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  1. I mailed Aaton for more info than the rumors and gossip going around. This was (part of) their answer: I'll not attend NAB this year and we will not show the Cantar. The first official presentation will be in Amasterdam for IBC.
  2. Anybody really attended the show in Paris? Real specifications, released by anyone from Aaton? Not guesses or rumours? Facts?
  3. Their site has been updated. Cantar X3 is mentioned, but there is not any bit of extra info. Clicking it only leads to the Cantar X1 and X2 info. Been checking it every hour...
  4. Latency. Very bad. Every device had different latency. If it would connect to the transmitter. And if it would not freeze halfway the take. We started to use it september last year and gave up after a very short period. It was really useless.
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    Where's that time traveling machine when I need it?
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