close miking is in order to give some balance in the mix . Suggestion and real life experiences are very very welcome ! Thank you very much
  2. Corrado

    Car as "wild lines" booth

    Thank you very much for the valuable inputs and suggestions ! Surely recording wild tracks in a "treated" car is not an orthodox procedure and I was thinking about it as last resort . Glad that Philip had some success with this method, if if worse came to worst I know that I can try it . Hopefully with a bit of help from production I'll be able to "steal the actors" long enough to get some wilds as far as possible from the sea. I'll keep you posted
  3. Hi fellow sound men. I'm Corrado from Italy and I've been lurking around here for a while, always finding helpful suggestions and a big deal of shared knowledge for which I thank you all ! I'm about to start a job that will include a lot of dialogues on a shore , extremely close to the sea . There's a chance that some days we gonna have bigger, noisier, waves. I'm planning to use the old mkh70 for the majority of the time but, being this a low budget job with no enough resources for ADR sessions, I was wondering if it would be of any help ,during the worst days, to use a fairly big car ( "treated" with carpets and blankets ) to record wild lines just after the scene . Anyone has tried out this method ? Would this be just a waste of energies ?