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  1. The Go is completely useless, , as it starts dropping out within a few feet the minute you turn around and lose line of sight.
  2. P This isn't about the DAW. It's about the fact that reaper does not timestamp the sound files with SMPTE timecode. I will check it out. It did come up, but I missed the part about it generating timecode as well. I'll check it out. Why this even is an option, instead of a standard feature is puzzling to me.
  3. Is there a way to wirelessy control the record function. Something small, with physical buttons.
  4. Again, who said anything about a concert shoot, or high end commercial shoot?
  5. I take it you missed the part where I said "budget filmmakers" As far as video cameras staying in synch all day, I've never really seen a case where a camera was run all day. You do understand this is geared towards people using dslrs cameras liKe the blackmagic cinema camera, right? Also, we recorded our musical 2 years ago. I recorded wild into my 2010 macbook pro. I think in had to do 3 cuts in the timeline to resynch. In an hour and a half show. I don't see what the difference is between this, and buying Tentaclesync devices. Furthermore,, Reaper is useless as it doesn't timestamps teh wave files, making it useless to auto synch in resolve.
  6. I did a ton of googling trying to find out how to set up multiple cameras and record multi mics to a separate recorder , that were all recording the same timecode that could be used to synch everything easily and automatically, that didn't require spending close to $1k on hardware.Why I couldn't find a single post describing the following very simple, and cost effective solution, that I would think most budget filmmakers would have figured out long ago, is confounding to meIt's quite easy.You will need the following:A computer with multitrack software. (Free version of Protools)A multichannel interface.Long, balanced 1/4" cables. (make your own) And a copy of the Horae software that costs $75https://sononum.net/horae If I could find a software app that just generates LTC out of an audio output , there's a free solution, that's not as elegant as Horea.The beauty of horea is that it allows you to set up multiple LTC analog ouputs, as well as internal MTC streams.So, you plug your mics into the interface. Set your DAW to synch to midi time codeFor protools do the following:Launch Audio MIDI Setup under /Applications/Utilities.Open the MIDI window.Double-click on the IAC Driver icon.Make sure Device is online is checked.If there are no ports listed, click on the + button to add one.In Pro Tools:Go to Setup > Peripherals. In the Synchronization tab, set the MTC Reader Port to the IAC bus you created.Select Options > Transport Online, or click on the Online button in the Transport window.In Horea you can create multiple LTC sends to your various outputs on your audio interface.So, for 2 cameras, you create 2. Plug the respective outputs into the respective inputs of each camera, Now you can start the generator running and let it run all day and simply record. On pro tools keep it on quick punch. And you can just punch in and out for every take.Now, it's very easy to synch a days worth of recording in resolve at pretty much the click of a button.
  7. I don't have to ask them. It's me. I'm the one making the short, so I need to know what it's going to cost to hire someone.
  8. Yes, it's funded. None of that "I'll give you a credit, and points on the tail end" nonsense. This will be a very disciplined, planned out shoot, with proper shot-lists, that I'll be going over with the DP before the day of filming. No "Figure it out as we go along".
  9. I'm doing a 2 day short film SHOOT on a weekend in August. I'm putting together the budget. What is the average day rate. 3 actors. Need to be laved and boomed.
  10. He's an American. I tried to get as many local british actors as I could.
  11. Half the cast are Brits
  12. In the meantime, here's a link to some of the scenes form the performance we recorded using the GTD Audio wireless system using the $30 JK J-043 Lavs. Wish i had set the transmitters to -10
  13. I'll try that with the transmitter set to -10. See what happens
  14. I'm not sure what that is. But I do have a reel of various scene I'll post here, from one of the days we recorded. I learned that I should not have changed the Output of the transmitter from -10 to 0. As it resulted in an overdriven sound when actors got a little loud. Needed lots of eq, but it worked pretty good. But given the choice of no wireless mics for the songs, or cheap ones, cheap was preferred.
  15. there are 9 different bands according to the manual 30mw: 518-542 572-596 620-670 718-769 20mw 794-806 770-820 10mw 838-865 925-932 740-752
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