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    Steve Miller works as a production sound mixer & sound recordist for television, commercials, and documentaries. Credits include: AARP spots(Smuggler Prods), America’s Most Wanted re-creations, Chevrolet spots(Station Film Inc.), CW promos(Kandoo Films), Diet Coke spots(Anonymous Prods), Disney Channel promos(Creative Asylum), Geico spots(DCP Prods), Good Morning America(ABC), Intel spots(Clarity Creative Group)
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  1. Has anyone seen the Midas "Venice F24"? After downloading the drivers, I plugged the FW into my Macbook Air and recorded 17 tracks in a Logic session. It worked perfect. Theoretically, you could record 24 tracks this way. The Venice F24 is kinda big, but what a great interface for computer recording - 24 in and 24 out... $1800. It's just crazy.
  2. jeeze... i gotta re-visit this issue. LSC has 2 ways of wireing COS-11s... Universal 2-wire, and another configuration is just called Universal.
  3. I want to put together a really small light bag. But after I put my 2 SRb receivers, 4 SM xmitters, Camera cable, boom curly-cable, spare AAs, NP1 Battery, Etc... It ends up being pretty heavy... Damn!!!
  4. Ya, a much needed mod - should just be standard like that from SD. So, does anyone know how much Pro Sound is charging for this mod???
  5. Okay, I've been using my 664 for a couple years now. Now I just bought the 688 (3 weeks ago) 'cause i wanted the mix assist. The 1st most annoying thing is that it draws a lot more power than the 664. At least 50% more in my estimation. Also the battery meter is not as nice. instead of a bar that keeps getting smaller, you just have GREEN, YELLOW, then RED... And then it dies real quick. There are no voltage threshold adjustments - only battery type choices. I've lost battery twice durring shooting. Wish I wouldn't have got this thing - no big improvement over the 664... Also it won't interface with CL-9, or CL-WiFi, so I guess I'll have to keep my 788 for cart work.
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  7. What a dissapointment. SD used to be the unique company that did everythying right. This is a sad day. I just got off the phone with SD tech support, asking about this issue... Now they sound like every other company out there - "we're looking into this issue". Yea, right... Thanks. We all should have gotten together and refused to buy the 664 untill they fixed the display. Too late now... Next time!!!
  8. Well here's my new 664 bag. Great for multi-cam magazine show interviews. It has 5 separate pairs of outputs.
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