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    I'm a director DP with over twenty years of lighting and shooting in the field. Besides my day job as a shooter, I sell an item that I invented called the Jokerbox. You can check it out at www.Jokerboxes.com
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  1. No, I don't have a retailer in Sweden yet. However, the new design allows the Jokerbox to ship in a flat pack. You simple assemble five sides of the box and you have a Jokerbox thats crazy strong. I made this design change specifically to save international customers like you a lot of money on shipping. Why don't you try it and see how much your shipping would come to. Hopefully, it won't be as bad as you think. I'd give you a quote but shipping goes by weight which changes based on the box/tray/lid combo you would like. Hope this helps.
  2. If you don't know me already, I'm the DP who invented the Jokerbox. I've been a shooter for over twenty years. And right there beside me, through thick and thin, has been the sound man. (or woman) So recently, I designed a Jokerbox bundle thats just right for my brothers and sisters of the sound wave. I took an inventory of the stuff my sound techs were lugging around. I took input about how they would like to use the Jokerbox. (sometimes a lot of input) And what I came up with is the "Jokerbox Audio Bundle". For example, I designed a full size tray that utilizes the entire top level of the Jokerbox. This allows you to move the tray to the top of the cart to keep the items you use most close at hand. And get this, with a simple adapter you can turn the lid on the Jokerbox into a mic stand. For more information, and to see the video, check out the website at www.Jokerboxes.com The Audio Jokerbox Bundle costs $196 and includes free shipping to the contiguous United States.
  3. My Jokerboxes are now less expensive! I'm a DP who invented these multi-purpose Jokerboxes to solve problems and keep me organized on set. After two years in business we are lowering the price on everything by 20% to make way for next year's models. If you have always wanted them, this is the time to buy! Sale ends when I'm out of boxes. Oh, and Jokerboxes are tax deductible for most businesses too! www.Jokerboxes.com
  4. I'm excited to say that I will be at NAB this year. I've teamed up a really great company, cam crews. Also known as Crews Control. I will be sharing their booth this year. Come by and check out a Jokerbox in person. Number C12431 I also have a new video demonstrating my Jokerboxes. Check it out. www.jokerboxes.com
  5. geordi, thanks for the heads up. Yeah, we had some problems with a change we tried to make. Got it fixed now, should be fine. Thanks for the head up geordi, we tried to make a few tweaks and ended up causing more problems. Should be fine now. Are you going to NAB this year? I will be there with my boxes. Booth number C12431 I'm selling them directly on the website. www.jokerboxes.com Thanks Timko. I got another one cooking up right now.
  6. Hey Matt, Me and my Jokerboxes will be at NAB this year. I'd love it if you would stop by and review my Jokerboxes. A link to my video is below. At least stop by and see me. Booth number C12431
  7. Thank you Marc, I appreciate the support. And Chris, I'm glad your happy with it. I have been working hard to make a solid product. I'm glad you are getting some good use out of it.
  8. Thanks fellas. And I'm honored that you would post the article I wrote. Thanks for that.
  9. Jokerboxes.com now offers a Jokerbox thats perfect for audio technicians. Its called the Half Jokerbox. These storage boxes interlock securely together when you stack them. And they are perfectly sized for your cart! Plus, you get to choose from five different lid choices. Check them out at: Jokerbox.com
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