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  1. gus harris

    AudioRoot Power solutions review

    If you are connecting directly to a recorder/RX in a non-SMBus configuration you only require the 2 wire/conductor battery cup. Jose Frias compiled an incredibly comprehensive source a few years ago. https://chapterfour.com/blog/technology/power/smart-battery-shopping-guide/
  2. Yes, HI-Q/Audioroot batteries are rebranded Inspired Energy. http://jwsoundgroup.net/index.php?/topic/27867-remote-audio-meon-hi-q-batteries/&
  3. I'll second what Trey said above. Go for the Audioroot battery cup and charger I may add. I'm over a year into using it along with Hi-Q batteries, 100% satisfied.
  4. gus harris

    Good source for batteries in Toronto?

    Canada Computers as well for Maha chargers and Eneloops.
  5. gus harris

    Wireless - Is the sky falling?

    Sennheiser releases statement on FCC frequency spectrum ruling. http://www.prosoundweb.com/channels/av/sennheiser-releases-statement-on-fcc-frequency-spectrum-ruling/
  6. gus harris

    Lightweight portable bag for 744T

    Look into a Camrade AB SD 01.
  7. gus harris

    A good mic for Screaming and yelling?

    During scenes involving talking to screaming or loud transients, especially while OMBing, I'm a big fan of having an XLR(F)-2XLR(M) splitter & gaining the second channel conservatively, by a good 6db or more.
  8. gus harris

    Thanks Tyler Wade

    I would also like to extend my thanks to Tyler Wade. Tyler was always great to deal with. I had many interesting conversations with him at the shop over the last few years. I was recently enjoying listening to him host the new Trew podcasts. Sorry to him go, all the best to you good sir!
  9. gus harris

    Padded Mic Storage Roll

    Great idea and nice job!
  10. gus harris

    DIY sharkfins (Ramsey LPY41)

    Very impressed, nice work Jason! Hope to make my own one day.