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  1. Yes, that would be even better! To have then an additional routing option to wich file track the channel is send to would make it perfect!
  2. Jule, did you already speak to sound devices about this? This is what I finally received from SD half a year ago after an email conversation about this issue: »Your words and frustrations have not been passed over by any means. I've confirmed that I have reported this issue as a ticket on 12/5/2019 to our team, however, we do not get any information on the progress of firmware and releases. I will take time to discuss this issue with our team and let them know your frustrations for this issue. Thank you for your email!« End of the story. So far no fix, just features. I my understanding there are two issues in this context: This left only PFL bug The 8 series overall poor support for multi channel or microphone array systems (also as MS and double MS) The possibility of trim linking is a big advantage of the 8 series compared to the 6 series. At the same time it can be an unwanted restriction when individual adjustment is needed (to properly set stereo recording angles in MS or compensate level differences, etc.) A simple solution could be here: The first channel’s trim of a link group should act as the “main group trim”, all other channel’s trims of the group should act as “trim offsets” relative to the main trim. This would do it, right? It sounds weird to me that all the new 8 series recorders share these restrictions / bugs.
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